Shaving Trimmer: Tips for choosing

Currently, every man who takes care of himself should have a good trimmer for shaving and beard trimming. However, before you buy such a convenient device, you should be familiar with the main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of such devices.

Main types

shaving trimmer

To date, there are several types of trimmers for beard trimming:

  1. Rotor models differ in rather powerful motors. Often, such devices are used in hairdressing and beauty salons, as they allow you to gently care for hair of various lengths. They are the choice of professional craftsmen.
  2. Vibration models are somewhat inferior in power to the previous type of devices. The length of cutting with such trimmers without stopping is no more than half an hour. However, an important advantage of vibration models is low weight and low noise level, which contributes to ease of operation.


From the material of the blades, which has a trimmer for shaving, largely depend on the overall convenience, speed and quality of the machine. The highest demand today are trimmers with steel blades coated with titanium or diamond coating.

The width of the cutting edges is also important. If the trimmer will be used mainly for trimming sideburns or trimming a thick long beard, it is better to pay attention to universal models, where the blade width is 30-40 mm. If you need a device to eliminate hair in the nose, ears, adjust the shape of the eyebrows, the width of the blades should be selected individually.

The determining factor when choosing a device is the speed of movement of the blades. The faster the shaving trimmer works, the more comfortable the overall cutting process will be. However, giving preference to the most high-speed models, during the haircut will need to rely on their own precision movements and mastery of these devices.

Beard and mustache trimmer

beard trimmer

When choosing a device for the care of the beard and mustache, it is recommended to give preference to stand-alone models that are powered by batteries or batteries.It is convenient to take such devices on a trip or a business trip when access to the electrical grid is not always available. Standard power is needed here only when the battery is completely depleted.

As for the case, then it is better to incline to the choice of waterproof models. Such an option guarantees not only long-term service, but first of all protection against the ingress of moisture and pollution.

Another extremely important criterion in the selection of the most convenient trimmer for the care of a beard and mustache is the design and decoration of the handle. If you choose the device correctly, you will be able to get a great expected result of a haircut without painful sensations.

Nose and ear shaving trimmers

nose shaving trimmers

Typically, models for eliminating unwanted vegetation in the nose and ears are separate devices. When choosing a trimmer to shave hair in problem areas, it is necessary to carefully study the structure of the nozzle. It should not contain any, even the most minor defects and at the same time should be small, convenient for individual use.

If we talk about the design of the case, then it is better to give preference to devices of a streamlined shape with the narrowest nose and a rotating head.

Incorrect selection of trimmer for shaving the hair in the ears and nose, when the structure of the device does not meet personal needs, often leads to unpleasant, difficult healing wounds.

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