Side nod for summer fishing: tackle making and fishing technique

In ancient times, people managed to fish with their bare hands. But technological progress went forward, and fishing did not lag behind. The float rod was invented. But this is already an outdated version of fishing, especially if you have been in this sport for a long time. Now the fishermen catch the jig or side nod. Since the float gear is long outdated and does not bring large catches.

What is a side nod?

Coming to the reservoir, the fishermen pay attention to those who sit not with a classic fishing pole, but with a slightly modified one. It looks like a regular rod, but slightly lightweight. On such a fishing rod there is no float at all, but there is a side nod. The bait in this case is the summer mummy. Such bait is known for a long time, but it gained great popularity only in recent years. This is due to the fact that now there is an opportunity to acquire a light rod, the weight of which allows you to swing it for a long time.

Mormyshka thrown in any place where there is no algae.After casting a fishing rod can be manipulated in various ways. This method of fishing is particularly relevant in wild rivers.

side nod

How to choose a rod?

Of course, the first thing you will need when fishing is a fishing pole. Special attention should be paid to the choice of fishing rods for summer fishing, its length and weight. Its weight should be minimal so that it does not obstruct your movement. You should also avoid the presence of rings on the rod.

It should be noted that in the presence of a side nod, you need to constantly monitor its movements. Since in this case, the usual bite will not, and consider biting is much more difficult. Professionals recommend choosing tackles of bright colors, so that they can be easily seen on the surface of the water, among the undergrowth. To notice the bite on such a "float" faster, you can attach it to the side of the rod. Also pay attention to your fishing rod withstand the summer side nod and mormyshku. It should not bend under the weight of gear.

One of the main elements of a fishing rod with such gear is the tip. Professional fishermen say that it must be distinguished by rigidity and high strength.Usually, the nod is attached to this very tip, using a special coupling. The design itself tackle depends on the desire of the fisherman. Fishermen also choose their own color, but it is better if it is a dark green nod. This is a color that does not tire your eyes even if you look at it for a long time. It is also perfectly visible on the background of water, sky and thickets.

fishing rods for summer fishing

Process of catching

If you have chosen a side nod for summer fishing, then you must immediately take into account several mandatory points.

  1. Rod length 4-5 meters. You can take longer fishing rods, but note that you have to make a lot of effort in order to constantly move them.
  2. The rod should be strong enough and tough.
  3. Fishing rod without rings.
  4. At the rod put a small inertial reel, which is attached to the fishing line with a diameter that does not exceed 0.25 mm.

To prepare the fishing rod, it is necessary to expand and wind the fishing line around the form, then pass the fishing line through the ring and finally attach the fish bowl. In the case when a fisherman goes to catch a predatory fish, a balancer or vertical lure is attached to the end of the line.

summer side nod

Ways to catch

  • Fall-rise.In this case, the same action is repeated several times, namely: the jib sinks to the very bottom, and then gradually (10-15 centimeters) returns to its initial position.
  • At the very bottom.In this case, the jig goes down to the bottom. Then the fisherman raises it 10-15 centimeters from the bottom and plays for a few minutes. After that, the mormyshka again falls to the very bottom.
  • Finger play.The process of lowering the jigs no different from the previous method, but now, to play it, you just need to tap your finger on the rod.
  • Tension.This method is possible and recommended for use in those reservoirs where there is a current. Here, the mormyshk, as usual, falls to the very bottom, and then the line stretches and slowly lifts the mormyshka to the surface of the water.
  • Jerking.Here the movements are repeated. The jigger does not sink to the very bottom, but keeps in the water column. Then a sharp movement it is necessary to raise by 40 centimeters. After that, it descends again, rises again, and so on.
  • Movement along the bottom.Mormyshka should always be at the bottom of the reservoir. At this time you should use a jerk.
  • Calm position.Everything is very simple here. The angler must set the mormyshk at the desired depth and just wait for biting.
  • Drawing.Mormyshka falls to the very bottom and there it must be moved forward movements. Thus, the bait moves along the bottom and lures the future catch.

You should not dwell on one method, because on different days the fish bite differently. Therefore, if you have already gone fishing, then try several ways and choose the one that is relevant today.

catching on the side nod

Fishing tactics

It is recommended to do the wiring of the bait on the flow of water. So, the fish will feel more natural, and the bite will be much better.


Some fishermen use a pacifier, but they often catch moldy worm, bloodworms, worms, live bait and many other things as bait. In this case, even suitable materials will be suitable, for example, colored threads, sequins and something that can attract the attention of the fish.

Nod to spinning

Side nod is very popular among spinningists. Especially often they use such bait if they catch on the bottom gear. It is mounted on top of the fishing rod and, thus, the bite will be more accurate.

Side bezel mount

In order to quickly and without any problems fix this tackle, you will need a small piece of rubber. In it, you need to make only two parallel holes. In one of them you need to insert the top of your rod, and in the second side nod. If it is made of metal, then the use of a rubber mount is not recommended. Because metal is a material that quickly ruins soft rubber. But if the nod is made of plastic, then rubber is an ideal material for fastening.

You can also use a nail or strong wire. For convenience, if you decide to use a nail, bite off its cap and bend it at an angle of 30-90 degrees. The bend should be located approximately in the middle. A bent nail is wrapped with strong threads and smeared with glue. In this position, the workpiece must remain until its complete drying. Then the nail is attached to the tip of the rod with electrical tape. And to the second end of it you can attach the nod, also with a reliable electrical tape.

side nod for summer fishing

Summer nod their own hands

You can make a side nod with your own hands. For this, first of all, it is necessary to make a choice.What material will you make a side nod for summer fishing? There is a list of materials that professional fishermen use most often:

  • strips cut from plastic bottles;
  • unnecessary springs from clock mechanisms;
  • metal strips, which are used in warehouses when fixing large loads;
  • from the remnants of broken rods or spinning, namely from the knee.

The most affordable and easy to handle material is considered a plastic bottle. No need to take too big or the smallest. The best option - a liter bottle with a smooth surface. In addition to it, immediately adopt scissors, needle file, plain thread and paper clip. The side surface of the bottle is needed in order to cut the body of a nod with the following dimensions: length - 20-30 centimeters, the width of one of the bases is no more than 1 centimeter, and the width of the other - up to 0.5 cm. All lines should be smooth, otherwise using a file will be impossible.

The clip needs to be completely straightened and turned into a flat line. Then it is necessary to form a ring from it. It should not be completely flat, but with two legs, which will serve as a fastening at the top of the nod. They need to be wrapped very tightly with threads and put on glue, and then left to dry.

It is not recommended to make just one nod. It is better if you have a few nods in stock for different types of fishing. Tighter and lighter. So you can pick up a nod for fishing on a particular pond or for a certain fish.

Another good option for a fishing rod for summer fishing would be a tackle from a broken rod. This is a universal nod, which is suitable for several types of fishing. It is cut from the ring. The edges should also be smooth, for this use file files and sandpaper. To make a ring, you can also take a regular clip or remove the ring from a broken fishing rod. Fastening the ring in this embodiment is no different from the previous one. It also uses thread and glue.

When the work is finished, you can decorate the nod at your discretion so that it can be clearly seen on the surface of the water, and you can notice the slightest movement instantly.

side nod with own hands

Winter nod

The process of making such a side nod is almost the same as the summer one. The only difference is the thickness. The length of the winter nod is 10 centimeters, and its thickness is 0.7 centimeters at the base and not more than 0.5 centimeters in the vershinka.


Previously, mormyshki used only for fishing in the winter, but now you can easily pick up summer mormyski on the side nod. They differ from winter in large weight and size. Because in the summer often fishing takes place in the waters over.

You need to be careful when catching on the jig. Because the bait game is important here. It is precisely the fluctuations that fish always respond to. If the way of playing the mormyshka is wrong, then the catch should not be expected.

How to catch a crucian?

When catching a crucian on the side nod you should not immediately lower the mormyshka to the very bottom. It is better to hold it somewhere in the water and play a little to attract fish. Then you can lower it to the bottom and hold it there for a few seconds. After that, the bait rises to 10-15 centimeters and remains in this position. It should be a little to move it from side to side, so that the fish paid attention to it.

summer mormyshki on the side nod


Do not treat the process of making a nod carelessly. This is a very important tackle and how serious you are about its production depends on your catch. But good work alone is not enough. Another important point is the setting.Because with an unconfigured nod possible variants of false positives, deflection of fishing rods and a few more unpleasant moments.

Each angler equips the bait with a side nod for himself, so do not rely on someone’s choice, but rather choose the most suitable option for you.

Fishing has long been considered one of the most interesting activities. Here you can not only relax, but also bring home a good catch. But the way of catching everyone chooses for himself. Someone catches on spinning, someone prefers bottom tackle. The most active fishermen choose the side nod. This is the tack with which it is necessary to walk more than one kilometer around the reservoir in search of a good catch. But the result is always happy. No fisherman leaves fishing without a catch when fishing for a side nod.

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