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Linda is one of the brightest domestic performers of the era of the 90s. She managed to break all the usual musical patterns. Her compositions were always extraordinary and original. They led fans into a special reality. A number of music critics called Linda a “phenomenon.” To date, her career continues. True, it is no longer necessary to speak about the former colossal glory. Unfortunately, of course ... Biography of the singer Linda, photos - all this in the presented material.

Atmosphere of goodwill

In April 1977, the heroine of our article was born in the town of Kentau, in Kazakhstan. The real name of the singer Linda is Svetlana Heiman. The overwhelming majority of music fans are not aware of this. Many people think that the stage name is her present. How old singer Linde - count is not so difficult. She is only 40.

The city in which she was born is located on the Kazakh and Chinese borders. They say that in the “epoch of resettlement” the leader of the peoples, Joseph Stalin, specifically referred the Greeks there.

The singer has repeatedly admitted that she had only vague memories of her immediate homeland. She remembered one thing: the picturesque mountains, piercing the wind and cold.

Representatives of various states and nationalities lived in Kentau. There were Uighurs, Kazakhs, Greeks, Koreans, Russians, Uzbeks, Tajiks and Turks. Everywhere reigned inimitable atmosphere of goodwill and mutual assistance.

Little Sveta often recalled how, early in the morning, the grandmother lifted her out of bed and took her granddaughter to meet the sunrise. By and large, she still remains with her the real ideal of worldly wisdom and femininity ...

biography of the singer Linda

In Avtograd

In the family, Light was called Label or simply Lina. From Hebrew, this name can be translated as "the sun." Actually, much later it became a prototype for the current pseudonym - “Linda”.

At the School of Light, she generally received the highest marks. Although it was considered pugnacious girl. But at home she was always obedient and modest, because her parents tried to educate her in severity.

Linda's father was a major banker. At one time he worked in such well-known financial institutions as Lada-Bank and Ipcombank.By the way, ten percent of the shares are held by the singer.

Sveta never thought that she would take up a musical career. She went to classes in art school, trained in a circle of gymnastics, and also dreamed of a circus. True, this dream was completely unfulfilled, because at one time Linda suffered a serious injury. But on the other hand, she managed to find herself a completely new hobby. She became interested in music.

... Being a second grader, the Geiman family moved to Tolyatti, in the Samara province. Avtograd seemed to her a huge metropolis, unlike tiny Kentau. For the first time she got into the cabin and was shocked. Indeed, in the Kazakh town there was no mechanical transport, and instead of them, donkeys were walking along the streets. Cars, of course, took place, but it was a real rarity.

When Linda finished seventh grade, the whole family moved again. This time - to Moscow.

linda singer

Scary capital

Moving to the capital, in actual fact, was also impressive. The capital city at first frightened Linda. She did not like the continuous noise and huge crowds of people. In short, it was not easy for her to adapt to new realities.

In the meantime, she began attending classes in a group of folk art that worked at the Hermitage Theater. She received the basics of stage art there and even became involved in theatrical productions. The head was Yuri Halperin. According to Linda, he managed to cultivate a love of art in her.

However, according to the performer, she remained unsociable and lonely. Getting to know someone was very hard. That is why she left the Halperin team.

But by the age of sixteen she began to study music closely, which, in fact, finally determined her future fate.

singer name linda

Within the walls of Gnesinki

In 1993, Linda became the famous Gnesinka student. She studied there at the vocal department. At the entrance exams there was a huge competition, but the future singer was ready for this test of knowledge. Fortunately, the first teacher Halperin, as it was said, taught her the basics of performing arts. In addition, she herself knew very well what a “scene” was.

By the way, it was then that Linda first fell out with her stern father. Her parents hoped that her daughter would become a lawyer in the future, especially since Svetlana’s older sister did so.But Linda did not want such a career. Therefore, at first, she generally hid her studies at school from her father. But, as a result, parents had to yield to the decision of a wayward daughter.

In Gnesinka, Linda’s mentor was V. Teacher Khachaturov, a famous teacher and teacher. It was he who first suggested that she try herself at various music competitions. The singer decided to do so.

how old is linda singer

The first compositions and the first success

But at first she met a famous and extraordinary musician Andrei Misin. They recorded together two songs, including “The Game with Fire”. With these compositions, Linda went to a competition in Jurmala. She managed to get to the final of the music contest. It was then that the venerable producer Yuri Aizenshpis noticed her. He offered her long-term cooperation and soon became closely involved in a talented singer.

Around the same period, the first video for the song “Playing with Fire” appeared. The director of the creation was Fedor Bondarchuk. In fact, this video laid the foundations for the style of the performer. The video itself has gained popularity.

In addition, the now famous Maxim Fadeev was invited to the studio. At the same time, for some reason, the relationship between Linda and Aizenshpis was finally terminated.As a result, a new collaboration arose - with Fadeev. Their project was destined to light two stars at once on the musical horizon - the singer and the producer.

singer linda personal life

First album

In February 1994, Linda began recording her debut disc. To promote the new creation on the market, a label was created, called “Crystal Music”. He represented exclusively the interests of the singer.

While the release has not yet been released, the single “Little Fire” was released. A little later, the second video was filmed for this song.

In the middle of the same year, the first record of “Songs of Tibetan Lamas” already appeared on the shelves of music stores. Note, the circulation sold 250 thousand copies. And this brought Linda great success.

Interestingly, Linda's “debut album” was popular in Japan.

First tour

Since 1995, singer Linda, a biography whose personal life has already become interesting to the public, has begun to give concerts. Preparation for them took almost a year. The fact is that the program involved a large ensemble, where, besides the standard keys, guitars and drums, there were also instruments of the Eastern states.

In addition, earlier Linda didn’t often perform live songs in front of a large audience.Therefore, she began to rehearse carefully.

At the end of the summer began an active advertising campaign, which lasted three months.

And after that, at the very end of the year, Linda presented her program at the site of one of the stadiums in the northern capital.

When the concert in St. Petersburg ended, the singer went on the first tour voyage. By the way, during the tour she stayed in the city of childhood - Togliatti.

But Linda became a truly popular singer only after the release of her second studio album. He was called "Crow."

 linda singer biography photo


Work on the disc began in 1996. As with the previous album, amazing musicians who play rare instruments were involved. In addition, the producer invited the Scottish female choir to record.

The first video from the record was the "North Wind", which later became a hit. It also happened with the song "Crow". The composition has become not only very popular. She remains and until now the "card" performer.

In early December 1996, the new record was ready. The album has become a real bestseller. He was very popular, and unusual, and scandalous at the same time.

One and a half million copies were sold out very quickly.

Raryv with producer

Over the next two years, Linda toured extensively. As a result, in the summer of 1998, her concert album was released. She was called simply "Concert". Honestly, the singer herself did not accept her own disc. According to her, there was no real energy and drive in it ...

Meanwhile, Fadeev moved to Germany. He almost stopped working on the upcoming material. The album "Placenta" was supposed to appear in the spring of 1998, but due to the economic crisis, the exit was postponed.

When the situation in the country returned to normal and the plate appeared in stores, Placenta was in for a complete commercial fiasco. As a result, the relationship between Linda and Fadeev was completely broken up, and the once fruitful collaboration was curtailed.

The producer began to work closely in another project, and Linda, despite everything, continued to engage in solo work.

New breath

New authors Linda became E. Pozdnyakov, Lyubasha and Mara. Thanks to their support, the singer was able to record five more studio records. Honestly, it is difficult to call them successful and popular, but some of them were very successful. In this regard, the album "AtakA" stands out, sold out in 500 thousand copies.In support of the creation of Linda started large-scale promotion. In addition, the performer went to South Africa. It was there that work began on a new clip "Agony".

The album was released in the late fall of 2004 and a little later it began to rise in chat rooms. Then followed another tour and performances at numerous festivals. She had no such success in four years.

Greek producer

Biography singer Linda contains information that in the mid-2000s, she met with the Greek producer Stefanos Korkolisom. He was widely known in music circles. He specialized in classical and ethnic music. In addition, at one time he collaborated with world celebrities such as Metallica, Mylene Farmer, Peter Gabriel and many others.

As a result, Linda and Korkolis started recording a new album. It was called AleAda. The singer dedicated the record to her mothers and Korcolisa. The name was connected two names of mothers, the initial syllables.

The presentation of the disc took place in October 2006. The singer appeared in her completely different. She has changed and become more open. Despite this, some fans did not take the new work at all. While others have experienced a real delight.Be that as it may, the disc once again hit the Greek charts. In addition, the disc was destined to receive and "golden" status.

Thus, the first joint work of Linda and Korkolisa, in actual fact, was very successful. Success inspired them. And after the tour the musicians went back to Greece. They started recording a new studio disc. The process of work lasted a year and a half. The recording took place in Greece, in France and even in New York. By the way, the musicians expressed words of special gratitude and recognition in the recording of the album to Hollywood actors Bill Crystal and Robert De Niro. The fact is that while working on the release, the project participants watched the famous comedy “Analyze That”.

In the early spring of 2008, in the Russian capital, Linda and Stefanos presented an album called "Skop-Peonies". If we compare it with previous works, the record turned out to be more dynamic, powerful and heavy in sound.

linda singer biography personal life

Disorder with Korkolis

After the last release, Linda lived in Greece. Four years later, she decided to resume her concert activities, performing in a duet with Korkolis. Their joint project was called Bloody Faeries. At the same time appeared their plate.In addition, in the same period, the personal life of the singer Linda finally improved - she married with her favorite producer and musician.

In the late autumn of 2013, the eighth studio album was released. She received many positive reviews. Also, this work was the best among the novelties of Russian performers.

Despite the obvious success, the paths of Corcolis and Linda diverged. According to her, she decided to go further. It was then the 2014th.

Biography singer Linda now

The last to date record of singer Linda is dated 2015th. It is called "Pencils and matches." The presentation of the new program took place in the Russian capital. The album was produced by Haydn Bendall. Just in case, he is a man of world renown. At one time, he worked with such musicians as David Gilmour, Gary Moore, A-ha, Kate Bush, Pet Shop Boys, Camel, Chris Botti, Tina Turner, Massive Attack and even, finally, Paul McCartney ...

According to the performer, the name of the new creation carries a rather deep meaning. Namely - pencils indicate the ability to paint the life of any person with bright colors, and matches - "the desire to light human hearts." singer Linda (photo without makeup above) is sure that everyone can find something in the disc for themselves.

After the release of the album, the performer, as always, went on tour.

Now the singer Linda (photo in the article) is not working so actively. Over the next two years she managed to release one video and two singles. The text of one of them was written by the well-known and deceased poet Ilya Kormiltsev.

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