SMS-good night in your own words to the guy

For a few years the world has completely changed. Today, modern people can not imagine their lives without phones and the Internet. Lovers tend to be always in touch. The material will tell you how to write the wishes of a good night in your own words to a guy or husband.

Time for correspondence

Everyone wrote a message, who ever had even the simplest mobile. Good poems on the birthday, a few phrases with parting words or congratulations with a minor victory.

wishes good night in your words to the guyAbout the Harm and Use of Short News People Knowa lot of. Psychologists also studied this problem. But an unequivocal answer to the question of whether SMS is good or bad is that specialists have not found it. Some scientists are inclined to believe that such things distract a person from work and dispel attention. Other researchers state that short texts help to overcome a bad mood.

Whatever the conclusions of the experts, eachagree that the wishes of good night in his words to the boyfriend, beloved husband will not be harmed. Especially considering the fact that the message partners send each other closer to midnight. This is the time when all the worries and troubles of a hard day are in the past. It is then necessary to tune in to a strong and pleasant holiday.

The power of writing

American scientists have proven that in the bodyEveryone who receives a positive text from a loved one, the level of the hormone of happiness is growing. Especially the inflow of such energy is required for people who often suffer from depression and melancholy. Excellent fighting with sadness wishes good night. A favorite guy in his own words can warm the soul. This is the best way to cheer up a loved one. He will receive a good SMS and understand how important it is for you.

But this situation has another, negativeside. Experts have determined that to such charges of positive, that is, to electronic letters, the partner gets used to. Subsequently, a character whose psyche reacts sharply even to the slightest change, the lack of desire will be perceived as a warning sign. Consequently, there will be new, absolutely contrived problems. Therefore, it is better to preliminarily hint to the beloved that on this day there will be no wish for a good night. The guy in his words should explain that you will not send SMS because of lack of funds or employment.

wishes good night to your beloved boy in your own words

Tenderness at midnight

Unlike the prevailing opinion, a stronghalf of humanity is also delighted with affectionate and sweet phrases. Regardless of which stage of the relationship you are currently experiencing, an email with good text will always come in handy. As in the stage of the bouquet-candy period, and after ten years of married life, the partner will be pleased to read the love message.

If a romantic mood is playing, you can send: "In the dark, I especially miss your light. Sweet Dreams darling".

If you concern yourself with the soul, it will turn outbeautiful wish good night. A guy in his own words should describe feelings. Send half the following text: "It's a pity that you are not with me now. I want you to hug me! I hope that tonight we will meet in a beautiful vision. "

No less touching would be this phrase: "If I could, then you would have woven a dream from the lace of the stars. Instead of a pillow put the scented herbs. I would cover the body with a blanket from the sun's rays. Love you!"

wishes good night to the guy in your own words

For a strong and soft night

Feel free to show your sympathy. Call the person you adore with names that you often use. Know, men are no less eager for romance than women. And most likely, your half will respond to SMS.

Light, gentle phrases will also help to composewonderful wishes of a good night to your beloved guy. In his words it is easier to discover the intentions of the soul. If today the muse did not visit you, then use the following message: "My life is empty without you. When you are far away, dreams are gray. Quick, come back to me! I kiss your eyelids. Let good visions come to you. "

If you checked your feelings and can withouthesitate to make frank and sincere messages. For example, your suzhenoyu like this desire: "My love is enough to protect your sleep, even at a distance."

nice wish good night guy in your own words

Method of reconciliation

Wishes good night (in your own words) guylike. Especially in the case when you are just beginning to build joint happiness. If the relationship does not allow you to write a message, the content of which hints at great love, then it is better to avoid such SMS. But you can send: "Everyone closes their eyes, because they want to doze off soon. And only you and me - because it will allow us to meet each other in a dream. "

The basis for the message can be gratitude. Psychologists say that sincere words and praise raise the mood. Especially need positive emotions, when the couple's relationship is unstable, and lovers only master the art of understanding. Such a letter hints that the day's quarrel will not affect the further course of events.

In the event that the evening ended in a misunderstanding,help SMS good night. Write a short text in your own words. If a person answers, then one hundred percent plans to build love. You can send: "I remember my first dream about you! I do not want to see the last one today. "

sms wishes good night guy in your own words

A tiny bit of humor

A strong half of humanity is very fond of jokes andanecdotes. A big plus for a woman is the ability to laugh her chevalier. Therefore, it would be appropriate to have a text with a humorous context. For example: "Today we sleep separately, so do not forget to put the alarm. After all, I will dream of you. And such visions are delayed. "

No less interesting is the following message: "This night I ordered an erotic dream for you. Tomorrow I'll check whether you remember everything well. " The admirer and from such letter will pleasantly be surprised: "Has decided to wake your conscience! Call and wish me good dreams, I can not fall asleep. "

If the task is approached with enthusiasm, you will definitely get the wish of a good night guy in your own words. Short texts are always the most accurate.

Double benefit

Each such letter is a kind of babylove and care. Sometimes similar trifles are rescued by married couples. After you send SMS, keep the phone close. Most likely, your favorite will call you back and say thank you for your wish. If not, do not worry, it is possible that at this very moment he sees a dream about you.

The main thing in such texts is sincerity and warmth. If your soul burns with such feelings, then the phrases themselves will come to your mind. In the morning, be sure to fix the result with a message with the content: "I wish you a good day! Waiting for our meeting".

There are very different wishes of good night in your own words. The guy should choose those that correspond to his nature.

wish good night guy in short words shortIt should also be noted that not only will the partner enjoy the writing, but you yourself. Such creative process brings a lot of pleasure, and also strengthens feelings.

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