Spinach Pie: Recipes

In the case when you are expecting guests and want to surprise them with nourishing, tasty and then spinach pie is the best that can be offered. Everything else, this delicacy is very useful. You can use both fresh spinach and frozen dough as puff or fresh, and yeast. Recipes with this plant are present in the national cuisines of many countries. Vegetable can be a self-filling, and you can add to it vegetables, chopped boiled eggs, rice, cottage cheese, cheese.

The benefits of spinach. General principles for making cakes out of it

Before you lay out a few recipes for how to make a spinach pie, we’ll tell you why this vegetable is so popular. The reason - it contains all the necessary and useful products for humans. What is important - there are no contraindications even for chronic diseases. The process of cooking pies is not very difficult, but, nevertheless, requires some skill. By the way, in Ossetia, this pastry is prepared exclusively by women.A good, good dish is considered in the case when the dough is thin and the filling is juicy.spinach pieA thick layer of dough immediately shows what his inexperienced hostess was doing.

There are some general rules for making such cakes. First, the volume of the filling should be equal to the volume of the dough. Secondly, the dough is cut only with the help of hands, without a rolling pin. Thirdly, baking pies is taken in an odd number, except in cases of funerals or funerals. It's okay if you do not immediately ate baking. Heat the cake. Taste properties will not suffer from this.

Lean pastries

To begin, let us tell you how to make the simplest spinach pie without any additives.

List of products used:

To test - warm water (2 tbsp.), Dry yeast - one bag, sugar - 1 tbsp. l., vegetable oil - a third of a glass, salt - 0.5 tsp., flour - 0.7 kg.

For the filling you will need one package of frozen spinach, one onion and vegetable oil.

Cooking process.

Fill a bag of yeast with warm water (half a cup), add sugar (1 tsp), mix, and let stand for a while. Then pour in the remaining one and a half cups of water, report sugar, vegetable oil, salt and stir.spinach and cheese pie [After that, add flour, knead the dough and 60 minutes send in a warm place.Oset.

Cooking stuffing. Fry finely chopped onion in vegetable oil, add spinach and cook until liquid evaporates. We pepper, we salt.

Roll out half of the dough, put the filling on it, cover it with the remaining dough, pinch the edges. We put in the oven and bake until done (40 minutes).

Cheese and Spinach Recipe

Pie with spinach and cheese is a real lifesaver, if the hostess has a desire to surprise loved ones or guests with something delicious, unusual. It is cooked quickly, and cheese and spinach are the most compatible products.spinach and cheese cakeWe use the following components: 0.5 kg of puff yeast dough, 400 g of frozen spinach, 100 g of feta, the same hard cheese, one egg and one yolk (for smearing the cake), sesame (can be replaced with poppy seeds) for sprinkling, ground black pepper, salt.

The process of making this cake

We do not make the dough ourselves, we buy ready-made, preferably twisted into a roll. We put it to defrost, and meanwhile we are engaged in a stuffing. Our main vegetable for the dish "Pie with spinach and cheese" is defrosted in the microwave, hands are pressed from excess moisture and cut into small pieces.Add the raw egg, hard cheese, grated, feta, finely chopped. We pepper all, we salt, we mix. Dough, not rolling, cut along five identical strips. Evenly, along the entire length of each strip, distribute the filling. Dip your fingers in flour, we pin the strips. We do this by slightly pulling the dough with your fingers and filling the stuffing inside.spinach layer cakeShould get stuffed flagella. We spread them on a baking sheet, pre-laid special, for baking, paper. We start from the middle, put in the form of a spiral, seam down. Between the flagella fasten. Dab with yolk, sesame or poppy seeds sprinkle. We send in the oven warmed to 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Layer cake with spinach and cheese will be ready when covered with a golden crust. Let cool a little - and you can serve.

The recipe for a delicious pie with cottage cheese and spinach

List of necessary ingredients: puff pastry (two packs), spinach, cottage cheese (also two packs), garlic (three cloves), a slice of cheese, broccoli, one egg for lubrication.

Cooking a pie with spinach and cottage cheese. First we make the filling. To do this, mix spinach with cottage cheese, rub garlic on a fine grater, chop cheese into large cubes, boil broccoli, mix everything thoroughly.spinach pie recipesRoll out the dough from one package, cover the baking sheet with baking paper, spread the dough on it and lubricate with egg white. Then distribute the filling on it. Now roll out the dough from the other package and put it on top of the stuffing. Then we grease it with yolk and lightly sprinkle with sesame. Put the baking tray in the oven and bake until done at 180 degrees.

Budget dish with cheese and spinach

This recipe is cheap and tasty. And prepare the dish in just 20 minutes plus about 40 minutes for baking. Prepare the necessary products.

For the dough you will need: flour (1 tbsp.), Egg, butter (1 tsp.) And salt.

For the filling: one onion and carrot, frozen spinach (half a pack), feta cheese (400 g), 5% cottage cheese (200 g), a little cheese to rub and sprinkle on top.

And now we start to cook a pie with spinach and cheese.spinach and curd piePut carrots, onions, spinach in the pan, simmer a little. In the pan add cheese, cut into cubes. Again, simmer and pour the cottage cheese. Salt is not necessary. In the meantime, make the dough. Stir flour with a spoon, half a glass with a chicken egg, add oil and salt, gradually pour the remaining flour.Roll out the finished dough and send it to the form. Then everything is very simple. Put the stuffing on top, level and sprinkle with grated cheese. We put in the oven preheated to 180 degrees and bake for about 40 minutes. Here is a pie with spinach and cheese and ready.

Another recipe for cheese and spinach pie

Each hostess adds something of her own to the cooking process of her favorite dish. As a result, you can get a more interesting option. Most often the dish has the same name - the pie with spinach, the recipes can differ from each other - and significantly.spinach pieConsider another one. It will require half a kilo of puff pastry, 150 g of hard cheese and cheese, 300 g of spint, one onion, two chicken eggs, pepper, salt, sunflower oil for frying.

How to cook this recipe

Grind the spinach and finely chop the onion. In a skillet in the sunflower oil until golden brown fry the onion. Then add to it spinach, fry a little, pepper, salt. Grate hard cheese and cheese, put in a frying pan. Beat with a fork raw eggs and - there too. Thoroughly mix everything and simmer for a few minutes. In this preparation of the filling is completed.curd tart and spinach pieWe spread it on half of the rolled dough, close the top with the second half and gently pinch the edges. Be sure to make a fork on top of the cake a few punctures. Preheat oven to 180 degrees and send the form into it. We bake about 25 minutes and do not forget about five minutes before being ready to grease with protein. Layer cake with spinach is ready. You can immediately serve on the table.

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