Station "Shipilovskaya" (metro): description, scheme and interesting facts

Shipilovskaya is an underground station that is open for the convenience of Muscovites who live far from the center. It does not stand out architectural or designer originality. Everything here is extremely simple, stylish, businesslike and most convenient for all categories of citizens.


The opening of the Shipilovskaya metro station was held on December 2, 2011. It was built on the southern radius of the Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line. The 184th metro station, Shipilovskaya (Moscow). The name for it was the name of a nearby street. Until 1960, the village was Shipilovo, which became part of the capital. To save the historical name on the map of the metropolis, it was decided to leave the toponym.

Shipilovskaya metro

Construction history

The need to open the Shipilovskaya metro station in this area was already ripe in the mid-nineties. A pit was dug along the street near Musa Jalil.According to the plan, the new metro point should have been opened by the year 2000. But problems with financing led to the fact that by 1998 only preparatory work had been carried out and part of the pillars had been installed. In the autumn of funding stopped, and construction froze. Ditch flooded. A few years later it turned into a real marsh overgrown with mud, and was no longer subject to recovery.

Metro Shipilovskaya

In 2008, the question of Shipilovskaya station (metro of the capital) was again opened. A new pit was dug, and the old one was buried. As a result of the shock construction in early December 2011, local residents were able to take advantage of a fast and convenient mode of transport, which made this area of ​​the capital more accessible and more attractive.

Architectural design

The design project of Shipilovskaya station (metro of the capital) was carried out by the Metrogiprotrans design bureau. This object was developed by Shumakov N.I. Together with architects Volovich V.S. and Shuryginoy N.V. The authors proposed to equip three neighboring stations on the branch in the same style. Therefore, Shipilovskaya (metro station) is similar to its neighbors, Zyablikovo and Borisovo.

They are made of similar finishing materials, have a single lighting system, they are equipped with the same type of information signs.They are all equipped with elevators for people with limited mobility, which makes them accessible to all categories of citizens. A special feature of Shipilovskaya station (the metro of the capital of Russia) is triangular caissons, resembling sails on a semicircular hangar arch. They are mounted lighting elements.

Shipilovskaya metro station

The color scheme in which the interior of the Shipilovskaya station (Moscow metro) is designed, combines black, white and gray colors. On the floor of granite, lined with stripes of black and gray colors, there are no other decorative elements. Track walls are trimmed with aluminum panels, stylized as old bronze slabs.

The platform has the following dimensions: length - 162 meters, width - 10.

The difficulty of erection

During the construction there were some difficulties. Thus, the unusual design of the ceiling triangular caissons, which are mounted lamps, required the development of special equipment. A unique mobile mechanized formwork complex was created. Due to the complexity of the design, reinforced reinforcement of the ceiling vault was carried out. During the construction of the station, more than five thousand cubic meters of concrete and about 750 tons of the strongest reinforcement were used.

People with disabilities

As with all modern facilities, Shipilovskaya (metro station) is equipped for the convenience of people with disabilities. At the project stage, special attention was paid to this issue. So, for limited mobility groups, specialized elevators are provided. And for people with visual impairment on the edges of the platform are mounted Schutz-lines that glow. This LED strip complements the architectural design of the interior.

Ground Pavilions

Entrance and exit to the station "Shipilovskaya" (metro of the capital) are decorated as succinctly as the interior decoration. Vestibules are connected to underground passages laid under busy highways. This allows users of the subway to go on the most convenient for them sections of the path. The south lobby has two exits on opposite sides of Dzhalil Street, and the north - three exits to Shipilovskaya Street. Before opening in one of them there were some difficulties with escalators, they were run. In connection with this, the southern exit was open for visitors two weeks later than the northern one.

apartments metro Shipilovskaya

The entrance and exit is a flight of stairs extending deep into the earth.Above it is installed a brown granite slab on which you can read the name of the station. Crowned with its red letter "M", which is visible from afar.

Not all residents of the district are satisfied with this design decision. But the architects sought to make the most convenient and simple in design station, and not a museum object. And in principle, they succeeded.

Exit to the city

The Shipilovskaya station (Moscow metro) supplemented the southern radius of the Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line. In the city you can go to two lobbies: the north and south. Each of them is equipped with elevators for people experiencing difficulties in moving. Near the exits from the lobbies of the Shipilovskaya station (Moscow metro) there are fenced parking lots. The exit to the city is through the street Musa Jalil, which crosses Shipilovskaya. Despite the brevity of the design, the station is comfortable and meets the requirements of the standards.

Metro Shipilovskaya Moscow


The intersection of Shipilovskaya and Musa Dzhalil streets is the geographical center of the Zyablikovo metropolitan area. It belongs to the Southern Administrative District. This part of the city has no tourist attraction, because the area of ​​the Shipilovskaya metro station belongs to the Soviet period of development. There are many schools, shops, office buildings and kindergartens.Nearby are located: a cozy hotel, a post office and banks, a cultural center for the leisure of local residents. Here you can find a pharmacy, clinic and other medical services. But the historic sights should be attributed only to the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity, which is located in a park area near the Borisov pond.

Metro "Shipilovskaya", streets

It's nice to walk in the park, there is a lot of greenery there and you can find a place to relax in the shade of the trees. The Borisov Pond, around which the green zone is divided, is the largest in the capital. Here you can sunbathe on the beach, rent a boat at the boat station. In the summer, a lot of people of different ages gather in the park. But swimming in the pond is prohibited.

At the end of Shipilovskaya Street, where it intersects with Zadonsky Passage, a monument to the 200th anniversary of the victory over Napoleon in the war of 1812 is erected.

Nearest streets

By the subway "Shipilovskaya" adjacent streets. There are not old. They do not stand out either in historical or architectural terms and refer to the Soviet period of development. Shipilovskaya is a continuation of Novotsaritsyn highway.In the northern part it is adjacent to Zakharova Street, and in the south - Domodedovskaya Street. It also has an intersection with Kashirskoye shosse, Borisov and Orekhov passages, Kustanai street and Dzhalil street, on which metro exits are installed. The end of Shipilovskaya is Zadonsky passage.

metro area spilovskaya

Apartments metro "Shipilovskaya" also do not differ originality and design delights. Here, typical high-rise buildings “delight” the gaze of passersby. Standard Soviet area: monotonous buildings, single-type courtyards, lack of historical sights.

By the way, the head of the Orekhovsky organized criminal group Sylvester lived at the time in Shipilovskaya. In the nineties, young people from this group held the metropolitan area in fear.

Despite the low-key design, the opening of Shipilovskaya station was a long-awaited event in the life of citizens. Now, from the Southern Administrative District you can quickly get to any point of the capital without losing time on idle traffic jams and detours. The demand for this station is quite high. Thousands of Muscovites and guests of the capital descend daily to the subway in the area.

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