Styles and types of skirts

A skirt is an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe (and in some countries a man’s wardrobe, for example, a sarong in Asian countries). And as if the fair sex is not related to her, at least one model is in each. Now it is difficult to imagine that all types of skirts have one ancestor - a loincloth, which for centuries has been transformed, lengthened and changed shape. As a result, at the moment we have the widest selection of models and styles.

Types of skirts.

Classification of skirts by length

  1. Skirt length maxi, which in the traditional version comes to the ankle. A model that does not lose popularity at all times and periodically comes to the fore among all others. Types of long skirts are not numerous: the sun, half-sun, year, many-tier. What they are good about is that they make any shape better: full - slim, angular gives femininity.
  2. Midi skirt. Its length ends in the middle of the leg. On this model, there is a distinct breath of the 50-60s, when it was extremely popular. Someone will say that the model is Puritan, while others call it retro-style.One thing is clear, that skirts of such length, with the right choice of style, are suitable for everyone.
  3. Micro and mini skirt. The first option is extremely provocative and barely covers the buttocks in length, and the second is not lower than the middle of the thighs. These types of skirts have earned a very controversial fame. And if the mini - length, loved by many - is permissible and is perhaps the most common among women, then micro is something that, in the opinion of most stylists, should not be worn. If you want to show beautiful and slender legs, it is better to choose short shorts.

Types of skirts: photo.

Types of women's skirts on the silhouette

Whatever the length of the skirt, it always has a certain shape, with only three main ones:

  • Widened to the top or to the bottom of the skirt (two classic models: a tulip and the sun, we'll talk more about them later).
  • Narrowed, for example, skirt-year.
  • Straight lines This type historically originates in the 19th century, when the skirt became an independent article of clothing. This is the classic version, which is suitable for each figure, you just need to choose the correct length, for each woman it has its own. The most famous types of straight skirts: classic midi and pencil; You can call them basic models.

All skirts can be classified according to these two categories.But besides the length and shape, there is the concept of cut. According to him, there are 10 main types of skirts. Consider them in more detail and find out who they are suitable.

Sun skirt and half sun

It should immediately be said that such models can have different lengths. The skirt-sun, in essence, is a circle cut out of a fabric with a belt opening in the very center, on the figure it falls down in beautiful large folds. The cut is very simple, and therefore fits all. The main thing - to correctly determine its length. The sun skirt in the floor is suitable for slim and tall girls. On low women and owners of magnificent forms, it will also look good, but with the condition of lightness of the fabric. A more suitable option would be such a model of medium length or midi. The fundamental difference between the half skirt is that it is sewn from a semicircle and is less voluminous. Due to the natural folds, both models will make any shape better by hiding or adding volume where needed. These types of skirts (photos can be viewed in our article) can be made from any material (cotton, linen, silk, wool fabrics), so it is easy to find an option for each season or even sew it yourself.

Types of straight skirts.

Being a bright element of the image, this model does not tolerate too bright neighborhood.Therefore, by the skirt-sun and half-sun, select a less voluminous and catchy top. This, for example, may be light chiffon, satin or lace blouses, tight-fitting jumper. Mischief and originality will add a denim vest. Of the jewelry, the best neighbors can be large bracelets and beads.

Pencil skirt: the iconic thing of the female wardrobe

The classic skirt of this type has a straight cut, slightly narrowed to the bottom. The length, as a rule, is up to the knee or slightly lower, and a small cut is assumed at the back. There are many variations, including those with high waist or mid-calf length. For sewing take a different fabric. For example, fashion stylists advise all women to get two types of pencil skirt - one should be leather (black), and the second one of a brighter color (red, blue or even yellow).

Types of long skirts.

This model is very versatile and is perfect for both office and evening events. Pay attention to the photo, how harmoniously created images. The only thing that remains the same is the presence of a high heel. Pencil skirt without it is simply unthinkable. Prefer classic pumps, stiletto sandals or neat and feminine ankle boots.

Different types of skirts of this cut will look great on women with a slim figure like "hourglass" and "inverted triangle." The rest should choose it with caution or even refuse.

Skirt-bell ("inverted glass")

The model has a free cut and practically does not touch the legs, the length is up to the knee or slightly higher. It does not form folds, it resembles something starched things, because it retains a rigid shape. In connection with this feature, various prints are often applied to it, which gives even greater brightness and individuality.

In the best way, this option is suitable for women with narrow shoulders and wide hips (figure type "pear") and vice versa. In the first case, it hides the extra volume, in the second it adds balance.


Types of skirts year.

In structure, it is a combination of a pencil skirt and a flared skirt. From above, it wraps around the silhouette, and to the bottom it expands with the help of set-in wedges, the number of which can vary greatly, and they can start both from the middle of the thigh and much lower. Its classic length, which received incredible popularity in the 60s - midi, but is now very popular in the maxi version, especially in evening and wedding dresses.At the same time they can be completely hypertrophied and not practical, but incredibly beautiful. Naturally, such things are acquired for any significant event, in connection with which they suggest the presence of appropriate accessories, hairstyles and makeup.

The skirt-year very well smoothes the full hips and gives the figure slimness, adds balance. An important role is played by the choice of material and color. All types of year skirts are suitable for a “rectangle” type figure, its owners can safely choose their own model.

Tulip Skirt

Types of models of skirts.

The most ideal forms are those that are borrowed from nature. The tulip skirt is shaped like a flower of the same name, only upside down. This is one of the most feminine models, its smooth lines gently flow around the figure. In the classic version, it assumes the length to the knee or slightly higher and necessarily imitation of the smell, resembling tulip petals. For sewing, most often, soft and light fabrics are used that are easily draped, and therefore the model is most relevant in the spring-summer season.

Experts from the fashion industry advise young women (30-40 years old) of high and medium height to choose this style; it will look ridiculous for older adults.In addition, it is worth refraining from buying it to miniature girls, such a skirt will make the figure heavier and add volume.

Tutu skirt

Types of women's skirts.

This model is a good example of how highly specialized clothing has migrated to the world of high fashion and has occupied its niche there. It should be said right away that she is very capricious. The skirts of this model are sewn from thin, transparent fabrics, such as chiffon, and pomp is given at the expense of numerous layers. In its original form (as with ballet dancers), it is very extravagant, and not everyone dares to appear in it on the street. But now, numerous variations adapted to everyday life are being created - from a radical mini to a romantic maxi length. However, it is worth remembering that not all can afford different types of skirts of this cut, it is very categorical. It is appropriate that this model will look at young (under 30) and thin girls with a figure like "rectangle" or "hourglass." The only exception is made for little fashionistas, in which case she even turns the pyshechek into charming princesses.


Types of models of skirts are so numerous that they are very difficult to cover various kinds of classifications.In addition to those that have been listed, these items of women's wardrobe are also divided by type of fabric. For example, denim or leather skirts - they are a separate category among the rest and can have absolutely any cut.

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