Tablet Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro: review, reviews

If the device name contains the prefix Pro, then it is characterized by high performance and advanced features. Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is fully consistent with this statement. This is not just a tablet, but an ultra-modern gadget that combines a lot of necessary functions.


Tablet Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro 10 comes in a large cardboard box in white with orange elements. Interestingly, for all components there is a separate closed compartment. In addition to the device itself, in the original packaging you will find such items:

lenovo yoga 3 pro

Design solution

Tablet Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, of course, attracts buyers for its features. Nevertheless, the first thing that catches your eye is the design, which is uncharacteristic for devices of this type. The bottom of the tablet looks like a cylinder, which may seem rather large. Its diameter is 22 mm. Next comes a smooth transition to the tablet part. Upward, the width of the device narrows to 4.7 mm. If you measure the perimeter of the front part, the dimensions will be 24.7 by 17.9 cm.

Given that the screen diagonal is 10 inches, the weight of 665 grams can be considered quite impressive. This is mainly due to the high capacity of the battery, the presence of a built-in projector. In addition, in the design of the case used metal and glass elements that weigh quite a lot.

The front part of the tablet is framed quite interesting. The screen has a narrow frame at the top and bottom, as well as quite wide at the sides. In this case, the entire front panel is covered with durable glass that protects the screen from scratches. On the left frame is the eye of the front camera, and on the right is the corporate logo.

The lower part of the front panel of the tablet is made of aluminum. It smoothly passes into the volumetric cylinder, where not only the projector, but also the battery is located. Also on the front panel are grilles of four speakers, which provide high-quality sound transmission.

On the left side is the power button. Thanks to the grooved plastic texture, it is easy to find by touch. It also acts as a light indicator that flashes during charging, and also responds to system messages.Here is the volume button and microphone. On the right side there is a round button that is responsible for the operation of the projector. Next to it is a headphone jack.
The main area of ​​the back panel is decorated with plastic styled under the skin. The rough texture protects the device from slipping out of hands. A camera is built into the cylindrical part, as well as a swivel bracket, which ensures convenient use of the device. There are also slots for memory cards and SIM cards.

lenovo yoga 3 pro 10


In terms of ergonomics, the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is designed almost perfectly. The manufacturer offers the following device use modes:

  • vertical book mode when the user holds the tablet by the cylindrical block with the folded stand;
  • with the stand open, the device can play the role of a keyboard (lying on the surface) or photo frames, if you place it in landscape orientation;
  • If you maximize the stand, you can hang the device on the hook.

lenovo yoga tablet 3 pro


Tablet Computer Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is equipped with a ten-inch screen with a resolution of HQD. It is characterized by a bright backlight, which can be adjusted automatically,depending on the level of illumination. You can also adjust the temperature of the image, based on your preferences.

Fans of games and other interactive applications will like the fact that the touchscreen recognizes up to ten touches. If you have wet or dirty hands, you can use any device that is made of electrically conductive material (and even an ordinary ballpoint pen). Of course, this solution cannot replace a full-fledged stylus, but in emergency situations it will be very useful.

Operating system and performance

Tablet Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Pro is equipped with a quad-core processor with a frequency of 2.24 Hz. The amount of RAM 2 GB can be considered insufficient for a device of this level, but, in principle, this is enough for smooth operation. Even the "heavy" games the device perceives well, however, it is very hot. A lack of RAM can manifest itself when several applications are simultaneously running at the same time, switching between them takes place with short delays.

The manufacturer declared the amount of internal memory equal to 32 GB. Nevertheless, only 22 GB is available to the user, because the operating system and pre-installed programs take up a lot of space.If you find such a volume insufficient, it can be expanded to 128 GB with a flash card.

The tablet is running the operating system Android 5.1 (Lollipop). Branded software shell makes the operation of the gadget as comfortable and logical as possible. Icons with rounded edges look very nice. Also, the user will be interested to get acquainted with proprietary programs and widgets. If you find them useless, delete, unfortunately, will not work.

Of the useful innovations can be noted the presence of an additional side curtain. It involves adjusting the sound, adjusting the brightness and temperature of the image, as well as activating the projector and many other useful options. Of particular interest is the utility that allows you to make drawings or notes on top of the active application.

lenovo yoga tablet 3 pro review


One of the distinguishing features of the tablet Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Pro are good cameras. Usually in devices of this kind, this function is presented purely symbolically. Here you can take high-quality pictures thanks to the thirteen-megapixel main camera, equipped with the possibility of autofocus.

Of course, shooting such a bulky device is not as comfortable as it can be the case with a smartphone or camera. It is quite natural that some objects may be distorted. But the developers and it provided. So, thanks to the geometry correction mode, you can quickly convert a carelessly captured frame into a more readable format.

If you consider yourself a self-lover, the five-megapixel front-facing camera will most likely disappoint you. Given the lack of a focus function, you should not count on clear pictures. This camera is designed exclusively for video calls, with which it copes perfectly well.

Multimedia features

Pay attention to the multimedia features of Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Pro Lte. So, as a standard player using the application from "Google". This is quite a strange decision. Lenovo positions this device as a music device, and therefore it would be more logical to equip it with a more advanced proprietary application. Good quality sound is provided by the Dolby Atmos equalizer. The lack of a radio was unexpected.

lenovo yoga 3 pro review

The main feature is the projector

The main competitive advantage that characterizes the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Pro 32Gb is the projector. It can be activated by pressing a special button when the stand is in the unfolded position. When this function is activated, a widget appears over the active windows, through which you can adjust the focus of the image. When you finish adjusting, the screen will turn off, and all your touches will be displayed on the projected picture.

It should be understood that in the domestic environment of the projector is difficult to achieve good results. Even when tested on a professional white canvas, the picture will not be too clear. The situation can be slightly improved by using the settings menu in the software interface.

A 50 lumen indicator is, of course, very small for a projector. Even the manufacturer notes that this is not a professional, but a purely entertainment function. It can be used for a business presentation in a small darkened room, for personal viewing of films in the family circle, you can also show cartoons for children at night.

The design of the projector module raises some concerns.The eye, though recessed into the body, but it does not provide sufficient protection (especially since it is covered with too thin and fragile glass). Thus, it is necessary to handle the tablet with extreme caution.

tablet lenovo yoga tablet 3 pro


The battery capacity of 10200 mAh is one of the main advantages of Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Pro. A review would be incomplete without an analysis of autonomy. According to the manufacturer, in standby mode, the charge lasts up to fifty days, and in the mode of active work - eighteen hours.

If you test the battery in video mode (at medium brightness and volume), it will be enough for just over ten hours. If you use a projector, the battery will discharge a little faster. Fans of three-dimensional games will “plant” their gadget in no less than nine hours.

Thus, the battery can be considered one of the main advantages of this device. A large battery capacity not only provides long battery life, but also makes it possible to recharge other devices.

Positive reviews

If you are interested in the tablet Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Pro, reviews will help you understand the merits of this device. It has the following positive characteristics:

  • long autonomous work (with moderate use of charge lasts for two or three days);
  • great sound quality;
  • Wide EQ settings;
  • despite the large capacity of the battery, charging occurs fairly quickly (in about two hours);
  • a convenient stand that allows not only placing the device on the surface, but also hanging it from a hook;
  • excellent main camera, which makes high-quality and clear pictures, despite the lack of LED flash;
  • video can be played through the projector even online;
  • good image quality (excellent brightness and contrast, good color reproduction);
  • several convenient modes of operation;
  • a large margin of screen brightness;
  • large amount of internal memory and the possibility of expansion;
  • the front panel is covered with high-quality glass that protects against scratches;
  • the projector automatically corrects the keystone;
  • Excellent picture quality in macro mode.

tablet lenovo yoga tablet 3 pro 32 gb

Negative reviews

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro is an interesting and attractive gadget. Nevertheless, behind a beautiful shell lies a number of significant drawbacks. It is worth paying special attention to such moments:

  • the back cover is quickly scratched and loses an attractive look, and it is almost impossible to find a protective case for the device;
  • after some time, problems begin with the camera (an error appears, to eliminate which you have to restart the device);
  • if you do not adjust the equalizer, the sound will be "flat";
  • in order to get a more or less clear picture by means of a projector, it is necessary that there is total darkness in the room, otherwise the image will be blurred and pale;
  • non-functional branded launcher;
  • many pre-installed applications that can not be deleted;
  • because of the cylindrical element, the center of gravity is shifted, and therefore the tablet is not very comfortable to hold in hands;
  • the large weight of the device makes the operation of the tablet weight uncomfortable (I always want to put it on a table or other surface);
  • the power and volume buttons are poorly tactile, even though ribbed;
  • unnecessarily overpriced;
  • the battery becomes very hot during prolonged use;
  • the device often freezes, even if only one program is running;
  • a weak processor significantly reduces the battery life of the device;
  • the projector’s eye is slightly tilted to the right, and therefore you have to put something under the tablet in order to align the image;
  • poor build quality (a lot of gaps, there is a backlash, buttons stagger);
  • The device reacts poorly to weighty games;
  • long reboot;
  • SIM card is only for the Internet, and you can not make calls using this device.


Of course, one of the most interesting gadgets is Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro. The review proves that this tablet is the most original and unusual of all that are on the market. It combines ideas about functionality, modern design, as well as innovative features that a modern device should have. Naturally, this tablet will cost you dearly. Depending on the retail network, its price reaches 50,000 rubles.

Unfortunately, after some time after the start of operation, the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro tablet begins to show some kind of “dampness”. From such an expensive gadget buyers expect uninterrupted work. However, bugs and hangs are becoming the norm. Thus, if you do not consider it necessary to have a projector, you should look at other models that will be less expensive and at the same time more productive.

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