Tactics and strategy: the difference and the definition of concepts

Tactics and strategy. The difference between these concepts at first glance may seem insignificant. Perhaps someone will think that it is not at all. However, it is not. Different and techniques can give slightly different definitions, but they all boil down to the fact that the difference between tactics and strategy is quite significant. In addition, these terms are used in a number of works on psychology, sociology, and their primary source is military science.

Tactics and strategy (difference) - the concept is quite extensive. Let's try to consider them and the main differences in this article.

Strategic management

This discipline is studied in higher education institutions in specialties that are related to economics and management. The essence of strategic management consists in acquaintance with existing various methods of planning and organization, which are used by large enterprises,used in the long and short term, for example, in production management or marketing, and most often the general vector of the company.the difference between tactics and strategy

This discipline gives a clear boundary between the definitions of "tactics and strategy." The difference is significant and focuses on the above approaches related to short-term and long-term planning.

Despite the fact that not every company advertises the existence of such planning, the processes themselves take place and are classified according to various criteria, which will be discussed further.


In different literature it is limited to different time frames. However, everywhere they indicate that tactical control is tied to the achievement of goals in a shorter time period when compared with strategy. In this case, the tactics of the enterprise may include a variety of steps and branches, up to minor events. It may cover such vital areas of the company as marketing, production, sales planning, personnel policy, and others.tactics and strategy difference in simple termsIt is important to remember that tactics are a component of more global and serious processes,talk about which goes on.


It can be developed for several years ahead and determines the general vector of the company's development. It includes many long-term goals, as well as the mission of the enterprise.tactics and strategy differenceA strategy essentially determines what needs to be done, and tactics, in turn, answer the question of how the goal will be achieved.

Operational management

Sometimes it is confused with tactics, however these are different concepts. Operational management is the current activity in the company, in fact, those steps towards achieving a goal that go into tactics.tactics and strategy what is the differenceAn example of operational management is a management order that must be completed within a specified period.


A popular trend in psychology, the essence of which lies in the fact that different people are given a different classification from each other in accordance with personal qualities. It is understood that the assignment to individuals of any type contributes to its more profitable and proper integration into society. This concerns, as a rule, both careers and relationships. This also includes features of perception.

Socionics is often criticized. Perhaps because some of its followers allocate a direction in a separate science. In addition, the psycho-types proposed in this concept, as well as those determined through testing, do not always correspond to reality. However, it cannot be said that the idea does not work or is useless.

Nevertheless, the concept also contains quite rational postulates. For example, characteristic features of various psycho-types, including strengths and weaknesses.

Tactics and strategy - the difference

Socionics also describes the differences between the above definitions; in particular, they are included in the signs of Reinin. We are talking about a group of certain psycho-types that the author of the same name developed.

If it is not hard to delve into the concept and not to cover all 15 signs, then according to G.R. Reinin, tactics tend to solve current problems, small cases related to achieving their own goals, while strategists prefer to solve more global problems, and the main guideline of such people is the future. Thus, in socionics, one can trace a clear differentiation in time intervals.

It is important to note that some concepts may mutually exclude each other. There are different opinions about this technique, there are also various schools and directions that can criticize and not recognize each other. Nevertheless, socionics also uses the terms "tactics and strategy", and their definitions are similar to the more well-established sciences and fields of activity.

Strategy and tactics in the military

Most likely, military business is the primary source of the definitions “tactics and strategy”, and the terms themselves are of ancient Greek origin. Warfare is a fairly generalized name for various investigations related to the conduct of hostilities, as well as the solution of questions of preparation for them and defense.

A lot of scientific developments, ideas and inventions that were created for the war, gradually changed their purpose and were adapted to address more peaceful issues. If you do not embrace technology and development, but take into account only concepts, then, apart from strategy and tactics, military affairs contributed to the development of logistics, as well as to some labors related to management (for example, the idea of ​​a staff management principle).

Tactics and strategy - the difference in the military understanding of these terms is that the first definition describes the fighting on a particular battlefield, while the second indicates the process of achieving victory in a more global sense and may include a fairly extensive series of battles.


Tactics and strategy. The difference between these terms is also present in the legal sphere, in particular, in the legal profession. Nevertheless, the definitions are similar, as in all previous examples. However, now we are not talking about time periods.

In the process of protecting the interests of their clients, lawyers also use strategy and tactics. The first one defines the lawyer’s global view of the defendant’s case.tactics and strategy difference concept

The tactic in this case is the very conduct of the defense process, which includes various methods, a gradually formed picture of the case and a position on a number of issues.

Thus, jurisprudence has slightly different definitions of the terms “tactics and strategy” from other spheres of life. The difference is that in this area the emphasis is not on time, but on the fact that tactical actions will also be part of more global ones, i.e. - strategic.

Let's sum up

Thus, we answered the question: "Tactics and strategy - what's the difference?". In conclusion, it is important to add that both terms are used in completely different disciplines, sciences and spheres of life (economics, psychology, law and others). However, they mean almost identical phenomena.socionics difference tactics and strategy

Tactics and strategy. The difference, in simple terms, is that strategic actions are more global and long-term, and tactical actions are often understood as short-term actions. In addition, many sciences and areas of life view tactics as part of a strategy.

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