Talker on a crucian. Secrets of experienced fishermen

Some fishermen consider weed unworthy of scrutiny, but many know that the crucian carp is quite a decent trophy for fishing. Particularly pleased that to catch this cold-blooded, under the conditions of a good bite, it is possible in large quantities. This is when the fish are silver or golden, palm-sized or a little more, go, as they say, one by one, without ceasing, and as a result the catch is a full enamelled bucket of crucian!carp fishing

Fishing carp. Some features

This fish has its own secrets, which are known to these "karaselovy." For example, she loves the smells of garlic, anise, vanilla. And yet - no effective catch of a crucian, probably, will not be able to do without an appropriate bait. The most common options: bread, cereals, oatmeal, mixed with the earth (sometimes with the addition of living creatures: maggots, bloodworms, dung-worm). The bait, formed in the form of small balls, is flavored with flavors in the form of vanilla, garlic, anise drops, and sometimes even the well-known medicine Corvalol is used.Here, the main task is not to overdo it, because instead of luring the fish, you can also scare away too much aroma concentration.

Bait and nozzles

Crucian is an omnivorous fish. His preferences and tastes often depend on the season and on the usual diet in a particular body of water. In the spring before the summer goes well on the bloodworms and manure worm. Can peck on moldy worm. From vegetable baits: cereals, bread, dough, mash for crucian carp. About what it is and about the secrets of cooking fish treats, let's talk in our today's article.talker on a crucian

Talker on a crucian

Sometimes even the most technically prepared fishing can be crowned with complete failure. Most often this happens because of an incorrectly chosen place for fishing, bad weather conditions (it is no secret that many species of fish are meteo-dependent and do not tolerate abrupt changes in atmospheric pressure). The main reason for the failures - the wrong bait and bait. All of the above conditions will become irrelevant to you if you choose such a bait as a talker on a crucian. It is one of the most popular and catchy universal lures, which carp almost always eats.talkie from semolina on a crucian


The bait base is simple - semolina dough. The semolina is on the shelf in every house (or in any nearby supermarket), so that with the purchase or delivery of the main ingredient, so that the correct talker for the crucian is prepared, no one should have any problems.

Etymology of the name

The bait received its name from the word “chatter”, as in the preparation of it, the corresponding movements are made by improvised tools (for example, a wooden stick, fork or knife). Thus, semolina and water are mixed to a certain viscosity of the substance. If the mixture begins to reach for a stirring stick, then a certain consistency is achieved.

Cooking methods

According to the method of preparation, a talker from semolina to a crucian carp is subdivided into raw, boiled and steamed. Steamed (in the people - mastyrka) may contain in its composition also crushed pea grains. Best of all on hooks when fishing is kept boiled chatter of semolina on a crucian carp. The wet nozzle keeps on tackle worse, but it can be done directly, without departing from the reservoir in which you are going to catch, which means that it will be as fresh and appetizing as possible for fish. Well, try to cook?


  1. How to make a talker on a crucian quickly with his own hands? The easiest way is raw. In a clean jar or glass pour 100 grams of semolina ordinary, wheat. Little by little we pour in water there (we can take it directly from the pond) and stir-chat until there are no dry grains. Give the mixture to stand and swell. After half an hour, mix again, checking the viscosity (the mixture should be well dragged). Everything, it is possible to stick on hooks and to to make a talker on a crucian
  2. The boil is used less often, more specifically: in reservoirs with the flow, since it is better to keep the raw material on hooks. Cook it also does not make much effort. First, soak 100 grams of semolina. Soaked cereal is placed in cheesecloth, and cheesecloth - in boiling water. Cook for 15 minutes. Remove the finished nozzle from the gauze bandage and let cool. After that we cut into portioned cubes, we roll small balls out of each one, ready for hook attachment. Of course, such a bait can not be prepared right on fishing, and this is its significant disadvantage. But on the other hand, it will not fly and stray from the hooks in the current, which will allow for catching more efficiently.catching a crucian on a talker


In order to arouse the appetite of fish, lure it with the help of taste and smell, many anglers use various aromatic agents as additives to the mash. Among them: anise drops, Corvalol, cocoa powder, garlic, sunflower oil is not refined, vanilla, even - asterisk balsam. The main thing - not all at once and in small quantities. Then the additions will enhance the effect of the nozzle used.

Secrets of fishermen

How is catching a crucian on a small talker? It is usually baited with a small wooden stick (as for sushi). Take a small strip of dough and wrapped around the hook, observing the appropriate thickness. Another secret is baiting with a medical syringe without a needle. Manna dough is pumped into a syringe, then squeezed a little by winding on a hook. Handguard is not necessary to close, as in the water the bait will drop and slide on the sting hook. In such a syringe, it is convenient to store and talkers from the semolina (in the refrigerator, for example, until the next fishing).

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