Thailand, Kwai River

A rare country knows how to please its guests like Thailand. According to statistics, tourists who want to enjoy impeccable service, magnificent nature, and a variety of impressions come back most often to this place. One of the most popular trips to visit Thailand is the Kwai River.

Cinema and Thais

In Thai, its name sounds like Kwwei (large influx) - this, of course, not everyone is able to memorize and pronounce. Interestingly, the river owes its name to cinema. In 1957, according to the book of the same name, the tape “Bridge across the River Kwai” was shot, still considered to be the pinnacle of cinema. After the release, she received 7 (!) Figures of the American Academy, one of which - as the best film of the year (in his honor, the Thai government renamed the river).

river kwaiThe plot is devoted to the construction of the railway "death", which killed hundreds of thousands of lives of prisoners of war who were not lucky to be at the mercy of the Japanese army. Today, this bridge over the River Kwai is not used for its intended purpose.Soon after its erection, it was blown up by air bombs (a subversive group lays explosives in the film), but its remains still attract many tourists thanks to a curious story and an impressive sight: it literally hangs over the abyss.

Floating merchants

In general, the excursion program is designed for two days and includes the same objects, but judging by the reviews, the River Kwai gives so many positive emotions that the apparent uniformity is completely redeemed. The reviews are almost identical, but this is the case when it’s better to see once than to read a thousand.

First of all, tourists will be offered to visit suburban Bangkok: the river Kwai rises to the city itself and is the location of the famous floating market located right on the water. Those who wish to bargain will have to move between the rows on a motor or oar boat, mooring near each counter. True, experienced travelers do not advise making purchases here: firstly, the prices are slightly too high (they count on tourists' wild emotions), and secondly, sometimes the quality of purchases leaves much to be desired.

bridge over the river kwai

Furniture factory

In principle, trade and the pursuit of impressions in Thailand go hand in hand. One of the excursion points is a furniture factory, where travelers are invited to admire artful teakwood products. Tables, chairs, sets and cabinets are made so skillfully that they can be considered works of art.

They cost, however, appropriately: some furnishings will cost the intended owner in the price of an apartment in a large Russian city. But to sit on the chairs, benches can be completely free than the tourists, who lured into their possession the river Kwai, with pleasure and enjoy.


It includes a tour and a visit to one of the most wonderful places in the country - Erawan Park. Here the main attraction is the waterfall of the same name, which "sills" the spirit of "everyone who had the opportunity to see it." It consists of seven cascades, however, not all tourists are able to overcome the two-kilometer climb, which can not be considered easy. But under each step of the waterfall there is a small lake in which you can not only swim,but also to be “attacked” by fairly grown up peeling fish, which according to tradition are released here (oh, Thailand! The River Kwai is your worthy representative).

bangkok kwai riverOtherwise, as enthusiastic screams, travelers can not call the reviews of this place. A fan-like stream of water among virtually untouched exotic nature is an excellent shake-up for anyone who has not lost the sense of beauty. Positive emotions and so do not lie down until the morning - but here tourists are offered rafting on the river. Also a great adventure, do not give up.

River walks

Those who want to splash are loaded onto a raft and dragged up along the river (some programs provide similar entertainment during the trip), after which they offer to jump into the water, having previously dressed in very high-quality life jackets: the River Kwai is fast enough, and many claim that over it was hard enough.

There is no need to be afraid: the guides watch their wards like caring nannies and will not allow the irreparable to happen. At this place, tired as devils, but happy as angels, tourists usually go to the hotel for a rest and overnight stay, in the morning with fresh forces to throw themselves into a whirlpool of pleasure.

There are many offers of lodging for the night, but floating hotels on the Kwai River, some of which are so eco-friendly that they are even deprived of electricity, are often highly praised. However, there are no other amenities: the food is amazing, the massage is wonderful, the sleep is deep and refreshing, under the river jets whispering under the floor ...

river kwai reviews


The next morning - again in battle. Travelers are waiting for elephants. Different excursion programs provide varying degrees of intimacy with these wonderful animals. Some, a category higher, offer them even to bathe: they say, emotions are indescribable. Eared good girls roll tourists, make them a massage, take the proposed delicacies. Drivers for a separate (small) fee are happy to photograph "riders", and for Russians they even so soulfully perform "actual" songs in the local latitudes, such as "Oh, frost, frost." True, here it sounds somewhat different: "... do not freeze me, my elephant."

In principle, Thais in general are wonderful, hospitable hosts who cheerfully and unobtrusively strive to please their guests. Thanks to this, the Kwai River enjoys such incredible popularity. Thailand, which is nice, is not limited to spa hotels and sea beaches.He truly has something to offer, and he does it at the highest level.

Thailand Kwai River

Keystone Exotics

The tour guarantees a lot of impressions. Be sure to:

  • be attacked by cheeky long-tailed racketeers - the inhabitants of the “monkey temple” will definitely try to deprive tourists of food (with cute looking animals, you need to be careful and be careful with food: they are wild animals that can easily scratch and bite);

  • purchase exotic medicinal and cosmetic products in a Thai pharmacy, as well as taste different types of tea;

  • find out your own future from a monk in a sacred Buddhist cave (located not far from the above-mentioned railway “cinema” bridge); they say all predictions are favorable and surely come true;

  • visit the farm where they grow Thai fruits, and plunge into the sweet world of tropical exotic.

In general, there is hardly a place as worthy of a visit as the River Kwai in the whole wide world: travelers' responses infect with such enthusiasm that they really want, leaving the disgusting office, to run around jumping around to pack their bags.

Mere poems dedicated to excursions cost a lot. A comic proverb, for example, says that "he did not see Thailand, who has not been to Kwai." Other tourists expertly categorically declare that "Kwai is paradise."

river kwai thailandFor those who decide, there are numerous offers, and experienced travelers advise not to neglect the local, Thai tour operators. They are quite “Russified”, provide excellent service and often allow you to save.

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