The baby is crying, before peeing: the reasons, the treatment

Sometimes parents are faced with the fact that babiescrying, before peeing. Why this can be? How to help the child in this situation? Should I panic right away? Or are there any cases in which you can cope on your own? In fact, this phenomenon should not be overlooked. Not necessarily immediately go to the doctor, but the child will have to look closely. And to his genitals too. After crying during urination is not only the norm in some cases, but also a signal indicating certain diseases.


Is the baby crying, before peeing? The first and quite normal reason is a banal fright. The thing is that young children do not yet understand what is happening to their body. Therefore, any changes cause panic.babe crying before peeing

Especially when it comes to urinating. This process is also accompanied by discomfort. During urination, small babies begin to cry. But, as a rule, after him the kids again smile. Or just calm down. Over time, this phenomenon will pass. You just have to wait, do not panic and do not go with the newborn to the doctor.


But this is only one of the reasons. Fright is a condition that can manifest itself in 1 month, and immediately after birth. Just do not think that any crying during or before urinating is a fright. Situations are different.

It's hard to believe, but sometimes children start cryingbefore peeing or poking, for one simple reason - so they notify their parents about their intentions. Crying is the only way to attract attention. Sometimes children begin to cry very much.

Again, you need to look at the child's condition. If the baby is crying, before peeing, and after urinating he laughs again, you do not have to worry. Most likely, the reason is either a warning about their intentions, or fear. In any case, you do not need to raise panic. Over time, will pass.


Why is the baby crying before peeing? The fact is that quite often this phenomenon depends on the sex of the child. Boys, as practice shows, more often than girls cry before urinating.pain during urination in a child

Why does this happen? All the fault is the most common discomfort. For example, caused by a too small or tight diaper. The penis tightens with urination. If the diaper is tight or small, then there will be some additional pressure on the baby's genitals. Accordingly, this phenomenon will be underlined by crying.

What to do? Treatment does not require such a phenomenon. Simply pick up the diaper for a larger size. Or do not tighten the already tight diaper. As soon as the cause of discomfort disappears, you will notice that the baby no longer cries before urinating.


What other options for the development of events take place? If the baby is crying, before peeing, but nothing more does not bother him, it is likely that the problem is not that serious. Parents should take a good look at the child's genitals. This is especially true of boys.

Perhaps, on the genitals there was irritation. For example, from a long time in a dirty diaper. Then urination will bring discomfort and even some kind of pain, burning.the child hurts to write

All is treated easily enough - it is enough to allowthe baby is more without a diaper, taking air baths. It is also necessary to lubricate the baby's moisturizer with damaged skin. Or use powder. Once irritation has passed, there will be no problems with urination. The child will stop crying when he urinates.


But the next problem concerns only girls. If in 1 month (or older, but not much) the baby begins to cry when urinating, you need to look at her genitals. The fact is that such a pathology as synechia is not ruled out. This term describes the phenomenon in which the labia fused. This brings discomfort.

Synechia requires special treatment. After all, these diseases are anatomical abnormalities. They are usually surgically corrected. Therefore, the baby should be taken to the pediatric gynecologist, and then to the surgeon. Crying during the time of urination will disappear only after the operation. The problem will be eliminated - there will be no unnecessary sounds and anxiety.1 month


The next version of the development of events is also applicableto the girls. If there is pain when urinating in a child, it can be a consequence of the penetration of an infection. Once in the vagina, it spreads and causes inflammation / irritation.

And with the passage of urine there is pain ordiscomfort. The child, as already said, is only able to show one problem in one way - weep. After urination, there is no instant rest. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor. A pediatric gynecologist will help to cope with the problem. Infections of the vagina are not treated surgically. Usually, special hygiene is prescribed, as well as taking certain medications.


Does it hurt the child to write? Regardless of the age, the boys can have phimosis - an inflammation of the prepuce caused by improper hygiene of the genitals. Most often, a similar problem occurs in infants.children's polyclinic urologist

It is not worth it to make a diagnosis, butyou need to be alert if the baby has an inflamed flesh, and there is swelling in the penis. It is possible to separate white liquid (pus) with an unpleasant odor. Burning occurs during urination. Consequently, the baby is crying, before peeing.

Phimosis is a common phenomenon, it is not toodangerous. But only if you start a timely treatment. The doctor will prescribe a certain hygiene. Also, the surgeon will have to clean the flesh of the baby from the mud. Once the disease has passed, there will be no anxiety from urinating.

What tips can parents give? More often to wash away the kid with use of a special soap. It is also recommended to add a little potassium permanganate to the bath before bathing. It is desirable to boil water. And the foreskin is carefully cleaned from time to time. Otherwise, phimosis will persecute the child.

The natural process

Nevertheless, this disease is not the onlya problem that occurs mainly in boys. There is something else. True, we are talking about a natural process. Pain during urination in a child, especially a baby, can be caused by lowering the testicles.anatomical abnormalities

Some babies have this processpainfully. And it can not be called a pathology. After all, each organism is individual. Therefore, it is better not to engage in self-medication. Where to turn? The children's polyclinic will help solve the problem! A urologist who accepts children will have to examine the boy, and then confirm that the pain is caused precisely by this cause. You can go to a pediatric surgeon - this specialist will also be able to determine what's wrong.

If the child is painful to write precisely because of loweringtesticles, then it will be enough to wait a little. After all, this is a natural process. It will end, and the discomfort will go away. Sometimes a special operation is required, but only if the testicles are not completely lowered. Then relief will come after this procedure.

Diseases of the genitourinary system

Why else can a baby cry whenurination? The answer is not comforting - it is likely that the child had some kind of disease of the genitourinary system. For example, cystitis. In this case, when the baby will urinate, he will begin to experience pain and discomfort. So, crying is inevitable.

Is the baby crying before urinating? This process, as already mentioned, may turn out to be natural. But sometimes you need to go to the urologist for an examination. It concerns both boys and girls. The doctor will prescribe a set of tests that will help determine if the child has genitourinary diseases. If this is the case, it will be necessary to conduct a complex of medical procedures, accompanied by taking medications.babe crying before urinating

A little tip to parents: for the prevention of it is not recommended to overheat the baby or overcool him. If there was a cystitis, warming up of the genitourinary system will help - it is enough to apply daily a warm-water bottle to the baby's stomach.

Now it is clear why the baby is crying, beforethe way to pee. In fact, everything is not as simple as it seems. If crying arose unexpectedly, it is better for the child to be shown to a specialist. Self-medication should not be dealt with.

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