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Adventure films have always been very popular with a real film enthusiast. Interesting, mysterious and amazing always fascinated people. People at all times had a great interest in discovering incredible and mysterious secrets, alluring adventures and amazing journeys. The viewer will be incredibly interesting to watch the brave and desperate actions of the main characters, the adventures in forgotten, dangerous and even abandoned places. The main characters will explore the depths of the ocean, to conquer mountain peaks, to look for historical relics and treasures. Modern scriptwriters often turn to this genre, because films about treasure and treasure bring them excellent income and are recognized by film critics and the audience. Most of the films will be associated with the historical category of cinema. Countless riches reach modern man from times of deep antiquity.The rulers of various world states were the owners of amazing treasures. Currently, they are assessed in a fortune, which causes a person to start their immediate search. Adventure tapes combine various filmmakers, among which are historical, comedic, fantastic and family. Lookfilms about adventure and treasurecan be surrounded by relatives and friends. Today we will consider the most successful films of this direction.

Treasure and treasure films

Motion pictures about the search for treasure and treasure will be accompanied by an intriguing and exciting storyline. In such a movie, the storyline will develop quite quickly, and the outcome will be very unexpected. This is what will make the viewer watch with admiration. Script writers from different countries demonstrate their talent for creating fascinating films about treasure and treasure. Most Popular Moviesabout adventures and treasures, we consider below.

"Indiana Jones: In Search of the Lost Ark"

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In the center of the plot of the adventure tape is Professor Jones.The man is a true professional in the field of various occult sciences. He is always assigned to perform quite complex tasks. The next task received by a man from the government of America turned out to be very dangerous for his life. The main character should immediately go in search of historical relics - the sacred Ark. Going on a journey, Indiana could not even imagine that Hitler's secret agents would receive such an order. Hunting a valuable artifact, the hero will cross the road to secret agents of Nazi Germany.


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This story originates in ancient Egypt. During this time in Egypt, one wealthy priest committed serious misconduct. He entered into an intimate relationship with the wife of Pharaoh. For this, the man expected the death penalty. Imhotep could only avoid it in one way — by killing Pharaoh. After his death, the man needed to kill his spouse in order to resurrect the woman afterwards. However, the plan did not come true. Imhotep was still executed. In the 20s of the 20th century, Evelyn Carnahan, a librarian from Cairo, finds in a small box donated by his brother a map indicating the path to the ancient city of Hamunaptre.

Fool's Gold

What else can you watch movies about treasure hunting? Of course, as an option - "Fool's Gold." Finn and Tess have lived a happy marriage for several years. However, not so long ago they managed to understand that they simply could not be together. The complex nature of each of the characters does not allow them to be together and enjoy life. The only occupation that still unites former spouses is an extraordinary interest in treasure hunts. When Finn learned that a ship with jewels was scuttled in the territory of a modern resort, he immediately set out to find him. The man could not even imagine that his ex-spouse had long been engaged in the search for these jewels. She is also going to become the owner of these infinite riches. Now between the former spouses begins tough competition for the receipt of these treasures.

"National Treasure: Book of Secrets"

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If you are interested in adventure films about treasures and treasures, watch this movie. He will not disappoint you. Little time has passed since the time when the most ancient treasures were found with the help of Benjamin Gates. Each of the participants of that great adventure received a good amount of money for the treasure found, and also gained incredible popularity. Riley finally became the owner of an expensive car.A serious affair spun between Ben and Abigail. The heroes were pleased even with the fact that they simply managed to get close and become a loving couple on this journey. In addition, the heroes received an excellent opportunity at any time to look at the values ​​they found. After some time, Ben became one of the members of a large scientific conference; he learned that his ancestor was one of the conspirators. Now the man intends to find out for sure whether it is true or slander?

"Lara Croft: Tomb Raider"

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Lara Croft is one of the most charming tomb raiders. From a young age she is interested in ancient relics and artifacts. To get historical treasures, the girl is ready to risk her own life. Her travels are always accompanied by a serious danger. Croft understands that if powerful artifacts fall into the hands of her rivals, this will not lead to anything good, so she tries to get them first. The father and mother of the girl are long dead. The main character spends very little time in her huge estate, the girl left a legacy.

Treasures have always been a significant reason for a person to go on an exciting, but at the same time very dangerous journey.Adventure films about treasures collect a huge audience in front of TV screens. Such films will be interesting to watch viewers of various ages. Films about treasure hunters will attract the viewer's attention from the very first minute and hold it until the very end. Well, we continue further our review.

"Lost and Found"

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Andy is still a teenager. He is very hard to survive this age. The young man loves swimming. One day, Andy loses the argument to his friend, and that makes him very angry. He used to be the best in any business. With anger, the hero commits theft at a local store. His comrades, instead of assisting him, give him out to the police. Andy gets a severe reprimand from the local policeman and from his father. The man decides, as punishment, to send his sons to his elder brother Trent. Young people do not want to leave their hometown, where they have friends. However, everything changes when the children learn that there are hidden treasures in this place. Heroes intend to find the jewels that were once hidden by their ancestors.

"Black Sea"

For many years, Robinson was the captain of one submarine. For completely unknown reasons, the main character was dismissed from service. The man was very upset with this turn of events, because he loved his work very much. The man could not get used to the life of an ordinary person. After some time, Robinson is offered to lead a group of people who hope to find a large amount of gold at the bottom of the Black Sea. These people are confident in the success of their operation, and they need an experienced leader who knows how to perfectly manage the submarine ship. Robinson accepted the offer made to him, because he wanted to visit the depths of the sea again. And this journey will be such an opportunity for him.

"Treasures O. K."

Film events began to develop during the reign of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. At this time, Grozny repeatedly raided Kazan. The ruler Syuyumbike did not want the king to take over all her wealth, so she hid them in the river Kaban. Jewelry and gold have lain in this place for a long time. Many tried to find these riches, but they failed. In the present tense there also appeared people who wanted to profit by the treasures of Kazan.Cyril is a young conqueror of women's hearts, who unexpectedly found out about the jewels on the bottom of the river. Gulya also learned this legend not so long ago and, together with Cyril, decided to go to Kazan to find jewels. In these places it leads not so much a thirst for profit as a fascinating journey that she will have to go.

"Road to Eldorado"

This story will be associated with two friends who are able to earn money for a living only by fraud. But even in this field, they are not always lucky, which can not but upset the characters. Once they manage to find a map that will bring them to the treasure country. No one has ever heard of such a state. The characters are sure that they are finally lucky and very soon they will become the richest people in their city. Young people go on a long journey, which should lead them to a wealthy life.

"Save King Solomon"

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The father of the main character was always interested in the mines of King Solomon. He always went to meet the unknown. The main character was going to find them by any means.Once having gone in search of this value, the man disappeared. He could not find the way back home. The daughter of the protagonist Jesse Houston decided to go in search of his father. She understood that he was in a difficult situation, from which only she could get him out. She did not want to go to these places alone. She needed a faithful assistant who knows this area very well. Together with Jesse in search of her father goes Quatermain. This is a legendary person who easily overcomes the most difficult paths.

Adventure films about jungles and treasures

Impassable jungle has always been the most dangerous part of any path. To overcome their unprepared person is almost impossible. In these places, the person will constantly be lurking real danger. Here, people often stumble upon the terrible traps of nature or those created by human hands. The jungle is a rather beautiful place, but a person cannot stay in such places for a long time. The amazing beauty of nature, wild animals, clean water sources and fertile soil - all this inspires a person very much.Modern directors very often give preference when creating their pictures to this particular direction of cinema. Most successfulThe jungle and treasure adventure films will be presented below.

"Travel-2: Mysterious Island"

The main character of the film will be a man named Sean Anderson. This man loves adventure very much. His previous journey gave the man a lot of amazing and exciting moments. An unexpected message from a desert island very quickly ignited interest in the main character. The man believed that in the area where the signal came from, there is no land. Anderson - an adventure lover who is in search of immortal treasures - is going to find out the coordinates of the island from which the signal came. He intends to visit this place. The hero is confident that in these places he will be able to find treasures, about which he dreamed a lot of time. Stepfather of the main character helps Schonz unravel this key. He becomes his partner in this difficult matter.

"600 kg of gold"

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Five desperate comrades learn about the existence of a huge gold mine in Guyana.Young people are going to profit from the catch. They intend to cross the border with Brazil without any problems and to carry out an incredibly risky theft. The plan is quite simple and clear to every friend. At the final stage of their operation, the guys were exposed. Now they are criminals who must be put behind bars. Heroes do not intend to give up so easily. They decide to move into the impassable jungle. Characters are aware of all the danger they are going to expose themselves to, but they see no other way out. Young people realize that they will not be home as soon as they had planned. At the hands of the guys will be about 600 kg of gold, and they still do not know how they will be able to transport it across the Brazilian border.

"Out of the ground"

If you like movies about jungle treasures, then this movie is worth seeing. This story revolves around a young man named Daren McCall. This character is one of the most courageous and famous hunters for extraordinary treasures. Once a man gathers a team of real professionals and goes with them to the impassable jungle.Here he is going to find one very valuable ancient relic - the dagger. For many centuries this weapon was buried deep under the ground, and only now is the time when someone decided to take it from the ancient cemetery. Uninvited guests will not be welcome here. The main characters wake up a malicious creature that will begin to hunt travelers.

Films about treasures, the list of which can be continued for a long time, are bright, interesting and intriguing pictures that will always cause genuine interest among viewers. Such a film is able to tear the viewer from the boring reality and immerse in a fantastic world of adventure. Kinomanu unravel many mysteries and secrets that will stand in the way of the main characters.

Now you know what to watch movieabout jungle, adventure, treasure. Have a great time!

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