The best launchers for Android in 2017

A launcher is one of the most powerful means of adapting the shell for a tablet or smartphone for yourself, but you need to figure out what it is, because everyone uses them, and only a few can define it.

What is a launcher?

Launcher, or launcher, is an application built into Android or downloaded from Google Play, designed to easily launch other programs. It acts as an analogue of the desktop in Windows, and its name went from English to launch - translated as “launch”. A single form of pronunciation has not yet been developed in the Russian language, so some pronounce the “launcher” and others “launcher”.

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But launchers are not only a component of Google’s system, they are even used in games. For example, there is a launcher "Minecraft" for "Android". It is designed to run the necessary modifications of the game. But the Android launcher unit is not unique in its kind, there are many analogues, not for Minecraft, but for other games.

Choose the best launcher is impossible, there are dozens. The most useful and successful will be discussed below.

Pixel launcher

This is a proprietary search engine application, exclusively created for the Google Pixel line of smartphones. It can be installed on devices from other manufacturers. It is distinguished, first of all, by ideal optimization and simplicity. Almost never lags, because it was created by the developers of the operating system for full integration with their services.

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Pixel Launcher is deprived of a rich settings menu, but it has everything you need for quick access to smartphone functionality. The application menu opens after the swipe up on the dock. The familiar menu button, which is often embedded in other "Android" removed altogether, thanks to this, there was extra space for the icon. The horizontal grid of the desktop and the list of installed programs contains 5 icons, which is 1 more compared to the Google Now launcher designed for Nexus devices (they were replaced by Pixel). But the company did not abandon the other "chips" - the Google Now panel. It is still located on the left desktop and is a tab with the following set of cards:

  • weather;
  • reminders;
  • news relevant to the user;
  • doodles panel;
  • search line.

On the main screen is a Google Search button and a weather icon.Tap on the second triggers a switch to Google’s extended weather window. Clicking on the first shortcut instantly launches the search bar; in no other launcher this happens so quickly.

In the version for Android O, which is already available, added advanced notification icons above the program icons, other "Android" launchers do not have this.

Nova Launcher

The most popular launcher. He fell in love with everyone for the excellent ratio of simplicity, the number of settings (for example, it can be done exactly as Pixel), functionality and speed. The developers are trying to be the first to embed the latest developments in it - both their own and those borrowed from Pixel Launcher.

There really is a place where fans of customization can roam. Each panel is configured literally:

  • desktops and everything on them;
  • application menu (you can even create tabs for easy sorting);
  • folders (on the desktop and in the list of programs);
  • turning animations;
  • dock bar panels;
  • application icons;
  • gestures are supported, which are allowed to hang custom actions.

Among the recently introduced features, Google Now integration occupies a special place. But for the time being it is required to install Nova Google Companion and activate it in the settings. After access to the panel, you can get the same as on the Pixel Launcher.

Minecraft Launcher for Android

Beyzhdi notifications are present and work with all the software on the phone. It is proposed to choose the style of their display, for example, numeric or dynamic. The TeslaCoil Software team and quick settings with a long retention of the shortcut do not throw. It works exactly as on the launcher from Google, but with the addition of Sesame Shortcuts you can customize the pop-up menu of quick actions. This is a unique, useful feature, because not all developers adapt their software to the mechanics of a long press. Also now opened the opportunity to search for any information on a smartphone, as it is arranged iPhone (search the Internet, applications, contacts, SMS).

Holo launcher

The ideal solution for weak smartphones, where the amount of RAM does not exceed 2 GB. The application is easier than other "Android" -lunchers, so it will not overload the system and facilitate the unloading of other software from memory.

launcher for android in Russian

The aspect of the interface settings is not disclosed here as in Nova, but this is a payment for the ease and absence of even minimal slowdowns. Externally, the solution is like the same Nova, but with a reduced set of features. Although all the basic ones are present and working as expected.You can still adjust the desktop, the application menu, even the notification badges are there, but not all programs, and by a long tap on the application icon, a pop-up menu of quick actions appears.

Action launcher

A pretty customizable launcher is almost as good as TeslaCoil Software in terms of this parameter. Its distinguishing features are a huge potential for customizing gestures. You can install applications on them, calls, actions with the system, etc.

best launcher for android

Still here the menu of programs and widgets are rethought. In addition to the standard mechanics of interaction with them, alternatives are also provided, such as, for example, calling the list of installed applications by swiping to the center from the left frame of the screen. Widgets can be launched by swiping your finger on the application icon up. But that is not all. The movement of a finger from the right frame of the display pulls the widget panel behind it. It can be completely filled with them, saving space on the desktop.

The search bar at the top of the screen is also configured, you can add additional functions to it, and not just search on the Internet.

The result

"Android" launchers are represented by dozens of applications, but they cannot all be mentioned in the article format.It was about the most famous and progressive, sharply differing from each other by certain characteristics.

If the task is to choose the best launcher for "Android", you should install each of the above for testing.

Summarizing, we can summarize the following.

Pixel Launcher - for those who want the perfect job without the need to dig into the settings.

Nova Launcher - stable; the most technologically advanced, functional, fast-paced and flexible customizable launcher for the "Android" in Russian. But it consumes a lot of memory if it works with modifications.

Holo Launcher - simple, easy, with a basic set of functions.

Action Launcher - customizable, with ample opportunities to work with gestures and widgets.

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