The biggest hit in football ever

Football is recognized as the most popular sport in the whole world, and its fans keep official statistics of many records related to the special achievements of famous players. So, your attention is invited to the top of the strongest strikes in football.

Nigerian Flips

Basically, it was the execution of acrobatic tricks after scoring balls and glorified the Nigerian footballer Obafemi Martins in his time, but he had one outstanding goal in his career.The biggest hit in footballThe athlete managed to spin the ball to a speed of 135 km / h, which is very good. At that time, he played in the “Newcastle” and was bought for an impressive amount, but he could not fully justify it.

Hello from Turkey

One of the strongest strikes in football was shown by Turkish midfielder Tugay Kerimoglu in a match with Southampton. At that time, the footballer defended the honor of the English team and for the entire duration of the contract, which is almost 8 years, he was able to score only 12 goals.Naturally, such a sharp turn in his career was remembered by many fans and made Tugai a respected coach at home today. The speed of the ball then from the kick of a football player has developed to 135.5 km / h. Today, this is not the first indicator, but such an impressive speed still leaves him among the strongest strikes in the history of football.

The legend of "Real"

That is exactly what could be called an outstanding football player Roberto Carlos. For a long time, he was considered the best in his business and in 1997 he managed to prove it once more by breaking the opponent's gate with a swirling ball at a speed of 137 km / h. The trajectory of the round then made the goalkeeper of the French team just to look at how his team underwent a spectacular defeat.The biggest hit in the world in football

Of course, in his entire career, the footballer stood out not only with this goal, although it was him who remembered a large number of fans. In the matches of his team, Carlos could disperse the ball to 198 km / h, and it is for this that remains in history as one of those who managed to score the 10 most hard shots in football. Today, the football player finished his career as a player and is engaged in coaching.

Outstanding win

That is how the superiority of Newcastle over the Foxes in 1997 should be determined. In that game, striker Alan Shearer managed to defend the honor of his team, having scored not only a winning hat-trick, but also making one of the strongest strikes on the ball in football, launching it at 138 km / h.

The most gifted player of the Premier League

That is still considered to be football player Matthew Le Tissier. During his career, he played not in many teams, but at the same time managed to distinguish himself for his speed, resourcefulness and, of course, the power of impact. He scored his outstanding goal into the gates of Newcastle United, having managed to disperse the ball to a speed of almost 140 km / h. It happened back in the year 97, but even now not many can surpass its result. During his professional football career, the athlete defended the honor of his team more than 450 times and at the same time managed to score 161 goals. Many even from this list can not be compared with his success and professionalism.Top strongest shots in football

Today, the owner of one of the strongest strikes in football works as a football expert and copes well with this, thanks to his many years of experience.

Little known case

The names of many outstanding footballers are known even by those who, in principle, have no interest in sports.Universal player of the English team "Chesterfield" is not among those. He is almost unknown outside his homeland, although at the age of 38 he still defends the honor of his team on the field.10 strongest strikes in footballThe name of this football player Richie Humphreys, and 21 years ago, speaking, then still in the youth team, he managed to hit the fans with his strongest blow in football - the ball flew into the net of the opponent's goal at a speed of over 154 km / h. It is a pity, but with such a promising start of a career, the athlete did not succeed in an extravagant continuation.

French scorer

Having started a stormy career as part of Juventus, David Trezeguet continued it at Monaco with equal pressure and then moved to Italy. His strongest kick in football was recorded when an athlete defended the Monegasque honor in 1998. Then the athlete managed to hit the ball so that the latter accelerated to a speed of as much as 154.5 km / h and almost made a hole in the grid of the opponent's goal. Fans of the team simply exulted, and David himself after this could have pursued his entire future career calmly and evenly, world fame was already guaranteed to him.

Supermodel or superfutbolist?

Today, 42-year-old David Beckham has loyal fans among men and women. The second admire his beauty and photos on the covers of fashion magazines, but the representatives of the stronger sex, David remembered 19 major football trophies, 17 goals for England and the game for the most eminent clubs.The most powerful blow to the ball in footballAt the dawn of his popularity, the athlete was able to score at the gates of the enemy, then he was the Chelsea team, a goal at a speed of 157.5 km / h. Football kick struck from outside the penalty area, after which all the goalkeepers in the world were afraid of such a position.

Unsuccessful attempt

Interesting, but the speed of the strongest strike in the world in football does not always increase with age. A vivid example of this is the game of English football player David Hirst in the early 90s. Then the athlete showed great promise, but due to the large number of injuries on the field could not justify them all. Although one of his achievements is still admired by many fans of world football. David was able to disperse the ball in the game with Arsenal to a speed of 183 km / h. Outstanding such a blow can not be called in full measure, because the ball did not hit the target, but landed right in the bar. But in the top of the best strokes, the football player was able to record his own name.Strongest kick in footballIt was Hurst and was the leader of the list of records in terms of impact force until 2006.

New record

It was 11 years ago that the Brazilian player Ronnie Eberson managed to set a new record in the game with the Nawal team. The flight of the ball then could only be compared with a shot, because its speed reached the mark of 211 km / h! At that time, not the most popular player on the team was able to shoot as well as his shot, giving Ronnie a moment of glory.

Another handsome

Three-time winner of the “Golden Ball” and another supermodel - Cristiano Ronaldo has no official records recorded, but at the same time, according to experts, he is able to disperse the ball to 185 km / h, therefore it fully justifies its place in the top of the most powerful blows. Besides, Cristiano has a lot of them.

Third place in the list of top scorers in Germany

Already after the fixed record set in his time by Ronnie Eberson, the German national team player was able to demonstrate his outstanding abilities. His ball in the match with the national team of South Africa was able to reach a speed of 201 km / h and accurately fly into the goal. Lukas Podolski, that is exactly the name of an athlete, almost all his career spent in the teams of Germany, while having Polish roots. Today, the footballer defends the honor of the Japanese team Vissel Kobe.

The long-awaited first place

So, after a detailed review of all outstanding goals in football over the past decades, it is time to pay attention to the main thing. The strongest kick in football was recorded in the player of the domestic "Zenith".The biggest hit in football historyA football player of Brazilian origin, nicknamed Hulk, was able to develop a speed of as much as 218 km / h from the ball, to which he was only 34 meters away, which he flew before he got into the net of the opponent's goal. At that time, the Brazilian also played for Porto, so the loads were quite high. Today, the footballer is already in favor of Shanghai SIPG.

During his career, an athlete was able to achieve incredible success and get more than one trophy, confirming his skill. To date, Zhivanildu Vieira de Souza, that is the name of the Hulk, is the title holder of the athlete who carried out the most powerful blow to the ball in the history of football, and it is unlikely that anyone else will beat him soon. Such physical data nature bestows very few, and not all of the gifted become athletes, managing to direct their energy in the right direction.

Although on the other hand, a couple of years ago, no one could have imagined that Carlos' record could be broken, but now we admire the achievements of another player.

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