The car is Hyundai ix35. Reviews

About Hyundai ix35 reviews, both specialists andmotorists, are very positive. The car combines grace and grace, dynamism and swiftness. The Korean model is not only transport, but also in some way a luxury item, a synthesis of the highest quality and modern design.

Hyundai ix35. Characteristics

This crossover replaced the popular Tucson model. Hyundai ix35 has several distinctive features. The car is equipped with a hexagonal grille, a large rear bumper and a bevelled rear door. These Hyundai ix35 parts (expert reviews confirm this) undoubtedly underscore the dynamism and power of the unit. The exterior of the crossover is made in a sporty style. Despite the fact that the car looks powerful enough, it also differs in smooth, refined lines that perfectly complement the overall design.

Car Hyundai ix35 (reviews of many owners point to this) is attractive not only externally. In addition to presentable and stylish design, the machine has extensive functionality.

The unit is a model of improved. It is based on Hyundai i30, i10, i20. The new car is characterized by a new design front panel. Salon Hyundai ix35 (reviews and comments of specialists confirm this) is made of strong, high-quality materials.

The steering column of the unit also underwentsome changes. The steering wheel is equipped with an adjusting mechanism. Thus, the driver can install it in a convenient position, both on the fly and on the angle, which is undoubtedly very convenient while driving.

The model also has a built-in TV camera. The image is displayed on the monitor, which is built into the mirror located on the windshield. Both front seats are equipped with comfortable headrests. They also have an adjusting mechanism.

The design of the new Hyundai ix35 (reviews of experts point to this) is generally developed by the European design center Hyundai, which is located on the territory of Germany.

The designers increased the wheelbase and the length of the unit. Thus, the salon became more spacious (in comparison with Tucson) and can easily accommodate five people.

Korean manufacturer offers a fresh rangemotors. The Hyundai ix35 series is equipped with a non-compressor petrol fours, the volume of which is 1.6-2.0 liters. This model is also equipped with a "start-stop" device. A sixteen-valve turbodiesel is also presented. In this case, two volumes are provided: 1.7 liters of U-II and two-liter R 2.0. From its place, the fastest model can accelerate to 100 kilometers in 10.1 seconds.

The package includes a six-speed transmission (manual). In addition, the manufacturer offers a six-speed automatic hydromechanical box.

A smooth course of auto provides adaptive shock absorbers, regardless of the condition of the road. Due to the presence of an electric power steering, the maneuvering is impeccable.

In a mixed cycle, the machine spends an average of no more than eight liters of fuel. The car is not only economical, but also environmentally safe. For each kilometer the gas emission will not exceed 154 gr.

Model Hyundai ix35 (reviews of car enthusiasts is hereconfirm) is distinguished by the individuality of each detail. This concerns the equipment of the car. The manufacturer improved it, bringing it to perfection. In the model there is a very convenient navigation system that provides the necessary information while driving. There is a high-quality speaker system in the cabin, it is possible to use USB-drives and Bluetooth functions.

Hyundai ix35 - the car is quite popular andin demand today. This became possible due to high technical equipment, excellent cost and wide functionality. The main distinguishing features of the car are the ultramodern appearance, comfort, excellent dynamics.

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The car is Hyundai ix35. Reviews The car is Hyundai ix35. Reviews The car is Hyundai ix35. Reviews The car is Hyundai ix35. Reviews The car is Hyundai ix35. Reviews The car is Hyundai ix35. Reviews The car is Hyundai ix35. Reviews The car is Hyundai ix35. Reviews The car is Hyundai ix35. Reviews The car is Hyundai ix35. Reviews