The cat yells at night: what to do, reasons

Since the time when man first brought a wild cat to his dwelling, several thousand years have passed. Most no longer need an agile helper, who would protect the house from the voracious rodents, and give birth to pets to a greater extent for the soul.

Man has already forgotten about the primitive way of life, but the beasts have a better memory. Therefore, even the sleekest pets sometimes behave like real savages. The ancient instinct pushes cats to form madness: makes them rush around the house, fluff the tail, chase the laser pointer beam, drop objects, climb tables ... Many owners face an even more annoying problem when cats scream at night.

what to do the cat yells at night

What to do if your favorite pet does not allow you to live in peace? How to deal with feline hooliganism? How to distinguish the usual pampering from the signal of serious problems? It is unlikely that someone will want to sacrifice a full-fledged sleep in favor of a fluffy pet, so the search for an answer to the question about night time meows is very important.

Nightmare owners

Before you bring a fluffy ball into the house, you should think hard. A cat is a living creature, not an interior decoration. He has character, habits, needs. The fact that cats are naturally active at night is widely known. Even the structure of the eyes of the cat due to the need to hunt at night. Yes, domestic cats do not have to sit in ambush, looking for game, the caring owner himself organizes food. But after domestication, the physiology of the animal is not so changed. That it is one of the reasons why the cat screams at night.

What to do with night concerts? To understand this, you need to find other reasons. Take the question seriously, because the beast is not always rustling from banal harm.

There is always a reason!

If you have taken a sufficiently adult animal, it may show anxiety in the first nights. It happens that after a certain time singing will stop by itself. But if a cat who lives in the family for a long time, suddenly got a new habit, you should carefully consider what is happening, who is to blame and what to do.

Why a cat screaming at night can suggest many indirect signs. Analysis of the state of health and behavior of the animal in most cases will help outline the vector of further actions of its owner.

the cat yells at night

It should be understood that blaming a cat for night screams is not only senseless, but also cruel. If a cat meows loudly, it means that there is no peace for him. The animal suffers. The method of punishment and threats is not appropriate here. First of all, you need to understand why the cat screams at night, and then after trying to correct his behavior.


Perhaps we should start with the most obvious reason. The cat yells at night because he wants to eat. This is an echo of that instinct, which we have already mentioned. A pet, like its wild ancestor, has an increased appetite at night.

old cat screaming at night what to do

Therefore, the first thing is to try to reduce the amount of daily rations, and before you go to sleep, thoroughly fill the feeder. Do not forget about the water! Cat's thirst is always accompanied by heartbreaking moans.

Hormonal storms

Often, the cat screams at night because of problems with hormones. Growing up, animals of both sexes begin to feel the so-called call of nature.During estrus, cats can make noise not only at night, but also day and night.

Experts recommend that all owners who do not engage in breeding, sterilize animals. This is also due to the huge number of homeless animals, some of which came to the street from the apartments. Good hands are not enough at all ...

the cat yells at night causes

Sterilization is important for the health of the pet. If he does not get what he wants, his body is under severe stress. Over time, the cat has pain caused by the same hormonal failure. According to experts, the lack of regular sexual intercourse can even lead to cancer problems in an unsterilized animal. Hormones affect animals even more than humans. How can you not cry in your voice?

There are drugs that can alleviate the condition of a cat or a cat during hormonal surges. But they are not the solution.

Health problems

The cat may make noise at night due to poor health. Self-diagnosing a disease is very difficult, and the risk of a mistake is great. But night shouts are rarely the only symptoms of the ailment.Feline diseases, accompanied by night cries, a lot.

  • Helminthiasis Parasites can bother the animal, so timely prevention is extremely important.
  • Urolithiasis disease. It is this disease that is suspected first of all if the old cat yells at night. What to do in this case, only the vet will tell. Self-medication can lead to a worsening condition of the pet. How to understand that a visit to the clinic is better not to pull? See if the cat suffers when urinating.
  • Stomach ache. Try to pet pet's tummy. Usually cats do not mind such caresses. To touch the stomach should be soft. If the touch is painful for the cat, and instead of the usual softness you feel a seal, you should ask for help.

All abandoned and forgotten ...

No matter how ridiculous it may sound, such thoughts often visit fluffy ones. Cats really need to communicate. The question is particularly acute for those animals that are the only ones in the family. Having been deprived of the opportunity to communicate with his brothers, left by the working owner, the cat has been bored all day. And at night, he considers it quite logical to inform the whole house about his heavy share.

The animal is not to blame for the fact that he needs friends. Think ahead if you can pay attention to your pet. Otherwise, do not be surprised that the cat, exhausted from idleness and feeling lonely, screams at night.

neutered cat screaming at night what to do

What to do in such a situation, obviously and without prompting. Try to devote four-footed friend at least some time before bedtime. The animal’s gratitude will be limitless: it will not only purr you all the songs that it knows, but also, quite possibly, will fall asleep all night long.

Does sterilization always help?

Let us return to the question of how to help suffering cats and non-dozing people. It happens that the sterilized cat emits the characteristic call-up sounds at night. This may indicate that the operation failed. If the same maneuvers that the cat did when demanding the cat are observed in the behavior, it is better not to postpone the visit to the specialist.

It happens that a neutered cat screams at night. What to do if the organs intended for love experienced surgery, but the need for love did not disappear? As in the case of cats, this may indicate a carelessly performed operation. In this case, only a specialist can help.

If castration was successful, but the cat continues to make noise, the circle of searching for answers to the question about night concerts is narrowed. First of all, you should pay attention to the health of the pet. It is possible that the doctor will find the reason for a routine examination.

Folk methods

Of course, not every owner will rush to the vet clinic with a cat in his arms due to night chants. Yes, and this should be done not always. The fact that cat diseases are accompanied by a number of symptoms, we already know.

But if the cat does not show concern, behaves normally, he has enough food and food, and the songs continue under the moon, many owners try to deal with the problem themselves. But while the person decides what to do, the cat yells in the night ...

Traditional methods of calming screamers are quite common. Many owners, tired of the creativity of pets, use the well-known cunning - they shoot a cat from a water pistol or drench it in the shower. The neat animal will throw all its important affairs and will be engaged in bringing the fur coat in order. And the man at this time calmly rest.

You cannot call a method effective. Wet coat does not solve any problems.However, this method can hardly be counted as barbaric, because it does not cause harm to the cat (of course, if the animal is healthy and there are no drafts in the apartment).

There is an opinion that you can calm the cat with the help of valerian. This option is much worse. Firstly, valerian acts on cats not soothingly, but excitingly, secondly, it is extremely harmful to their health.

Another popular method involves emotional shaking. Some people think that a beast that is noisy should be scared off. Frankly, this method has more minuses than advantages. It is hardly possible to make it silently and not to arouse the whole house. Yes, and the effect will be short-lived: the cat will move away from the shock and take over the old.

To entice a cat with toys is also difficult. Most likely, the game will be accompanied by a rustle and a crash.

the cat yells at night what to do medicine

Night manifestations of affection, which prefers many owners, can also be called a folk remedy. Perhaps this is one of the most effective methods. Take the little animal in your arms, stroke, whisper in a soothing tone. Most likely, the cat will reciprocate and soon calm down.

Pharmaceutical drugs

The cat yells at night what to do with this is unclear, the sleepy owner is angry and confused ... It may be worth trying to fix the problem with medication. Of course, when choosing a medicine, consultation with a veterinarian is also desirable, but it is not always possible to consult with a specialist. Fortunately, there are tools that are suitable for most animals.

As a universal drug, you can buy drops "Cat Bayun". They have a sedative effect that will help to cope with both sexual desire and anxiety caused by other causes. The price of the drug is relatively small, and its taste is chosen in such a way as to attract felines.

Talkers from nature

Some breeds of cats are particularly prone to communication. Experts even identified the most talkative.

For example, the handsome Oriental, endowed with an amazing, almost alien appearance, is considered one of the most sociable. These cats are very smart, contacty, friendly. They need to communicate more than many other animals. Increased talkativeness is even considered one of the signs of the breed. In addition to the desire to express an opinion on any occasion, nature endowed the Orientals with a rather low sonorous voice.

why is the cat screaming at night

Representatives of other breeds like to talk.According to felinologists, the most talkative are the ocicles and the Cornish Rex. Desperate talkers are Siamese cats. Opinions about Ragdolls differ: on the one hand, the breed belongs to one of the quietest, on the other, many people note that from time to time they find inspiration in a cat, and it starts to meow loudly.

Therefore, choosing a pet from this list, you should not be surprised that your cat screams at night. Perhaps this is due solely to genetics.

Oddly enough, many are attracted to these breeds is this factor. Some are not averse to chat heart to heart with a cat.

Silent Cats

There is a reverse side of the coin. One of the most silent is considered to be Persian cats. As a rule, they are slow, imposing, somewhat arrogant, do not like fuss and mess. Persians rarely violate nightly rest with shrill screams. The owners say that they vaguely represent what voices their Persian cats have.

the cat yells at night what to do folk

This breed is quite old, well-established. The deep memory of the wild times in Persian cats is strongly dulled. For more than one century they have been living next to a person, so “savage” behavior is not typical for them.

Such breeds as the sacred Burmese, American Shorthair, British, Selric Rex are also considered silent.

Are you afraid of cat shows? Be sure to think about a pet belonging to one of these breeds.

Personality Features

Do not think that the cat world can be divided into talkers, silent and neutrals. Much depends on the animal itself. Among the purebred cats, there are quite a few lovers of exchanging a word with their man.

Set the propensity of a cat to talk in advance is impossible. But, according to the doctors, the cats growing up separately from their fellows are less likely to show a tendency to constant meowing.

the cat started screaming at night what to do

What not to do

Let's say the cat started screaming at night. “What should I do?” The owner thinks, trying to intuitively find levers of influence. Unfortunately, when you get woken up, not all people behave intelligently, which is understandable. It should be strictly understood that it is impossible to apply physical punishment. Not only is it inhumane, good bashing will not bring any good. Cats are vindictive and touchy by nature, and they build logical chains in a completely different way from us. Most likely, the animal will not bind the received beating at all with its behavior and will perceive the person as an aggressor.In addition, a frightened cat can hide in a secluded corner and continue to loudly complain about the difficult fate already from there.

How to help yourself and your pet?

An attentive host will probably quickly learn to calm the night time disturber himself. If an animal appeared in a house as a result of an informed choice, if it is loved, it is not so difficult to understand how to raise it and what to do with it. The cat yells at night for a reason, a caring person should understand this.

First of all, decide the issue with sterilization.

Try to adjust the mode. If possible, spend time with your pet. The cat will be just happy if the owner plays with him to catch up, drives a laser flashlight across the room, throws the ball. Having run enough and feeling tired, the animal will want to rest.

Do not encourage noise shortly before bedtime; turn off the bright light in advance. The cat also sees well in the darkness, but the dim lighting makes it clear that the time for the games has come to an end.

Check the feeder and feeder, if necessary, replenish stock.

It is necessary to take care of the organization of the cat's place to sleep. Many cats are very attached to things related to sleep.It can be a soft woolen cloth, a cozy basket, or even an uncomfortable-looking box. Make sure that the "nest" was always clean, so that there were no extraneous things in it. Try to make the pet spend less time in it during the day, and it is associated with it only with rest.

the cat constantly screaming at night what to do

Do not give up if your cat constantly screams at night. What to do, prompt our simple tips, intuition and love for the pet.

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