The film "Noisy Day". Actors and roles

"Noisy day" - Soviet black and white film,released in theaters in 1960. The creators of the film are Anatoly Efros and Georgy Natanson. The picture is based on the works of Victor Rozov. In this article the plot of the film "Noisy day" is described. Actors and roles are also represented here.

noisy day actors


The events that are depicted in the film coverjust one day from the life of the Saviny family and their neighbors. The main characters live in the old Moscow apartment. Actors - mother (Claudia Savina) and her four children - Nikolay, Oleg, Fedor and Tatiana. Also in the plot there are such characters as Ivan and Gennady Lapshiny, Leonid Pavlovich and Lena, the wife of Fyodor, because of which this ordinary day in the life of an ordinary family becomes so noisy.

Lena is a convinced bourgeois woman. Soon she and her husband will move to a separate apartment. And therefore her whole life is subordinated to the acquisition of new furniture. Every day she is idle in line for a new table, chairs or a dressing table, and returns home tired but happy. The dining room, where Savinas dine, is completely covered with furniture intended for a new apartment.

Oleg once spills on the desk,bought by Lena, ink. This is the reason for the grand scandal in the Savinyh's house. In the plot there is also a romantic line. Neighbor's guy Gene is in love with Tanya. But the daughter of Claudia Savina prophesy of marriage for a reliable and held in the profession of Leonid. This is the plot of the movie "Noisy Day".

noisy day actors and roles


The head of the noisy family was ValentinaSperantova. Tatiana Nadezhdina performed the role of Tatiana Savina in the film "Noisy Day". Actor Gennady Pechnikov played the eldest son of the heroine Sperantova. Vladimir Zemlyanikin - the average.

Oleg Tabakov performed one of his firstsignificant roles in the film "Noisy Day." The actor played Oleg Savin. Lilia Tolmacheva - Lena. Other actors of "Noisy Day": Lev Krugly, Evgeny Perov, Robert Chumak, Victoria Dukhina, Inna Gulaya, Alexandra Danilova.

Valentina Sperantova

More than fifty years, the actress devoted to the theater. The first role in the movie was played in 1953. The debut on theatrical stage took place in 1925. The role in the movie "Noisy day" for Sperantova was the second work in the cinema. The actress also played in such films as "Big Change", "Three Days in Moscow".

the actors of the movie are noisy day

Gennady Pechnikov

The actor made his debut in cinema in 1948. Then more than ten years did not act. As for Valentina Sperantova, became for him the second work in the movie role in the film "Noisy Day." Actor is also known for the film "Until the last drop of blood."

Vladimir Zemlyanikin

This actor has played in more than fifty films. But I remembered forever Soviet and Russian viewers of the painting by Kulidzhanov "The house in which I live." The last film with Vladimir Zemlyanikin - "Albanian Alias".

Oleg Tabakov

Outstanding actor and stage director beforefilming in the movie "Noisy Day" has played several roles in the movie. The first of them is in the picture "A tight knot". It is difficult to say which of the film images created by Tabakov is the brightest. But, perhaps, the most colorful character is Miss Andrew in "Mary Poppins".

In the filmography of Lilia Tolmacheva, who played Lena Savin, the roles are few. She is known, first of all, as an outstanding theater actress.

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