The most beautiful island in the world. Maldives. Bora Bora. Palawan Island. Seychelles

When there is a desire to take a break from worldly fuss, there is no better solution than to make a romantic trip to the island. On our wonderful planet there are many delightful places where you can safely go in order to turn away from earthly concerns. Choose the most beautiful island in the world.

Maldives: Coral Island in the Indian Ocean

Fabulous Maldives - a chain of atolls, divided into picturesque coral islands. In the Maldives, there are over a thousand! The nearest country is India, a little more than 400 km is to it. 700 kilometers away is Sri Lanka.

Holidays in the Maldivesconsidered ideal for privacy and marine entertainment. Here are sparkling beaches, as if covered with the first snow, decorated with palm trees - a symbol of idleness and luxury; sailboats dissecting the ocean surface are like a revived image of a picture that embodies a dream.But the most beautiful secrets are hidden in the coastal depths of the ocean, where tourists can enjoy a truly magical panorama. Professionals and diving enthusiasts are planning a vacation in the Maldives to fill up the "underwater portfolio" with unforgettable impressions.

The resort is adjusted so that visitors almost do not meet with the locals. Only organized tours allow you to see the second side of the Maldives, revealing the life of the islanders.

the most beautiful island in the world

Capital Male

If you get bored of tasting bliss from the sun and ocean, you can go to the capital of the Maldives state - Male. Here stands the Great Friday Mosque, built in an unusual way of coral slabs, the White and Blue Presidential Palace, immersed in greenery, the National Museum - the keeper of the history of amazing islands. Another world-famous Maldives sightseeing point is located on Rangali - a restaurant whose dining room is located underwater at a depth of 5 meters. The walls and the ceiling are made in the form of curved glass that can withstand the power of ocean water.

If at least once in my life I managed to spend my vacation in the Maldives, then life has been a success.

vacation in the Maldives

Bora Bora: an exotic vacation in the Pacific Lagoons

The strange island of Bora Bora, formed from volcanic magma surrounded by coral reefs, has long been a synonym for romance and beauty. It is one of the many islands of French Polynesia. You can communicate in English or French with local residents, their number does not even reach ten thousand.

Tourists are offered to stay in houses built on stilts in the oceanic lagoon. This is a terrific chance to be alone with the Pacific Ocean and with yourself. Waves and storms can not be afraid - they reliably protect the reefs. On foot or with the help of off-road vehicles, climbing the extinct Otemanu volcano and the mountains of Pahia and Mataihua bring undisguised pleasure to tourists.

On the island of Bora Bora allowed to feed sharks and barracudas, and diving with an aqualung or using a snorkel, you can freely admire the stingrays. A light breeze saves here from the heat, climatic conditions give rest and enjoy the ocean all year round.

island of bora bora

Cook Islands: romance and national flavor

The name of one of the most beautiful islands in the world appeared with the light hand of the Russian traveler and explorer Ivan Kruzenshtern.The famous explorer James Cook discovered only 4 of the 15 islands and named them Hervey. The first Europeans to come here were the Spanish navigators. Three islands are still uninhabited.

Today, the Cook Islands are no longer lost in the Pacific, but rightfully have the status of the most beautiful places on Earth. The islanders have Polynesian roots, many live and work in New Zealand. Income of the population mainly consists of the tourist business.

Guests of the country will be delighted with the national color, which is permeated with local hospitality. And in the southern and northern groups of islands has its zest. Tourists are given a price range: from expensive hotels to the simplest exotic houses built in the ocean lagoons.

A complete set is offered for recreation: sandy beaches, emerald ocean waters, as well as participation in numerous festivals and festivals that indigenous people like to arrange for themselves and guests.

Cook Islands

Palawan: the marvelous island of the Philippine archipelago

Warm clean ocean, mangrove forests, jungles, unique African animals, pristine lakes and mountains - Palawan gathered in one place everything that a tropical island has to offer. Mountains divide it in half, and each part has its own climate and landscape.On one of the most beautiful islands in the world, fans of exotic travel and those who want to feel like a modern Robinson are drawn.

The resort infrastructure offers diving, fishing, exciting excursion routes to the thermal springs. You can take an excursion to the capital of the province of Palawan - Puerto Princesa. Exotic dishes in the city cafe or restaurant will complement the local flavor.

Incredible sensations will give exciting adventures - rafting on an underground river in a karst cave.

Palawan Island, the Philippines is an opportunity to plunge into the romance of pristine nature and learn the original culture of the people who have preserved the traditions and customs of distant ancestors.

Palawan Island Philippines

Description of Seychelles: palm groves in the Indian Ocean

The subequatorial maritime climate of the Seychelles is conducive to complete relaxation of body and soul. The inner islands are continental fragments. Exterior, so named because of the distance from Mao, are atolls.

Endemic animals and plants are preserved here. Many are listed in the Red Book, and only a few dozen copies remain.

Seychelles, without exaggeration, can be called a paradise for animals and birds. One of them is reserved for the protected area for rare birds. Giant amphibian turtles are the hallmark of the Seychelles. The ocean here is shallow, the water is clear, the underwater kingdom is diverse, so diving is simply amazing. Fishing is also allowed: chances of catching a shark are great.

Seychelles Description

The beach and the capital of Victoria

It is worth visiting the Seychelles at least once in a lifetime - the description of all its attractions will not replace a real journey. For vacationers there are all conditions. Hotels are comfortable, the effect is as if you are on the edge of the universe. The tourist center is the island of Mahe. Beau Vallon Beach - exemplary. They ride sailboats or canoes, windsurf or just enjoy swimming.

The only city is the capital of Victoria. Tall buildings are not here, they are forbidden to build, so as not to interrupt the impression of palm trees. Energy Seychelov - pacifying and gently enveloping calm, arrived here feel in harmony with nature.

Santorini Island: Elysium of Dream, Resurrected from the Ashes

There are scientific versions that the Greek island of Santorini is a prototype of Atlantis, and the devastating volcanic eruption that occurred here more than one and a half thousand years BC is the basis of the biblical story of the Flood. It is hard to imagine how legends can be more attractive in order to ensure a strong interest in this incredibly beautiful Greek island.

The island of Santorini, or Thira, is part of the eponymous group of islands in the Aegean Sea and is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The southernmost in the Cyclades archipelago, it has a typical Mediterranean climate that allows you to relax comfortably all year round. Even during the “wet” season from November to March, the rains are short-term.

vacation on the island of santorini

What to see?

Here everyone can find what he understands as the concept of “rest”: excursions in architectural masterpieces or to the remnants of ancient civilizations, walks on yachts or cruise liners, opening an amazing panorama. The volcanic landscape attracts the powerful energy of the sheer cliffs.

Rest on the island of Santorini - an opportunity to see unique vineyards, ancient temples and monasteries, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of charming white villages and take a trip to the crater of the volcano.

Fabulous beaches with multi-colored sand of volcanic origin make an unforgettable impression on tourists. There are no more such sea coasts on Earth. Diving here is also unique due to its proximity to an active underwater volcano.

Travel services in Santorini, Greece can be expressed in one word: everything.

Bali Island: Reviving Mythology in Indonesia

Bali is a beautiful island in the Malay Archipelago, which is best known to connoisseurs of perfect surfing waves. It regularly hosts international competitions that collect masters of the highest level.

However, not only water sports attracts guests. The brightest sights are created by the locals - friendly, hospitable, they with great joy share with the surrounding energy, expressed in dynamic songs and dances.

Travel service will provide hiking, cycling and car tours, the opportunity to stay in luxury hotels or cheap guest houses, where you can socialize with the population, imbued with their culture and customs.

Shopping will be great here, as in Bali you can buy truly excellent handicraft products and excellent quality clothing made from natural fabrics.

A monkey forest and a bird park demonstrate the care of the Balinese to the wild. Bat caves attract lovers of exotic and thrill.

The island of Bali, Indonesia - these are temples and water palaces, which have no analogues in the world; numerous museums where not only antiques are kept, but also magnificent creations of Balinese artists and sculptors.

Amazing tropical flowers and volcanic lakes inspire the creativity of musicians and writers. It’s worth visiting Bali only to feel like a part of a different civilization.

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