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Producers of American television shows have opened a new star - a cat named Tarde. In the people he is better known as the most dissatisfied cat in the world. The animal, whose full name is Tardar Sauce, was famous for the efforts of its hostess's brother, who in 2012 posted a photo of a pet on one of the forums. Users suspected that the picture was processed using Photoshop, so soon a video was added to the network, which dispelled all doubts - the cat actually has such an unusually angry expression of the face. People described the animal as "the apotheosis of melancholia and misanthropy." Kotik became the hero of numerous demotivators and caricatures, the most famous of which reads: “There are two types of people ... And I hate both!” Not long ago, the animal was immortalized by pastry chefs who released a batch of cookies in the form of a sullen muzzle.

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The animal with an unusual appearance was born April 4, 2012. In addition, the most dissatisfied cat is a female, but few are aware of this. The breed of this wonder-cat that has conquered the whole world remains in question.Mistress of the animal Tabata Bundesen claims that Tarde is not purebred, since she was born as a result of the love of the most ordinary yard family members of the cat family — the three-colored mom and the gray striped dad. However, the color of Tarde itself brings many other thoughts: there are opinions that this cat is a cross between two breeds - snow-shu and ragdoll. In addition, the “most dissatisfied cat in the world” has several serious genetic defects, such as dwarfism and problems with the spine. The short paws of some cats suggest that there is also a munchkin breed here. But this is hardly true, because Tarde is not the only kitten in the litter of his parents, who was born with violations. She also has a brother, Pokie, who has similar defects - a shortened tail, a deformed muzzle and bulging eyes. But only Tarde has such an incorrect bite that she looks displeased. In addition, the cat does not move well due to problems with its hind legs and often falls. According to the hostess, she even has a strange voice when she meows.

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From the videos about Tarde it is clear that this little girl, despite her formidable appearance, is very calm, affectionate and a little bit shy.In the video, she looks rather unhappy, but certainly not dissatisfied or angry. She is very well-fed and well-groomed, and this indicates that her owners care and cherish. And it is impossible not to adore such a treasure that brings a good profit. After all, this “angry cat”, the photos of which are presented here in America, is the “face” of the company that produces cat food. In addition, images from Tarde are used as prints on T-shirts, and the video with her, which participated in the Internet Video Cat Festival, won the main prize - a golden statuette in the shape of a cat. In addition, not so long ago in the United States came a whole book, where the "disgruntled cat" is the main character (more precisely, the heroine). Apparently, Tarde herself wrote it. In any case, it is her name as the author that appears on the cover, and the book is written in the first person. The publication tells about what efforts need to be made to look forever dissatisfied and with wrinkles on the face. In addition to the “unique” (and essentially stupid) information, the book contains many photos of “evil” cats. More precisely, the animal is one, but it is presented in different angles and forms.The more you learn about Tarde, the more pitiful this cat becomes, and the less respect its owners, who profit from a sick animal, cause.

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