The most interesting facts about dolphins

In nature, it is difficult to find a more interesting creature than a dolphin. The animal has long been a favorite of people due to its high intelligence. In our article we want to discuss the most interesting facts about dolphins, which are far from being known to all readers.

Dolphins in captivity

Huge love and sympathy from people for dolphins was born a long time ago and has its roots in the distant past. At present, in our view, animals are associated with fun and colorful performances in dolphinariums. Visiting such a show is a real holiday not only for children, but also for adults. For many tourists, a dolphinarium or aquarium is the only opportunity to see a beautiful living creature alive. However, few people think about how humane such a content of animals in captivity.

interesting facts about dolphins

In some countries, people are seriously concerned about the issue of dolphins in captivity. In order to protect animals, even the relevant laws are adopted.

Oddly enough, but many people have dolphins highly respected. Why are they so respected? It will be easier to answer this question by studying interesting facts about dolphins.

Tough laws prohibiting keeping animals in captivity were enacted in Costa Rica, Chile and Hungary. Not so long ago, India joined these countries. Hindus generally consider dolphins to be a person, and therefore, just like people, they should have rights. And that means their exploitation in captivity is unacceptable.

Numerous studies of scientists have shown that it is rather difficult to determine the thinnest line separating human emotions and intelligence, and the intelligence of these creatures. And after analyzing interesting facts about dolphins, it becomes clear that these extraordinary animals were always drawn to man.

People and Dolphins

Interesting facts about dolphins have been noticed by people for a long time, since the history of interaction between animals and humans begins from the very first references to them. Not so long ago, scientists have found that the body language of sea creatures is in many ways similar to the rules of verbal communication of people. It is no secret that communication with dolphins has an incredibly positive effect on the human body, and especially on the child's psyche. British scientists came to such conclusions in 1978.Since then began the gradual development of dolphin therapy. Currently, it is used to treat the most complicated mental and physical diseases, before which modern science is powerless. Very often, doctors recommend dolphin therapy for treating autists. In addition, swimming with animals helps to cope with chronic pain, promotes the development of speech in children, improves the immune system.

interesting facts about dolphins

Continuing to discuss interesting facts about dolphins, it is worth recalling their amazing ability to scan a person. According to scientists, animals seem to shine through people, like an ultrasound machine. Dolphins react very emotionally to pregnant women. They feel the birth of a new life. Usually in the pools are not allowed to swim in the position of women, so as not to disturb sensitive creatures. In general, it is worth noting that dolphins easily make contact not only with people, but also with all animals.

White Sea Dolphin: Interesting Facts

As a rule, in the dolphinariums we are used to seeing the dolphins of the usual gray color. But in the world there are animals of amazingly interesting color, for which they are called the white-faced.This species belongs to the order of cetaceans. Animals are quite large in size and reach three meters in length, and their weight at the same time reaches 275 kilograms. Such dolphins live in the North Atlantic, Cape Cod, Davis, sometimes they are seen off the coast of Turkey, but in Russia their habitat is the Baltic and the Barents Sea. As a rule, sailors see them in small dolphin interesting facts

White-faced dolphins are the least studied members of the family. Not much is known about them as about other species. They are known for their unusual color and ability to develop high speed.

Habits of marine life

White sea animals rarely come close to people, but are very playful and always like to frolic with each other. They live in small communities (6-8 individuals). Dolphins form pairs, between which there is a strong bond. If the animals are in a region with a large amount of food, then they can be combined into flocks of up to 1500 individuals. As soon as the food becomes smaller, they are again broken up into smaller groups and continue to further plow the sea.interesting facts about the behavior of dolphins

White-faced dolphins have characteristic thick teeth, which sometimes frighten people. However, they should not be afraid, because they eat only shellfish, fish and crustaceans. For humans, these animals are not dangerous at all, but can be harmful only through carelessness during intercourse. Otherwise, these cute creatures are as good-natured as other members of the family.

Bottlenose dolphin: interesting facts

Bottlenose dolphins are the most studied dolphin species. Perhaps the reason for this was their natural friendliness, ingenuity and easy learning. People always manage to quickly establish contact with them.

Every day, the animal consumes up to 155 kilograms of food, eating shrimp, fish and even mollusks. Dolphins hunt the whole pack, while able to dive to a depth of 300 meters.dolphin animal interesting facts

Scientists have discovered that the bottlenose dolphins emit seventeen different sound signals, with which they communicate with each other. An interesting fact is that the five sounds are understood by other members of the family - the greens and the white-necked bells.

Scientists were able to establish the following interesting facts about the behavior of dolphins:

  1. The weight of the brain of an animal is more than about 400 g.In addition, it is exactly the same as the human consists of two hemispheres.
  2. A sleeping animal rarely blinks. His body is immobile and resides near the surface of the water. Periodically, only with the help of a wave of the tail, the dolphin rises up to take a breath. During sleep, only one hemisphere is active in an animal, while the second is resting. Then there is a switch and the hemispheres are swapped.
  3. Not so long ago, scientists have suggested that dolphins have sex not only for the purpose of reproduction, but also for the sake of pleasure.

Black dolphins

Have you ever heard of the existence of black dolphins? We would also like to tell about interesting facts from their lives. In fact, it is more correct to name these animals as a whitebird or a Chilean dolphin. This species is currently considered the smallest of all cetaceans. In length, they reach only 170 centimeters. Animals live, as you might have guessed by name, along the Chilean coast. Experts say that this species is generally not prone to migration and lives in places of birth. Unfortunately, black dolphins are on the verge of extinction, although they have not yet been officially protected by law.Huge damage to their populations caused by fishermen, as animals regularly fall into their networks, dying there.

The dolphins got an unusual name due to a rather variegated color: the fins and belly of mammals are white, and the rest of the body is painted in gray-black gamma. bottlenose dolphin interesting facts

This type of dolphin has been little studied. According to some data, animals prefer to dwell in shallow water, they are often seen in the mouths of rivers, where salt water is mixed with fresh water. Scientists still can not come to the conclusion regarding the population of this species. Some believe that there are about 4000 black dolphins, while others say with confidence about the figure - 2000 individuals.

Dolphins rescuers

Since childhood, we remember the stories in which drowning people were saved by an animal - a dolphin. Interesting facts from the life of marine life are worthy of attention, but there is still controversy about the ability of mammals to save people. Indeed, such cases have occurred in the history of mankind, but it is difficult to say how consciously animals did it.

A group of specialists who studied the behavior of dolphins in the sixties of the last century, expressed the opinion that it is common for these lovely creatures to push any object.Therefore, the people who were rescued by animals were just lucky, because they were directed exactly towards the coast. Other scientists dispute this statement, because it is reliably known that dolphins are perfectly orientated in space, which means that they consciously moved people towards land.

Animals at the service of people

Dolphins are incredibly intelligent and trained creatures. For a long time people use these features for their own purposes. Animals not only perform in dolphinariums, delighting children, and also help to treat severe ills, but are still in the service in the armed forces of some countries, performing certain underwater tasks.white-faced dolphin interesting facts

In some of the foreign dolphinariums, researchers work on animal training, setting them the task of driving large schools of fish. These are unusual creatures - dolphins.

Instead of an afterword

Since 1986, a holiday has been established - World Day of Dolphins and Whales. It is considered the day of protection of all marine mammals.

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