The mystery, origin and meaning of the name Ulyana

The beautiful and melodious name Ulyana in Slavic culture was widely adopted, especially in the eighteenth century. The meaning of the name Uliana is happiness (translated from Latin). This name has a powerful charge of optimism and inexhaustible vitality. Refined sense of humor, openness and sociability - such qualities have the carrier named Ulyana.full name of ulyana

Origin of name

The origin of the name Uliana has several versions. According to one of them, the name came to the Slavs from the Romans and is derived from the male name Julianus. According to another version, it is associated with the famous Roman patrician clan Julius (the name means "from the Julius clan").

There is an assumption that Ulyana is a derivative of the male names Ulyan, Julian or Julian. The name of Ulyana in the church sounds like Juliana, it came to Russia in this form. Over time, changed to a more convenient form for pronunciation.

There is also a more eccentric version: the name owes its origin to the names of V. I.Lenin - Ulyanov.

Ulyana is the full name, and diminutively caressing derivatives have been invented many. The most common ones are Ulya, Ulka, Yulchik, Ulyasha, Ulik, Ulichka.

Time of birth

It even depends on the time of year how the character will manifest. The following features are inherent in the name of Ulyana:

- Winter. Kindness, sensitivity, a heightened sense of justice pushes Ulyana to violent protest. Straightness costs her dearly. She is not able to adequately experience even small failures. This can provoke reticence and even depression.meaning of ulyan

- Spring. Spring mood is manifested in an easy and carefree attitude to life. Adventurous, interesting, ironic and open, it simply attracts success and good luck. The meaning of the name Uliana - happiness - is fully manifested. Slightly lacking prudence, but fate protects you from serious trouble.

- Summer. She is like a soft sunny bunny, kindhearted and tender. People around her can take advantage of her responsiveness and unselfishness, bringing Ulyana to disappointment. But this does not kill her faith in people, and there are good people on her life path.

- Autumn.Pragmatic, prudent, able to make an excellent career. Her goal - a secure life and no unexpected surprises. She never sets herself impracticable tasks, confidently goes to the goal, not paying attention to obstacles. Autumn Ulyany closed, do not trust anyone.

Mystery name

The mystery of the name Ulyana is revealed in the following characteristics:name for girl ulyana

- The name talisman is a beautiful and unusual Labrador stone. He fits perfectly with her character. Protects from evil and envious people, helps to better reveal the creative nature, brings good luck.

- The name stone is amber. Assistant refined natures, gives them determination and confidence.

- Totem - snail. In many cultures of the planet, a symbol of prosperity, fertility and wealth. Symbolizes eternity, cyclical revival of the entire world.

- Sign of the Zodiac - Scorpio. In all likelihood, it is he who influences the commandership of Ulyana’s character. There is only one opinion - her, and it is correct.

- A girl with the same name will suit dark yellow, thick red or orange colors. Black color, strong and deep, causing a feeling of peace (in no way mourning) and reliability, goes well with the rare name of Ulyana.

- Patron Planet - Pluto. He helps to reveal her creative nature.

- Plants - maple and lemon balm. Both of them act as symbols of love, spirituality, restraint, modesty.


Most parents think about how their name will be influenced by their children. Ulyana as a child is a little cowardly and indecisive child, with frequent bouts of irritation. Nervous exhaustion is a consequence of the frequent illness of a girl.the origin of the name of Ulyan

But this does not prevent her from being friendly and sociable. She is happy to talk with her peers, preferring noisy and funny games in a large company to all other entertainments.

Creative nature manifests itself early. A child who is not too young can form his own opinion and give an assessment to the picture or talk about some other kind of art.

Difficult and responsible moment - choose a name for the girl. Ulyana is currently a rare name. It is given to girls not as often as in past centuries, however it is found everywhere. In different countries, the name has its derivatives.


An adult woman somewhat changes the meaning of the name Ulyana. This is a strong personality, capable of bravely holding the blows of fate. She has no inclination for hypocrisy and flattery.The need for career growth forces her to learn to control her emotions and look for compromises.

Zodiac signs

The meaning of the name Ulyana for each sign of the zodiac is individual. All zodiac signs introduce their influence and define the characteristic features:

- Aries is endowed with perseverance and dedication. For a couple, she chooses a strong male shoulder.secret name of Ulyana

- Taurus always has an opinion. Serious and thorough Ulyana often suffers from loneliness. An excellent partner for her would be a man with a developed sense of humor, unconstrained in communication, an optimist by nature.

- The twins are fun, energetic. Ulyana's cheerfulness is wonderfully combined with tranquility and poise. This sign needs a passionate partner, able to dilute the settled life with a drop of adventurism.

- Cancer will not take responsibility, so you don’t have to dream of a career. Naive, self-contained and very insecure, Ulyana needs a man with patience, firmness of character and self-confidence.

- Leo will require special attention. Under this sign are vanity and narcissism.Such a character requires absolute submission and in love relationships. A weak and spineless man just for her.

“Virgo is vulnerable, sentimental, intelligent and sensible. In her lives the spirit of an adventurer and a passionate traveler. If a man does not share her addiction and craving for new unknown sensations, he will very quickly cease to interest her.

- Scales have increased intuition. Ulyana is tactful and gentle, can be a great diplomat. In men, appreciates responsiveness and kindness.

- Scorpio does not tolerate objections. A complex character destroys harmony with the outside world. To be close to such Ulyana, a man must by all means appease the vanity of his chosen one.

- Sagittarius too often experiences frustration and resentment. The fault is naive and gullible character. It is not created for loneliness, for Ulyana-Sagittarius early marriage is not uncommon. The man becomes a strong and reliable of Ulyana by the church

- Capricorn quickly acquires ill-wishers for its directness and honesty. Her hobbies and numerous hobbies do not leave room for boredom. Her gentleman must be sincere, have a sense of humor.

- Aquarius can negotiate with anyone. Restrained and calm, she always makes a good impression on people. This helps her to get the "necessary" connections. She will suit a confident man, sedate and thorough.

- The fish lives in the endless sea of ​​their fantasies and illusions. She often forgets about human meanness, dishonesty and cruelty. A man who is able to take responsibility for solving all her problems will find an excellent wife and the most devoted friend.

Famous people

Among the famous women, bearing the name of Ulyana, there are quite a few celebrities of sportswomen and artistes. In basketball, Ulyana Semenova shone, in biathlon - Ulyana Denisova and Ulyana Kaisheva, in gymnastics - Ulyana Trofimova and Ulyana Donskova.

In the theater and cinema, actresses Uliana Lapteva, Uliana Urvantseva, Uliana Ivashchenko excelled. Uliana Lopatkina-Korneva danced on the stage of the Mariinsky Theater. Modern Albanian singer Juliana Pasha (see photo).character of ulyan

Of the crowned persons, the name of Juliana was worn by the Queen of the Niederdands (photo in the text). Her full name is Juliana Louise Emma Maria Wilhelmina of Orange-Nassau.

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