The origin and meaning of the name Vika

The history of the origin of the name

Nastya, Vika are interested in many parents who raise daughters. This is explained by the fact that these very names are the most popular today for girls. The name of Vika is considered the most interesting and mysterious, the origin and meaning of which are strongly connected with each other.

Name Victoria is of Latin origin. The ancient Latins were sure that this is the name of the goddess of victory. That is why the meaning of the name Vika was designated as "winner". Modern historians believe that the Roman goddess Victoria, like most other Roman gods, had a type in Greek mythology. Such was the goddess Nick, who also means "victory", "winner".

The value of the name Vick for girls and fate

Phonosemantic Vika gives the impression of an imperious, solid person who knows exactly what he needs from life. Despite this, the meaning of the name Victoria for a girl is not immediately revealed.Most often, little Vika is a copy of her father. As a rule, the girl is balanced, calm, often laconic and closed. Natural slowness prevents her from being a ringleader in children's games, usually she is content with a passive role.the meaning of the name Vika for a girl and fate

However, these qualities are inherent only in the kindergarten age. As she gets a little older, the baby changes completely, and then the meaning of the name Vika begins to manifest itself in full. The girl becomes self-willed, stubborn, overly emotional. Quite often it happens that parents, tired of their daughter's “surprises”, are forced to resort to unacceptable methods of education, up to the assault, because standing in a corner, depriving sweets and other punishments does not work on the little bandit. Such an upbringing leaves a mark on the character of the girl, turning her into an indecisive person who does not know how to complete at least some business. Psychologists, as a rule, recommend that the rebels' parents not to infringe upon the rights of the girl, which will allow her to grow up to be a strong person who knows how to achieve the goal.


The value of the name of the Vic was manifested in school.The girl doesn’t get stuck in training, but that doesn’t mean that she will have bad grades. It all depends on the desire of Victoria, if she wants, she will be able to know any subject perfectly. Most often this is the case, since Vika thinks that she studies poorly is below her dignity. With the guys of her age, the girl keeps herself wary, so she has few friends among her classmates. Social activity also does not attract a girl, as a rule, she refuses any errands, but if she is forced to do it, she does everything carelessly. Teachers often pay attention to the non-performance of the girl, but her classmates, despite her estrangement, treat her normally, respecting the girl for a calm disposition and non-conflict.

the value of the name wick

The value of the name Vick for women

All her life she tries to assert herself, but most often it manifests itself in a somewhat bizarre form, for example, in inappropriate behavior or a defiant appearance. Victoria is incredibly beautiful, but her character doesn’t fit well with the doll’s appearance. The mood of a girl can change completely unexpectedly, for example, excessive arousal in just a few minutes can turn into depression.Victoria has a quick temper, but this state quickly passes, and sometimes the girl is ashamed of her lack of restraint. Victoria is a mystery woman; sometimes it is almost impossible to understand what she thinks about. When Vika is silent, one gets the impression that she is angry, however, more often the girl just watches the interlocutor in this way. As a rule, Victoria accurately determines the attitude of a person towards herself, which indicates a developed intuition. However, despite this, the girl always plans her affairs in advance, meticulously examining each fad.

name vika origin and meaning


Victoria has a different mindset. Excellent live with the team, but prefers a male society. The girl has an analytical mindset, which allows her to patiently delve into even the smallest details of the case, for which she appreciates her superiors. When choosing a profession of Victoria, it is advisable to dwell on those who do not need constant communication with people. For example, she may well prove herself as a cook, economist, accountant. Despite indecision and some squeezing, the girl may become a famous fashion model or fashion model.But Victoria is unlikely to cope with the leadership position, because if her subordinates at least once give her a rebuff, she will immediately turn from a business and confident business woman into a hunted mouse, ready to submit to any demands, despite the position held.

meaning of the name Lena Nastya Vika

Victoria's sexuality

The girl does not think of herself without love. However, not every man will be able to understand her desires, but Vika herself rarely compromises and does not have a quick sexual adaptation. True, if a game can bring her benefits, then a girl can pretend to be a foolish, demanding protection girl, while in fact she does not need any kind of patronage. Victoria tries to make a relationship with a partner romantic, banal sex does not suit her.

Vika, born in winter, is most often a woman with an unsettled personal life, this is due to her desire to command a man. She tries to occupy a dominant position in sexual relations, even in bed she is a little aggressive, although she herself does not like rough caresses.


Victoria, as a rule, is in good health, but she is accustomed to ascribing to herself all sorts of illnesses.However, she struggles with her problems not in the traditional ways (with the help of medications), but through dance or physical activity.

Family and Children

Victoria chooses the future life partner very carefully, making the highest demands on him. Often, even having made a choice, the girl doubts the correctness of her decision and will check her spouse for a while. If the chosen one can pass the test, then the best wife cannot be found - Victoria will become outspoken, trusting, love her husband very much and even sacrifice herself for the sake of his happiness.

The birth of children Victoria will postpone for a long time. Her indecision also contributes to this, since the girl will doubt whether she can adequately provide and educate them. However, having become a mother, Vika will not focus too much on the moral education of her children, paying more attention to their material support.

meaning of victoria name which means

Mystery name

Victoria's main secret is her indecision and vulnerability. Outwardly, it gives the impression of a strong, thick-skinned person to criticize, but this is only a picture. She just tries not to show her pain and worries to other people.

  • Zodiac sign - Aquarius.
  • The planet named - Uranus.
  • The animal is a bumblebee.
  • Color - brown, lilac, dark blue.
  • A happy plant is mimosa.
  • The tree is a cedar.
  • Stone - lapis lazuli.
  • Patron saints are Victoria Strata (named after October 15), St. Victoria (named after December 23).

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