The political elite of our day

Nature of leadership

In the public consciousness, the political elite is associated with such concepts as “ruling circles” or “ruling stratum”. At all times and under any socio-economic formation, people belonging to this stratum differed in a privileged position in the eyes of others. They are usually involved in decision-making procedures related to the government. Or indirectly affect the adoption of these decisions. On this occasion, several theories have been formulated that substantiate the objectivity of the emergence of such a leading stratum in society.

Political eliteLeader function

According to many sociologists, the political elite is a narrow group of people who are in power. And whatever convinced democrats and liberals may say about this, power is always in the hands of a minority. According to this interpretation, power can move from one narrow group to another. But under no circumstances will the majority get it.In principle, any social structure is divided into those who can manage, and those who tend to be as slaves. Naturally, the political elite is formed from representatives of the first group, so to speak.

Russia's political eliteLeadership skills

Intellectual potential and organizational skills are considered mandatory signs for representatives of the ruling stratum. In addition, people who are called the political elite, have the material and moral potential, cohesion and organization. They have clearly defined goals and objectives, the main one of which is to stay in power for as long as possible. This can be achieved in two ways. Either pass power attributes by inheritance, or conquer them through democratic mechanisms. As practice shows, the second option is currently the most common.

Political elite isWhat is the opposition

The experience of developed European countries convincingly shows that the political elite standing at the helm of power are not able to accommodate all reputable and management-capable people.All sorts of conventions and barriers interfere with such attraction. It is from among those who failed to break into the ruling circles that a social stratum of people is being formed, which opposes and opposes the ruling group in everything. They are called opposition to the current governing system. The change of ruling elites occurs either through revolution or as a result of elections. In any case, new people come to power.

Political eliteBest practices

The term "elite" in translation into Russian means "best." In the early 1990s, the political elite of Russia underwent fundamental changes in its composition. For example, representatives of the previous composition had a technical and political education. They were replaced by people trained in the legal and economic field. Such a change is explained by the fact that cardinal changes have occurred in the country's economy and the socio-political sphere of society. People who are willing and able to work for the good of the state have been attracted to the ranks of the elite through the electoral system. Exactly the same standards apply in developed countries.

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