The series "List of customers": actors

In 2012, on one of the American channelsstarted the series "List of customers." This film instantly gained popularity among viewers. However, a year later, the channel director was forced to shut down the show due to a conflict that occurred with the performer of the main role. What does the movie "List of customers" tell? Actors, heroes, the plot - you can learn all this from today's article.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt

It was this celebrity who played the leading role inmovie "List of customers." Actors, as you know, people are capricious. A year after the first series of the series, about which we are talking about in this article, appeared on the screens, Jennifer Love Hewitt quarreled with the director of the channel. By this time she was already the executive producer of the project. The actress wanted very much to have her husband appear in separate episodes - Brian Hallisey. Colleagues from the idea of ​​Jennifer were not enthusiastic. The series, to the great regret of viewers, had to be closed. Actor "Customer List" Hallisay never did.

The actress is also known for the films "Home Arrest", "Heartbreakers", "Diary of a Careerist", "Soldiers of Failure".

"List of clients": actors

In the film, Loretta Devine and Teddy Sears also played. Other actors of the series "List of customers": Rebecca Field, Colin Eglesfield, Alicia Lagano, Sybil Shepherd, Caitlin York.

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In the past, Samantha Horton (Jennifer Love Hewitt)was awarded the title of beauty queen of Texas. However, now the girl is in a very difficult situation. The heroine is dismissed from work, her husband Rex (Teddy Sears) in the past was a successful football player. But then he got injured and remained disabled for life. In addition, the couple brings up three young children.

In despair the heroine gets a jobthe masseuse. She hopes that this work will help her to support her family. The honorarium promises to be solid, and Samantha is just in seventh heaven with happiness. True, the salon is in another city, but Horton considers this a small problem. Soon she takes up her duties. At first everything goes just fine.
Until the girl begins to receivestrange offers from customers. Each of them makes unambiguous hints. The conversation is increasingly about "other" services. Then the heroine awaits horror and disappointment. A decent salary hides something obscene ...

Loretta Devine

This actress is best known for such films,as "The Wife of a Priest", "Waiting for an Exhalation", "Urban Legends". Loretta Divine began her acting career in the late seventies. Then she performed small roles in Broadway musicals. In 1995, the actress was offered a role in the film "Waiting for exhalation". Divine agreed, this work was at that time the most successful project in her creative biography. Her partners on the set were Angela Bassett and Whitney Houston. With the famous singer she met again a year later, on the set of the film "The Priest's Wife". Subsequently, Loretta Devine became one of the most sought-after characteristic actresses.

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Teddy Sears

The actor who played in the "Customer List" of her husband's mainheroine, famous for his roles in the series "Advocate Practice", "One Life to Live." Teddy Sears in his youth did not dream about film career. He graduated from university, after which he came to New York, where he decided to try his hand as an actor. Sears attended numerous castings, and one day he was approved for a role in one of the above films. This is the beginning of his acting career.

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