The spotted cat: breed, description, character, content. Spotted Domestic Cat

Many animal lovers dream to have an unusual pet. Of course, it is impossible to keep a real predator (tiger or leopard) in an apartment, but the color will help at least partially fulfill your dream. In your house a small, affectionate and graceful predator will appear.spotted cat

Spotted Domestic Cat

Among the "cat owner" there is a perception that animals of the "wild" color are close to their wild relatives in their behavior and character. In most cases, with proper upbringing, the spotted cat becomes a cute pet. The nature and habits of your pet are 90% dependent on you, on how you will be able to raise the baby and instill in him the necessary skills to live in the house. We will introduce you to several breeds - perhaps some spotted cat will interest you, and a charming four-legged friend will appear in your house.


This breed is common in Arab countries. She descended from ancient steppe cats.From them, the Canaans inherited the love of freedom. However, the representatives of this breed have excellent quality - they easily adapt to any living conditions, which is an indisputable advantage.

The disadvantages, according to the owners, should be attributed to an independent and independent nature. From these animals do not expect much affection and warmth. If you like a cat to climb on its knees, purring while stroking, then this animal is not for you.


This is a fairly young breed, which was bred in 1986 during the crossing of an ordinary domestic cat with an African serval. Despite this, she quickly became popular with cat lovers all over the world. And this is not surprising. Breeders engaged in breeding breed, set a goal - to get a graceful and graceful animal with features of wild leopard

But the result of their work exceeded all expectations. In the feline world a beauty appeared, whose length can reach 60 cm, and weight - 15 kg. In addition, this spotted cat has the appearance of a real leopard in miniature. Savannah have a flexible mind and amazing wit.They quickly accustomed to the tray, respond to comments, do not differ vengefulness. This cat is very interesting to watch when she plays. Without a drop of doubt, it can be argued that she will become an excellent companion.

However, there are drawbacks to such a pet. Savannah is still a rare breed in our country. Not every mating successfully ends. Breeding kitten can be bought only in specialized kennels, which are still few in the country. Probably for this reason, the cost of an animal ranges from 4 to 25 thousand dollars.


Another cute spotted cat. The breed of the pichibob is still very young - it has just turned 20 years old. The breeders dreamed of bringing an animal that was as close to a trot as possible - and I must say, they succeeded. This spotted cat has an interesting feature: the breed pikibob differs from the others by a short tail.spotted cat breed

These animals are friendly, get along with almost all pets. If you need a kind and gentle cat with the appearance of a wild lynx, then this animal will suit you.


The Serengeti cat breed appeared in the USA at the end of 2000. The color of this animal allows you to determine who its ancestors are - Bengal breed serengeti

The goal of the creators of the breed was to get a kind, affectionate, playful and well accustomed home animal. The Serengeti are quite curious, so their exploration of the territory can sometimes harm the interior of your apartment. They get along well with dogs. Although the Serengeti are practically devoid of aggression, often, when they feel the danger, they attack first. True, this behavior does not apply to people.


This spotted cat appeared in the Amur region. This is a medium sized animal. The head is round, commensurate with the body. Ears set high, may have tassels at the ends. Eyes slightly slanting. The neck and limbs are strong and muscular.

The coat is short with a dense undercoat. Leopardetta, as they also call this cat, is a completely conflict-free creature with good health.

Arabian Mau

Experts consider this breed one of the controversial. She still has not received official recognition in the world, although for the Arab world it is a well-known animal, because it was here that it was tamed. Yes, yes, tamed, but not derived. This is a preserved species of ancient cats. spotted domestic cat

Animals have an unusual character: they grow with their owner. The young kitten is very playful and playful. But as he grows up, he acquires a degree and a wise calm.

Australian Smoky

As the name suggests, this spotted cat is originally from Australia. The breed was obtained by crossing the Burmese and Abyssinian breeds. The name is associated with its typical color, which varies from peach to blue. Cats of this breed are very kind and intelligent. During the game, never let the claws. Thanks to this feature even small children can play with them.

California shining cat

Such a “modest” name was given to a cat breed bred in the USA. Its creators have set themselves a very unusual goal - the expansion of the population of dwarf leopards. Someone will say: “What is the connection here?” In fact, everything is much simpler than it might seem at first glance.

In the 1990s, the keeping of exotic domestic animals became fashionable in Western countries, followed by the illegal capture of dwarf South American leopards. This cat, having a “wild” color, was intended to replace real leopards at home. Meanwhile, the breed was very sweet, with a soft and kind character.


And this animal is a cherished dream of connoisseurs of feline grace and beauty. A toyger is almost a tiger, but of small size, having a harmless and gentle nature. This is the rarest spotted cat. And this is due primarily to the difficulties that arise when breeding animals.spotted cat

Toyger has rounded ears, amazingly beautiful stripes, slim and strong build. The name of the breed is translated as "toy tiger." This beautiful animal was obtained after crossing common domestic cats with Bengal, Mau and several other species.

British cat spotted

Without exaggeration, it can be argued that this is one of the most popular cats in the world. Active development of the breed has been noted in recent years. Tiger tabby of the British suggests the presence of special elements in the color of the animal: a pattern on the forehead in the shape of the letter “M”, a small bright spot on the ear, resembling a fingerprint, a contrasting stroke around the nose and eyes.

The current standard allows three types of color: brindle, spotted and marble. Tiger tabby is a transverse narrow strip on the sides of the animal, starting from the back. On the neck is clearly visible necklace of small closed rings.Tabbies have spots of various shapes and sizes, which are randomly scattered throughout the body.tiger tabby


For domestic cats, these are rather large animals - their weight ranges from 6.5 to 10 kg. The name of the breed prompted the creators of the gentle nature of these cats: they are obedient and friendly companions who love to "talk" with the owner and receive from him another batch of care and affection.

They inherited a remarkable character from their parents - purebred Ocicat cats and Bengal cats. Chito are very attached to their masters, with them is always interesting and fun. These wonderful cats have shiny, short and thick wool, which feels like velvet by touch. The coat can be several colors, but it must necessarily be present in solid or separate spots in the form of rosettes.

Maintenance and care

The spotted cat is unpretentious and easily adapts to a new dwelling. Caring for her is almost the same as caring for other cats. These animals are mostly mobile and active, they are strong and have a rather resistant immunity to many common diseases: they rarely get colds and viral diseases.british cat spotted

Excessive activity of spotted cats often causes bruises and abrasions. But owners need to know that their regeneration is very active, and therefore the wounds heal quickly. Spotted cats need a balanced diet at certain hours in order to provide reimbursement of energy costs, which in these animals are enormous.

Mostly spotty beauties belong to short-haired breeds. For this reason, they do not need frequent brushing, they don’t have any fluff in the apartment.

The spotted cats of these breeds are intelligent, non-capricious creatures that are able to make an excellent company for their master. To win the heart of a cat, you need to surround her with love and sometimes close your eyes to her innocent little mischief.

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