The story of Elin Kranz

Who is Elin Kranz? This is a girl whose death in 2010 shocked Sweden, but did not break tolerance. The homeland of Elin Kranz is a refuge for all the humiliated and insulted, for those who suffer from racial, gender and other inequalities. However, the good is knownmust bewith fists. Or, at least, to understand with whom and for whatleadsthe fight. The article tells about the manners of the northern country and the terrible fate of one of its residents.

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Death of Elin Kranz

Sweden was shocked by a terrible murder. Not far from the tram station, the body of the mutilated girl was found. It turned out that the name of the murdered Elin Kranz. Photos from the crime scene surprisingly penetrated a variety of forums. And not only on the Swedish. This murder, despite all the cruelty with which it was committed, could have been quickly forgotten. But this story is still under discussion. And for good reason.

Who was the killed girl, will be considered later. First of all, attention should be paid to a multinational and tolerant country in all respects.

Fairy Sweden

This is an amazingly beautiful country. However, it does not attract foreigners by the variety of architectural monuments. Here immigrants from the "third world countries" have the opportunity to issue benefits, get housing and work. Not many are eager for the latter. Swedish allowance for life. It is easy to guess that not all indigenous people are happy with the influx of migrants. After all, every fifth visitor is already here.

In the Swedish media, active propaganda of tolerance, which is opposedsucceedsonly older citizens. Butthe youthAs is known, it is subject to various ideas about equality and the need to fight for rights.oppressed. In this, it would seem, there is nothing bad. The trouble is that Swedish tolerance has recently become absurd.

Elin Kranz, Sweden

Ban on garlands

The scandal that broke out not so long ago in Sweden is not directly related to the history of Elin Kranz. However, it illustrates the difficult situation that has developed in a prosperous and peaceful country. During the Christmas holidays, authorities have banned the posting of garlands in cities. The Swedes were outraged not so ban as its foundation.Traditions that have existed for many centuries had to be abolished as a result of complaints from a Muslim organization. Garlands supposedly promote the Christian holiday. Athe main principleSwedish society is tolerance.

In recent years, the authorities of this country have been supporting Muslims in everything. Local residents are almost used to this. Several years ago, a law was passed on the construction of temples, according to which any religious community could erect a religious building, while paying only 30% of the cost.

The traditional church is losing popularity every year. A significant role in this was played by the appointment to the post of bishop of a woman with a non-traditional orientation, who had recently suggested that the crosses should be removed from Christian churches. After all, this attribute offends the feelings of Muslims, which every year in Sweden more and more. Butwill be backto the main character of our story.

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Games in tolerance

Elin Kranz was one of those people in Sweden who advocated tolerance. Moreover, she joined the society, memberswhose ownposition express a rather strange way.

Elin Kranz, whose biography is unremarkable, was born in 1983. She graduated from school, went to university, lived in prosperity and tranquility. Becoming a student, Elin frankly bored. But soon she found a way out for her limitless energy. The girl has become one of the most ardent activists for the rights of new residents of Sweden. Namely immigrants from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Afghanistan.

On Facebook, Helen had a page where she expressed her social and political positions. The main motto of the girl and like-minded people was Mix. That is, tolerance towards visitors is no longer enough. It is necessary racial mixture, which promoted the root Swede. Once she even appeared in a pornographic clip, where, under a very optimistic song, she had sex with a black young man.

Do not assume that the girl was too depraved. She only sought equality. And how to convey to the stiff Swedes who want to preserve their culture (which, however, there are not so many left), the need to confuse nations?

On the question ofFor which the Swedes certainly need to have intimate relations with Moroccans, Elin could hardly answer. The whole thing is probably in youthful maximalism.No wonder among the revolutionaries and ardent fighters for justice dominated by young people and girls. Krantz was not so young anymore. She turned 27 years old. But a 30-year-old Swede for life experience corresponds to a teenager living in a less prosperous and peaceful state.


Elin advocated the rights of visitors to the last days of her life. She lived for only 27 years. Perhaps, after marriage and the birth of children, she would have left her multicultural position and become a regular Swedish housewife. But fate decreed otherwise.

One day Elin went with friends to a club where she spent most of the night. She did not return home. A few days later, the girl’s body was found near the tram station. As the examination showed, Helene was raped, beaten. Died from numerous injuries.

elin krantz biography


Policemen managed to establish the identity of the killer rather quickly thanks to street surveillance cameras. But the name of the criminal was not disclosed for a long time. He was finally named by one of the political figures. Who deprived the life of blond ElinKranz - antifascist, ardent activist and defender of black residents of the northern country? Perhaps the Swedish nationalists? By no means. Elin Kranz killed a former Somali citizen, a man namedTadil. One of those whose rights she defended.

elin kranz and the game of tolerance

Portrait of a killer

At the time of the crimeTadiluwas only 23 years old. At home, he had a wife and two children. He arrived from Somalia a few months before the murder. Issued allowance, received housing, but was in no hurry to get a job. Swedish allowance was enough for him to live comfortably, however, the young man had no place to send energy.

Once an immigrant suffering idleness, she saw a blond Swede in a tram. What in the guise caused aggression in him is unknown. At the bus stop he got out, pursued for some time, then grabbed, dragged to a more deserted place, where he killed with animal cruelty.

Elin Krantz photo from the crime scene

Name politicianTabila, became a victim of attacks from the public. Everyone knows that there are no bad nationalities, there are only evil people. And therefore it is impossible to draw a parallel between the originTadilaand his crime, like human ideas to turn into a farce. Somaliwill holdin prison for 16 years. Like-minded perished Elin, meanwhile, will continue the good work. Sweden is a multicultural country, and there is no place for hatred of strangers, even such asTadil.

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