Tomato Andromeda

Tomato Andromeda is an early hybrid,created in 1998 by the breeder AA. Mashtakov. It is intended for open ground in such regions as the North Caucasus, Middle - and Nizhnevolzhsky and Central Chernozem. In areas with a colder climate, it is grown as a greenhouse crop. The early-ripening tomato Andromeda belongs to the determinant varieties. The height of bushes reaches when growing a hybrid in the open ground 70 cm. When grown in a greenhouse, it can reach a height of more than a meter.

Fruit ripening in this variety occurs inthe period from 98 to 118 days after all the seedlings ascended. But this characteristic is not absolutely accurate. Under unfavorable conditions, these terms can be extended. Therefore, tomato Andromeda in areas with a cool climate when planting in greenhouses must be planted as soon as possible in order to get a good harvest.

In this hybrid, the first inflorescence is always formedabove 6 or 7 leaves, and all the rest - through one or two sheets. In the inflorescence there are up to 7 fruits weighing an average of about 100 grams. Yield of a tomato variety of Andromeda is high, up to 9 and even 10 or more kilograms per meter of planting. The disadvantages of it are a rather high susceptibility to the disease of late blight.

To later breeding works belonghybrids of the Golden Andromeda and Pink Andromeda. They are more resistant to late blight. Gold Andromeda ripens from 105 to 110 days. Pink Andromeda is an ultra-rugged hybrid. Its maturity is in the range of 80 to 87 days. These hybrids are also determinant. The mass of fruits in the Golden Andromeda is slightly larger - up to 130 g. Pink is the same as the first hybrid. Productivity ranges from 9 to 13 kg. All three hybrids have remarkable taste qualities.

The fruits are flat-rounded. The tomato Andromeda itself has bright red, smooth and smooth fruits. The other two hybrids are orange and pink, according to their names.

Seeding of seeds is not carried out in the beginning -mid-March. In the phase of two real leaves, the plants are dived. Landing in the open ground is performed when the earth warms up to a temperature of 16 to 20 degrees, and the threat of frost passes. No more than 4 plants are planted on a square meter. When planting in the open ground in those regions to which Andromeda tomato is zoned, it is grown without pasynkovaniya. When planting in a greenhouse, the plants must necessarily be planted and tied.

In a greenhouse, plants should be formed into 2 stems. Usually leave a stepson, who grew up directly under the first inflorescence. All the rest must be cleaned. If the bush overgrows, the crop will drop dramatically. So take them away, not sparing.

Specific features of determinant varieties includethat they have a small root system, and they can not provide all the ovaries with nutrients. Therefore, they should be fed regularly, starting with the period of the first brush. Feeding should be done only after watering, giving per square meter not more than 30 g of fertilizer.

How is the tomato vegetable Andromeda evaluated? Reviews about the hybrid are exceptionally favorable. It is described as one of the best varieties grown for more than one year. Moreover, it is noted that the red hybrid, and the Golden Andromeda, is also good and classic. Very beautiful fruit, having an even color without green spots near the stem. The variety is unpretentious and resistant to the disease. Stable harvest with these hybrids is guaranteed. Simplicity of care for these tomatoes is noted. Pleases the size and excellent taste of fruits. As one of the main advantages, note that the tomato carp. At the same time, up to 8 sweet and fleshy fruits are ripening.

These tomatoes are good and fresh, and forcanning. The variety is characterized as cold-resistant. When growing in a greenhouse, bushes in some vegetable growers also bear fruit at the end of September. In general, the variety is good for open ground, and for growing in greenhouses in areas with a cool climate.

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