Top 10 most powerful superheroes

In the comics, the concept of the strongest superhero is rather vague, since it is almost impossible to compare the strengths of those characters who have never encountered each other. Yet based on the descriptions and the presentation of forces, the article presents the top 10 of such individuals, whose abilities go beyond all facets of reality.

Green darling of society

When it comes to who is the most powerful superhero, many immediately mention the Hulk because of its popularity in films. In fact, this character with great strength deserves only 10th place, because, apart from physical strength, he is no different. He has a hardy body that can survive the blows of incredible power, and he himself will easily compete with the most powerful villains from any universe in comics. Only here Bruce Benner does not know how to control his inner monster, and after transformation he becomes unbearable. In the team, he can even attack his comrades, which was demonstrated in the first part of the Avengers saga.the strongest superhero

Speed ​​conqueror

Many people believe that Flash is the most powerful superhero. And for good reason. This character can reach speeds in the hundreds or even thousands of times faster than the movement of light. He is subject to movement in time and change of matter itself at the level of atomic particles. Not to mention the fact that strikes at this speed can destroy the most persistent opponents. Protection is also at the highest level, because evading attacks will not be difficult for the owner of such incredible speed. Yet he has several flaws that leave him only the ninth position. Against the majority of massive attacks, and the top leaders of the top have such, he can not oppose anything. And in most of the comics of Barry Allen (Flesh), enemies could not be defeated by force, but by tricks. A man he is inherently gullible, kind and impressionable. The trick in this case will be the best weapon, and it works, and therefore the ninth place remains behind the fastest hero.the most powerful superhero marvel


For people who are not familiar with the universe of comics, Superman and is the most powerful hero. Who can be compared with an incredibly strong alien who cannot be killed by nuclear weapons. He can let lasers out of his eyes, has just tremendous physical power, with regard to attack and defense.With each new comic, new abilities were attributed to him. The list includes endless endurance, powerful vision, speed, high intelligence, the ability to extinguish a fire with one exhalation and a lot of other things. Eighth place is Superman for the reason that has significant weaknesses. Firstly, he is always on guard for good and has people close to him, than villains can manipulate. Secondly, the alien resource kryptonite weakens all its abilities and almost reduces to zero. Even in a fight with Batman, he lost precisely because he used it, although he is a simple man with technical gadgets. This significant drawback does not allow him to get to the top of the top.the most powerful superhero comic

Guardian of order

Few well-known characters Officer Nova claims to be the strongest superhero "Marvel" -universe and general top thanks to his powers. In early childhood, Richard Ryder received an incredible power from the alien Ksadarian people. Instead of wasting abilities on all sides, the guy had been honing them for years. During this period, he learned to fly, to develop an incredible speed and become almost impenetrable when using force.Among the unique features worth noting the rapid regeneration of both himself and other creatures, as well as the ability to connect to the general mind of the alien race Xadarian. At the same time, Officer Nova is the head of the intergalactic police. He can act in the fight against criminals only within the framework of the established law. This greatly complicates the use of all skills on enemies, and opens up new ways for them to win. It is because of this that he deserved seventh place, but not higher.the most powerful superhero in the world marvel

Net power

In sixth place is a contender for the status of the most powerful superhero "Marvel" and the combined top of all comic books, Jean Gray. It would seem that an ordinary mutant from the team of "X-Men", but this is not at all the case. It contains a huge "Power Phoenix", which was created by the universe itself so that this power could regenerate it. Measure the rate of destructiveness of this clean energy is simply impossible. It allows you to move the planets, destroy stars in one motion, break and cross all the laws of physics. This could be quite enough for the first place, if there were no further worthy candidates.In addition, the "Power of Phoenix" has the disadvantage of not being able to control this energy. She chose Gene Gray as her carrier, but at one point she broke out, and the girl had to be killed by her comrades. Because of this significant shortcoming in the top, only the sixth place for Jean and her second Phoenix essence.

Middle of the list

In fifth place in the top of the most powerful superheroes "Marvel" and other comics - the familiar in the film "The Keepers" Dr. Manhattan. He got his abilities during one of the experiments. He was thrown into a working reactor, but instead of dying Jonathan Osterman got a number of incredible abilities. His already sharp mind intensified thousands of times. Thanks to this superhero was able to control the matter itself. The creation of his clones, being simultaneously in different watch lines, the reincarnation of the elements of reality - all this is subject to him. It is impossible to kill him, but because the fifth place in the top is deserved. Only here it is influenced by tachyons, which at least a little, but still weaken the character. Moreover, it is difficult to call him a true hero. For him, the primary role is played not by the defense of humanity from different enemies and misfortunes, but by research and science. He did not fight with strong opponents, therefore it is difficult to judge combat strongest superheroes marvel


In the leading half of the list of the top 10 most powerful superheroes deservedly turned out to be Sentra. The power of this character in the Marvel universe is comparable to the power of a simultaneous explosion of a million suns. His body was enhanced by artificially created serum, which exceeded all expectations. Super-performance, agility, endurance, incredible intelligence and reflexes sharpened to the maximum - all this was bundled, but this ability did not end there. Other superheroes who fought against Robert Reynolds (Sentry), could not detect his weaknesses. Scientists from various organizations also failed in this regard. Among the more special skills worth mentioning telepathy with the influence on the mind of other people, healing and resurrection, shots energy clots. The fourth place is occupied by Sentry only because he had such enemies who could be on an equal footing with him. Yes, and the forces with the other participants of the top he can not be compared.

Little mutant

Bronze gets an interesting contender for the post of the most powerful superhero "Marvel" and other comics under the name Franklin Richards.This is the son of famous members of the Fantastic Four team, who was born with incredible skills. He was immediately attributed to the level of omega mutants, because from birth, the guy showed incredible skills. Telekinesis and matter energy management are only the top of the entire list. A little genius can make predictions about the future in a dream, as well as travel through time. With all the previous superheroes, not one contender for the gold of the top could boast of such. He was predicted that when he grows up, his strength will increase even more and compare with celestians. Bronze deserved, because his power is really impressive. Of the minuses of Franklin, it can only be noted that he has not mastered his full potential. And the small age does not allow to put it even on a position abovetop 10 most powerful superheroes

Second place, part 1

The 10 most powerful superheroes in all comics must include the Live Tribunal. In the multiverse Marvel, he plays the role of protector of everything that exists inside her. According to history, its existence was predetermined along with the existence of this fictional world. He rarely appears in some events, but the authors have indicated his power is essentially infinite.At one time, even Thanos, with the glove of infinity and all the stones in it, did not dare to fight against this superhero. And yet the place in the top is rather controversial, because he does not defend only the side of good. His responsibilities include maintaining balance, and since enemies and heroes are constantly fighting each other, he remains a silent observer of events. Yet he can do even a great evil, if circumstances so require, because in second place he is only the first challenger of the two. Plus, even with indescribable forces, it does not compare with the owners of gold.

Second place, part 2

Despite the fact that some characters are beyond the edges of good and evil, they deserve to enter the top of the most powerful superheroes, at least because of their strength. Beyonder refers specifically to such individuals, because he is beyond the comprehension of even simple heroes. He embodies the whole universe with all possible forces, time, reality and other matters. The character himself never belonged to the enemies of humanity or other races, but he often arranged secret fights between superheroes, set them against each other and did other things.The authors do not explain why, but he clearly pursues his goals. As for his abilities in the comic, it is worth saying one thing - Beyonder won death itself. That is why to resurrect beings, to kill, to expel them into another reality only with their own desire. Such a character would be worthy of the first place, but there are two other superheroes in the comics that stand on the bar above. And they took the gold list.10 most powerful superheroes

First leader

In the DC Comics universe, the most powerful superhero comic book is named Overvoid. It is even difficult to say what he is, because the authors have made him an absolute being within which anything can exist. His power is impossible to measure, since most of the concepts applied to him are simply impossible. Higher intelligence, immortality, immense size and much more. Overvoy represents the very infinity, which can be a canvas for building all sorts of stories in any of the worlds. The intellect of such a being equals omniscience with simultaneous observation of each being. He is depicted as a huge mass with a large eye, watching small people or other creatures from a height.Overvoid has no weaknesses, because all the maximum concepts of forces are enclosed within him. Even the DC universe itself is only a microbe compared to its size alone.

The Almighty

In the Marvel comics, the world's most powerful superhero is named Almighty. This is the concept of the authors Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in accordance with the theory of fans. This is not mentioned anywhere, but the very concept of the creator of the entire given universe hints at this. It makes no sense to speak about the powers of the Most High more than what a person sees, knows and can do. Compare it with other superheroes is simply useless, because he is their creator. To investigate the power of the character no one even tried. Everyone simply understands its existence and lives with this thought. The character is not portrayed as Overvoid in terms of the immense essence, but in human form. This is a middle-aged man dressed in black, with hair on his shoulders and a stern look. Appeared in comics rarely, but they wrote about him, but because he deserves some of the gold of this stamp.what is the most powerful superhero

Some results

You can talk for a long time about the most powerful superhero in all comics, since the authors themselves never put them in any position. This list was attended not only by the defenders of good or humanity, but also neutral creatures.Some of the characters deserve a place thanks to unusual powers or capabilities. In the first half of the list are placed superheroes in the standard sense of the word. These are people who have received unusual abilities, mutants or aliens. The second was taken by the creatures an order of magnitude stronger, embodying in themselves the forces of the whole universe, or even God. Characters who took the position of antagonists of the Apocalypse or Thanos type were not included in the top due to the fact that the notion of "superhero" does not apply to them.

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