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TOP 50 of the strangest sexual rituals

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TOP 50 of the strangest sexual rituals

Sex affection and excitement partner
1. The inhabitants of the Trobriand Islands one of the most sexual affection is considered to be nibbling the eyelashes of a partner.
2. In Korea, it was believed that the best way to enhance arousal of a man is to prick a needle with a needle into the root of the penis by 1-2 cm.
3. Men of the Panape tribe (with the emphasis on the first syllable) living in Micronesia, stimulate their partners with the help of a sickly sting ant. They are specially kept in boxes and in the midst of sexual caress planted directly on the clitoris of his beloved.
4. The sexual traditions of some other African tribes are also associated with insects, namely all with the same ants. Partners substitute their buttocks under their stinging bites, which as a result of poisonous bites turn into a continuous erogenous zone ...
5. Before making love to a couple from the Sironio tribe in Eastern Bolivia, since ancient times there has been a tradition to clean each other from ticks, lice and fleas.For more excitement lovers also swallow these insects.
It was believed that this is an atavism, the remaining sironio from monkeys. However, in a more detailed study, it turned out that one of the varieties of lice living on the body of sironio seems to have a pronounced stimulating effect. It prolongs sexual arousal for hours, and makes it more resistant. Maybe that's why the Indians of Sironio can have sex every day and for 5-6 hours.
6. But in Zimbabwe, love dry sex. There it is believed that the friction should be hard. Therefore, before intercourse, local women rub the intimate organs with special herbs that create increased dryness. And men make special scar notches on their body so that the friction is as strong as possible.
Defloration and amputation
7. The men of the Hottentot tribe from South Africa have still retained the tradition of amputation of one of the testicles. This is done so that no twins are born in the family, the appearance of which is considered to be a curse for the tribe.
8. In many Islamic countries, for example, in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the custom of solemn defloration has been preserved to this day, when the hymen tears with the index finger of the right hand, wrapped in white cloth, which, of course, should turn red.It happens in public during the wedding ritual. And this despite the fact that the bride can show her face, and then the wife can only to her spouse.
9. Even more terrible ritual defloration occurs in certain tribes of equatorial Africa. Devstvenits sent into the jungle to the role of the first man played ... male gorilla. Moreover, if the girl failed to attract the "monkey", it threw a shadow on her reputation as a potential spouse: they say even the gorilla did not peck! It is clear that most often this ended in an attack, or an imitation of the attack of one of the fellow tribesmen. At the same time, he literally could create with the unhappy girl everything he wanted. The more injuries and injuries a virgin received, the higher position she later occupied in the hierarchy of the tribe. Such is the payment for sexual disability.
10. For the Zakai tribe (Sumatra island), the bride was to be deflated by the father, who was helped by the bride’s uncles, i.e. brothers father and mother regardless of age. Sometimes at the bed of the unfortunate girl, up to 25 men aged from 70 to 10 years gathered.
11. In ancient India, the defloration procedure was performed for money by people specially trained in this "skill". The decision to assign a girl to such a specialist was made by her mother.Deprivation occurred with the help of a phallus symbol made of stone, wood or other materials. After this, the girl was injected into the vagina with a special remedy from healing leaves, which healed and reduced unpleasant sensations. In this case, the blood that the girl lost during the process, according to the decision of the parents, could be collected and used further as a love spell.
12. Almost all tribes in South America and in some African tribes had a widespread tradition of depriving themselves of virginity with a wooden dildo. Then the torn chaff was covered with pieces of antiseptic plants.
13. And in Papua New Guinea, the right to deprive a girl of innocence belonged exclusively to the high priest. This was done with the help of a wooden knife, and the bridegroom was obliged to offer the bride to “test” the new men. Only after that the wedding was played, and in marriage the wife had to remain faithful.
14. Quite the contrary, they did in some tribes of Africa, there they fought for the "safety" of the bride. And solved this problem radically? the girl's vagina was simply sewn up at an early age and? opened? him just before the wedding on a special council of elders.
15.In the 19th century, virginity was simulated in Europe, and art was transferred from mothers to daughters. The girls created bleeding with a fish bladder, a sponge soaked in blood and other tricks. Even then, the vaginal opening was sometimes stitched, and sometimes myrrh water, special infusions, and vinegar vapors were used to narrow it. Well, today the simulation of virginity is a proven surgical operation.
16. And in Japan, virginity was recorded only with abundant bleeding, therefore, in a mandatory imitation, special balls filled with a fluid similar to blood were inserted into the vagina.
The tradition of polygamy and substitution
17. But if you think that virginity is a value, then you have never heard of the morals of the Tibetans. In this mountain region, taking the wife of a virgin was considered a disgrace. And if in the village they found out about this fact, they could have expelled the couple at all ... Therefore, mothers of the newlyweds literally ordered the girl to surrender to no less than twenty men. Moreover, Tibet has never been a place particularly populated, which gave the venture a special extreme and heat.However, it was considered unethical to inform the husband about the number of partners, the mother-in-law with her mother-in-law was a list of the lucky ones.
18. Similar traditions still exist on the island of Mangaya, in Oceania. The local mothers approve of having many sexual partners with their daughters. It is believed that so the girl has a chance to choose the best groom. So, after the 18th anniversary, if a girl keeps herself away from the male society, then 20-30 peers and single men are literally driven through her bed. Sexual abuse is not forbidden by the group, so girls prefer to be very sociable with the opposite sex.
19. And how does researcher Jacques Marcierou describe a wedding in the Marquesas and Balearic Islands:? All the men invited to the wedding line up, singing and dancing, and take turns having a sex act with the newlywed?
20. But the Shilluk tribe that live in Central Africa has all the advantages. There is a tradition to marry the king to several dozen beauties (perhaps up to 77). But this is the case when the harem is a grief, not a joy. In essence, the harem hermits condemn their sovereign to death.As soon as ten or more women start complaining that the spouse does not satisfy them, the poor fellow is threatened not only with the overthrow of the honorary post, but also death in terrible agony. For, as the Shilluk belief says, the impotent cannot betray the power of fertility to the earth and the barnyard. The worst is the penalty. The unfortunate king is gutted ... That's who Viagra probably saves lives.
21. In Kamchatka, for many centuries it was honored for the great honor if the guest had an intimate relationship with the host’s wife. Accordingly, the latter made every effort to look as seductive as possible to the guest. If a hospitable hostess appeared as a result of such contact of a child, the event was celebrated by the whole settlement ... This blessed time ended at the beginning of the 20th century, but its echoes have survived to this day and in the idea of ​​some actions and anecdotes. By the way, it is Kamchadal do not have the concept of adultery in the language, well, they relate to adultery much more calmly than other nations.
22. A similar custom was common among the Australian Aborigines of the Arunta tribe. True, they shared their wives with each other. So modern swingers are not at all innovative.Eskimos of Alaska and Chukchi reindeer herders observed the tradition of giving their wives temporary men from a stronger clan who went fishing.
23. Also in the valleys of mountainous Tibet, they also believed that if a guest liked someone else's wife, then this is the highest will of the gods, and we must let him "use it" for her. In Mongolia, the owner of the yurt, in which there is a guest, as a matter of course, will offer to spend the night with his wife.
24. The ancestors of the Slavs - the Scythians, and the Huns, and the proto-Slavs were also not supporters of strict morals. They loved to have sex with a reusable change of partners. This was not considered a sin until the advent of Christianity. Then it was just a festive and fun event, and young people loved to get together for group sex. The peculiarity is that these holidays were very frequent, about once every two weeks and usually ended with grandiose orgies and drinking. They passed approximately like present discos, only instead of audio systems there were predecessors of musical instruments, instead of color music bonfires, and all this took place on huge glades burned out in the forest, most often of a round shape.Orgies lasted for 10-15 hours, and each participant changed to partners. Moreover, those who strove to the center of the circle enjoyed their own pleasure, while those who pressed close to the forest grabbed more brisk participants and simply raped, most often not very much analyzing who is who. Why? Green? do young people sometimes get right in not quite the role that they would choose? But everyone had to participate in these festivities from the age of 12 until the birth of the offspring, and then at will?
25. I would venture to suggest that the sexual relations should be sought and the origins of a strange relationship between son-in-law and mother-in-law in Russia. At that time, fathers sought to marry daughters as soon as possible, virgins? at 12 ? 13 years old. Compassionate mothers, in order to protect their girls from fatal outcomes, in the very first wedding night they themselves went to bed with their sons-in-law. And then, continuing to carefully protect the health of young daughters, for 2-3 years they shared a bed with her husband and son-in-law. Such a relationship-relationship to such an extent have become the norm, that the church went at ease! If for ordinary adultery they could give up to 10 years of hard labor to both, for fornication, as a rule, they punished 10-15 years of daily penance in the church,then for the adultery between the son-in-law and the mother-in-law the most severe punishment was 5 years of penance? daily repentance in the church (that is, a person came from the house to the temple, knelt down and bowed for two hours, asking for forgiveness from the Lord).
26. Few people know, but some temples in southern India can give odds to brothels. For example, the tradition of sacred prostitution has flourished in the Saundatti temple for hundreds of years. In the days of holidays and a large flow of pilgrims "jogamma" and "jogappa"? young women and boys? copulate with the pilgrims in exchange for their donations to the temple. These love acts are dedicated to the “mother of the world” to the goddess Yellama, her spouse Yamadagni and their son Parazuram, who, as the myth tells, cut off the mother's head. It goes something like this: before entering the chambers they utter a mantra, leave donations to the temple and the gods and hide behind heavy draperies. There, believers and servants of the cult of Yellama fall into a trance and in the half-forgotten perform the rite of "Maituna"? "saving intercourse". After some time, they, “peeled and enlightened,” come out of the door on the opposite side of the hall. And does jogamma and jogappa look very exotic? as a sign of piety, they never take care of their hair, which from this fall down like felt.There is almost no shortage of parishioners at the temple.
27. A real culture shock awaits the traveler, who at the winter solstice will be in the Hindu Kush town in northern Pakistan. The Kalash tribe living there is called "a drop of paganism in the sea of ​​Islam." On the eve of the festival, dedicated to the praise of love and fertility, local village girls compete in ritual profanity. It is believed that the evil spirits, hearing "the whole truth" about the local residents will lose interest in them and will not build machinations. At the same time, "verbal orgies" consist of several stages, between which men and women change clothes. Thus, they heat the desire, although any bodily contact during this period is strictly prohibited. Only after the day of sacrifice and universal revelry comes, and a hundred sheep are slaughtered in the Sajigor temple in one hour, Kalash can indulge in love with a clear conscience and then it will be possible to change clothes again.
28. Imagine a wedding procession: at the altar, a fifteen-year-old bride and five fiance brothers, from six to twenty-six years old. Does the Tibetan Ning-ba tribe in northwestern Nepal have land? The main local treasure? inherited by woman.By betraying one of the daughters to marry several husbands, the Ning-ba actually hires labor and avoids crushing the land. The rest are destined to fate novices in the monastery. Husbands also divide the spouse very simply: the one who fell to spend the night in the matrimonial bedroom, leaves the shoes at the entrance, thus warning the rest that "the place is taken."
29. Before starting the cricket competition, the youth of the Trobriand Islands in New Guinea praise love. Men wonderfully applied on the face of a military paint: cricket? the game, which missionaries taught them at the beginning of the century, now replaces ancient tribal wars. But the most interesting thing is that the holding of the tournament coincides with the moment of maturation of the yams, which the natives attribute to the strongest erotic properties. Therefore, on the eve of the cricket tournament, husbands and wives without a twinge of conscience choose their new partners for one night.
30. It was interesting to have flirting in Tanzania. To entice a man, Tanzanians steal from him a hoe and sandals. Simply, these items according to the local standards are of particular value. A man, willy-nilly, will have to come for them. And there ...
31.Another interesting custom, indirectly related to the natives of Northeastern Australia before 1945, it was replaced by ... penis support. Each foreigner, coming to a local village, had to give a shake his penis to the inhabitants of the village of the stronger sex ...
32. But in the Renaissance, sex has become more open and overgrown with new rituals. Some of them today would seem excessively dissolved. For example, during a wedding, one of the guests climbed under the skirt of a girl sitting at the table and stole her garter (note that they did not wear underwear then). The girl had to pretend that nothing was happening, and then the bandage was bought by the groom.
33. On the occasion of Vorso, an annual holiday marking the end of the rainy season and the awakening of nature, the young men of the Bororo tribe in Niger are intensely painted and dressed up. Make-up is an important part of the ceremony, which can last six days and six nights. A thick layer of ocher is applied to the face, and then rubbed with fat for shine. During the feast of the young men, with massive masks (makeup layer sometimes reaches 3-5 cm) on their faces participate in a beauty contest, the jury of which consists of 10 of the most beautiful girls of the tribe.And they should be completely naked, and the faces of the dancers should be painted in the same way, so that the masterly mastery of the art of makeup does not prevent the girls from impartially assessing the man’s virtues. A creepy smile, frozen on their faces, is needed in order to show the whiteness of the teeth, and bulging eyes? to boast the brightness of proteins. The one who wins can choose any number of girls for himself and stay with them until the next moon. The girls remaining in the panel of judges are divided between the closest rivals of the lucky one. Another 4-5 guys get the right to go with one of the remaining young beauties to the nearest forest and become a real man. Well, the rest will be waiting for next year.
34. The people of Nuba, from Sudan, consider the “celebration of the choice of men” the main day of the year. With the rising of the sun, potential newlyweds begin their love dances and dance until all the brides have their eyes on one of the tribesmen. Moreover, when, as a sign of her disposition, a woman puts her hand on the shoulder of the chosen one, flattered, he does not even dare look up at her future spouse. Maybe because the bride, decorating herself the night before, slightly overzealous with ritual wounds and cuts.However, the future family life? This is still not a decided fact. Even after public erotic games, the future of marriage remains a big question. Even if the young warrior managed to please his beauty until he built a house for her, he would live among the livestock and be able to visit his beloved only at night, secretly sneaking into the house of future relatives.
Sexy accessories
35. On the island of Sumatra, the men of the Butta tribe shoved small sharp pieces of metal or pebbles under the foreskin, believing that this would give the partner a special pleasure. In this case, fragments wounded both partners.
36. Argentinean Araucan Indians liked to attach horsehair tassels to the man’s dignity, and sometimes woven tassels reached 1.5–2 meters in length, and then they were elegantly tied around the neck.
37. Indians of the Brazilian topinamba tribe believed that the main thing was size. In their opinion, a woman can only like a large genital organ. Therefore, they not only extended the member by all possible means, but also tried to substitute their manhood for poisonous snakes, spiders and other insects for a bite, and then they tied up trying to keep the edema.
38More inventive were the Indians! Thus, Indian treatises prescribed the use of devices to enhance sensitivity, among which "apadravia" is an intimate piercing for men of gold, silver, iron, wood, or buffalo horns. After using this torture instrument, the phallus was literally strung on a rod and punctured in several places. Slightly more humane device was "yalaka" - a hollow tube with a surface covered with bumps. Compared to her, modern condoms with pimples are nonsense. But the main difference of this accessory from a condom is that sometimes it remained in a causal place forever. In some cases, by chance, and a little later, and specifically.
39. But on the island of Bali, on the contrary, the ladies tried to decorate themselves. They introduced various small objects - rings, pebbles, nuts - to intimate places. On the one hand, this, in their opinion, helped childbearing, on the other hand, they were able to deliver more pleasure to men. Like it or not, it is not known, but the fact that the spread of cases of cervical injuries there reaches 60%.
40. Interesting sexual traditions still exist in Japan.For example, on fertility holidays, men come in suits, part of which are huge penises made from papier-mâché. Calm in the usual time they have fun and screaming running through the streets for women.
41. In Japan, they sing not only male genitals, but also female ones? at the so-called "vagina festival". On this holiday a parade takes place, during which a huge model of the vagina is demonstrated. It sneaked down the street, and sometimes open. Then the girl sitting inside throws out rice cakes that people catch in the streets.
42. Well, every five years a special ceremony takes place in this country, during which images of both male and female genital organs are displayed. She passes all in the same Inuyama. Phallus deities are brought here from the Temple in Tagat, and images of the female vagina are delivered from Ogata. During these phallic festivals, sexual intercourse itself can demonstrate. For example, in Chiba, near Tokyo, a huge wooden phallus is inserted into a giant female vulva made of straw. For greater clarity, viewers pour the image of the female genital organ with a strong milky color "sake", which is called "doboroku". In short, why not have some fun?
43.In order not to get pregnant out of wedlock, the Slavs used very unusual postures. For example, standing sex was very common, or when the girl was held in her arms. Another way of pose? Rider ?, demanded today, was also intended precisely to reduce the risk of "fly into?". Another variant ? sex in the water, was also considered a purely Slavic option, and, in addition to hygiene, according to our ancestors, contributed to the decrease in the birth rate. Later, the authorities and the church banned the position? Standing? and? rider? ? it is difficult to get pregnant in it, which means that it is not child-bearing for, but only for weakness, that is, for the sake of pleasure. Those who committed sexual acts in the water were declared sorcerers and witches. Did the norms of Christianity prescribe only one position to a woman during intercourse? face to face, lying motionless from below. The kisses of the body were forbidden. Then? Good wife? an asexual spouse who has an aversion to sexuality has been considered. Hence the famous cry? There is no sex in the USSR ?, the fault in this lies far from the communist ideology.
45. In Colombia, in the city of Cali, a woman can only have sex with her husband, and when this happens for the first time, the bride's mother should be there to witness the incident.
46. ​​In Guam, a virgin is forbidden to marry.So, there exists a special profession - the deflorator. Such a specialist travels around the country and, for a fee, provides girls with the service of innocence deprivation.
47. In Libya, men are officially allowed to have sex with animals. At the same time there is an important limitation: animals must be female. For the relationship with male animals facing the death penalty. In general, in most countries of the Middle East, one of the fundamental laws of Islam still operates: in no case can you eat the sheep with which you had sexual intercourse. A person who decides to eat such a sheep commits a mortal sin, and he will no longer go to heaven with 70 virgins.
48. Some African tribes have a custom: before marrying, the chosen one must prove his persistence to the parents of his bride. The groom comes to his father, he examines him, feels the muscles, ass, looks into his mouth. Then the sentence is distributed: "17 times." So many times the guy will deliver the satisfaction of the mother of the bride! And the number can go well beyond a hundred, and the guy will have to do it almost continuously! Some do not stand up and run away, and who stand the test will become a husband and will be respected by the whole tribe. Here is such a difficult test.
49.The tribes of North-West Africa every month held a sexual lottery. Each of the men draws lots with which of the women he is to spend this night. All the women gathered throw their erotic talismans into the basket. The man who pulls out the woman's mascot, and will be her sex boyfriend at this celebration of love. Joy and happiness illuminate those men who got the most beautiful and sexy women. Instantly, they take their prey to the surrounding bushes and disappear there until morning. And those who fell to spend the night with the decrepit old women are grieved. But this is the custom. If you refuse your lot, you will be forever excluded from further participation in such contests. But how old women are happy! They are dragging healthy and strong men into their huts like stubborn donkeys: And you cannot run away from your destiny anywhere - this is a lottery!
50. The following custom is practiced by African pygmies: the bride is taken to the groom's house, after which she runs away from there and tries to hide in the forest. Friends of the future spouse find her, take her to the mother of the chosen one and make love to her for five days! But this is not all.For three days, all the men of the tribe who have come to the house of the groom's mother can make love to a girl, and only after that she remains forever with her husband.

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