Useful properties and calorie duck

Duck is a fairly popular product, fromwhich cooks create incredible taste and beauty of the dish. In the world there are about a hundred species of ducks, but the most common is a domesticated duck, from which we most often prepare our own lunches and dinners. Breeds are divided into three main types: those that grow only for the sake of eggs; those that are excreted exclusively for the production of meat, and a mixed species - meat-bearing breeds.calorie ducks

Dark meat

Duck meat is referred to the so-called dark species. The calorie content of a duck is high enough, so it is not so often used in the diet of a person who is dieting or adhering to the principles of proper nutrition. However, it is not recommended to completely exclude duck meat from your diet, since it contains many useful substances, which are simply catastrophically necessary for our organism.

Useful composition

One hundred grams of domesticated duck contains on averageabout 78 grams of water, 19 grams of protein, about six grams of fat and one gram of carbohydrates. As you can see, fat is not the main component of duck meat, as it may seem. The main part is a protein useful for bones, hair, nails and muscles. And the main question: "How many calories does a duck contain?" Caloric content per 100 grams is 248 kcal (a domesticated bird grown for the sake of eggs), 360-400 kcal (if it is a meat duck) and 124 kcal (wild duck meat, in which less fat and more protein).

Let's analyze the vitamin composition and see how the use of duck meat can improve our body:

  • Duck meat has the highest vitamin A content.
  • A full set of B vitamins, starting from B1 andfinishing B12. Here and vitamins of beauty, and vitamins of health, and vitamins of calmness, benefit for a liver, a hemopoietic system, a cardiac muscle, immunity.
  • Vitamins E, D, K support the body of pregnant and young mothers, help to cope with infertility.

In addition, high for weight loss calorieducks are more than covered by the use of calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, iron and zinc, copper and manganese. These substances are found in large quantities in such baked calorie


Surely when mentioning this kind of meat to youimmediately recalled a duck, baked with apples. This is perhaps the most popular dish. But in fact, a duck can not only bake in the oven, but also fry, cook, stew, salt and smoke. Very often the bird is stuffed with vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, dried fruits.

Insanely tasty duck meat, if it is cookedin the pots. Duck meat also produces excellent broths, jelly and jelly, pilaf and salads, ragout and sausage. There are a lot of options. But if you adhere to proper nutrition, then not all meals will be acceptable for you. Let's try to figure out what calorie ducks are, what kinds of treatment are best used when dieting.

Baked in the oven

One of the most popular methods of cookingduck meat - it's baking in the oven. Duck baked, calorie content of which is 149-156 kcal, will be an excellent substitute for pork or beef. At the same time, preparing a whole duck in the oven for dinner, you can easily eat, and feed the home. And a large company of friends for such a hearty dish can be invited.

Specialists-nutritionists advise the duck exactlybake, not cook. Despite the fact that the boiled meat of other kinds of domestic animals will be less caloric than baked, with the duck things are somewhat different. The boiled duck will be much fatter and calorie than the duck in the oven. Caloric content of boiled duck meat varies within 178 kcal. calorie duck in the oven

It is important to understand that the baked duck will be lesscalories, if it is in the oven in proud solitude. Calorie duck will increase due to the addition of other ingredients. For example, a Peking duck with vegetables will "weigh" about 250 kcal per hundred grams of dish. Even a duck beloved by many, stuffed with apples, much more calories than just duck meat without additives. Always consider this when you record in your nutrition diary.

Fried duck

Of course, among those who lose weight there are also those who do notcan refuse fried meat. If you decide to eat for roast dinner, then let it be a chicken or turkey. Duck meat, already saturated with fats, in fried form will be a very high-calorie dish. The average calorie content of roast duck is 340 kcal. In this case, the content of fats (from 6 to 28 grams) and fatty acids significantly increases in the dish. The content of a hundred grams of roasted duck meat cholesterol is about 85 calories by 100 grams

Nutritionists are advised not to deny themselvespleasure to taste delicious duck meat. Just remember how to properly prepare it, so that it can benefit the body and not spoil the figure. By the way, duck meat perfectly sates and satisfies hunger. It is recommended as a rich dinner, after which there will be no breakdowns and a desire to "throw in" something harmful and forbidden.

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