High fur boots "Mayorskiye": customer reviews and photos

High fur boots are the traditional footwear of the northern inhabitants, who have long made such warm boots made from deer skins, decorating fur animals with fur. In such shoes you could walk all day in the frosty fields and be absolutely sure of the dryness and warmth for the feet. Locals treated them with love and in every possible way decorated with color patterns and beads, selected fur from arctic fox and polar hare.

This type of footwear was also loved by the researchers of these parts, who quickly appreciated not only the beauty, but also the usefulness of such products. Now even ordinary people can purchase such an option for winterized insulated footwear, because the products of the Uts Majorsky shoe factory can now be bought not only in specialized stores, but also on the company's website on the Internet.

Little about the factory

The factory is located in the Penza region in with. Villages. Managed enterprise Mayorova Elena Yakovlevna, so high fur boots and got that name.

Footwear production has been established since 1997.During this time, many buyers have appreciated the quality and reliability of such products. These are mainly combined high boots for all segments of the population. Release women's, men's, children's and teenage shoes. There is another version of the shoes - Mongolian. The differences will be discussed later in the article.

mall high boots reviews

"Mayor" high boots reviews have received excellent. After all, they are produced on the best modern domestic and foreign equipment with a wide use of manual labor of the factory masters.

Every year the number of buyers increases, expanding sales regions. Many large stores and wholesalers from all over the country are establishing business contacts with the factory. Through the Internet, residents of other neighboring countries received the opportunity to purchase such comfortable and warm winter boots and mongolians. Order shoes can residents of Ukraine and Belarus. Indeed, in cold winters, such shoes fit perfectly.

Shoe factory "Unts Mayorsky" according to wholesalers is a reliable partner. Deliveries are made as soon as possible. Employees have proven themselves as responsible and executive. There are no complaints from any customer.

All shoes are carefully monitored at the factory, so when you buy, even through the Internet, you can be sure that the shoes will be of high quality, without marriage.

Features "Mayor"

Reviews of this shoe say about the softness and comfort when wearing it. After all, they used traditional, proven methods of manufacturing such warm products.

The materials from which these shoes are made are breathable. This is genuine leather and felt. There are models combined in which use separate inserts from suede.

high boots majore reviews

The top of the "Major" boots (according to reviews and photos) is covered with a layer of fur - natural or artificial, which serves as an additional insulating element of this shoe. It also adds layering. The lower part of Majorca is made of genuine leather or suede. The models of the tops of natural materials are covered with the fur of the muton, there are expensive exclusive ones - mink and polar fox.

Products differ also by the height of their tops. There are high, there is the type of half boots. You can choose suitable and under the pants and under the skirt. Also many-sided color range of products. These are black, brown, red, beige, gray, white.

I would like to particularly note another feature of the "Major" unts. According to customers who have used this type of product, they are suitable for people with a non-standard foot structure. This is a wide foot and a high rise. The shoes are soft and do not press anywhere. And it is very important, especially in winter, that the blood supply to the feet is not disturbed. Otherwise, the legs will freeze even with small frosts.

Sole quality

The thick sole does not allow to slide on an ice surface and well isolates from the frozen ground. The sole has an additional firmware that protects the ingress of moisture inside the boot. Also available cellulose inlays on the sole absorb excess moisture and help keep feet dry.

major boots reviews photos

Although on high boots "Mayorsky" cast soles reviews can be found and negative. Felt insole after a while people got tired, slipped off the heel, which led to the freezing of the toes.

People prefer a different type of sole. The method of fastening the sole of the runner-stitch and the board-stitching, TEP-soles are used, both domestic and imported. They are, according to people, more wearable, although a bit more expensive.The insoles in them are warm, consist of three layers: on top, closer to the foot, is natural sheepskin, the second layer in the middle is represented by a porous material, at the bottom is a cellulose material 2 mm thick.

What is Mongolian?

"Mayor" unts Mongolian reviews have the most positive. These are the combined boots representing a leather bottom and suede top. Unlike traditional high fur boots, Mongolians do not have fur inserts on top. For high-quality socks, the upper hem of the boot is also made of genuine leather. Decorate such boots with stitched stripes and leather straps.

major boots reviews buyers

If the fur boots have a purely ethnic appearance, the Mongolians are more traditional. You can wear such shoes under any outerwear. Mongolians are made for both adults and children. Their sole is attached and very strong. On the snow cover they do not slip and water from wet snow will not be missed. Feet will be dry even in the slush.

Variety of models

In addition to the colorful options for the manufacture of shoes, "Mayor" high fur boots, according to fans of fashionable dress, you can choose for every taste and wallet. This and options with faux fur, occupying the entire ankle or sewn stripes. Fur can be natural and very expensive.The blue mink high fur boots or the fluffy tops of the silver fox look beautiful.

Consider more options for men's and women's shoes.

Products for men

Men's boots have a more strict and simple appearance. The only additional decoration, in addition to furs of different colors, are also straps sewn over fur inserts. In the case of a strong snowy wind, you can tighten them more tightly, protecting your shoes from flying wet snow inside.

The insole and lining are made of wool, and the top is made of fur - a muton, a dog and a hare. There are boots that have faux fur on top of their tops, but the inside is still natural sheepskin.

Adult "Mayor" boots have excellent reviews. Sea trials have been successfully passed by many, people like the comfort and softness of natural leather, warm insoles and tight leg. When putting on the leg easily enters the boot, and when removing the strong seams protect shoes from deformation.

The sole is also available in an assortment of both cast solid and multi-layered. Also the height of the tops is different. There are options to the middle of the leg, and there are high, almost to the knees.

Women's shoes

Women's "Major" boots, according to customers, have a much wider range of diverse decorating elements. This figured bezel between the stripes of fur. It can be even or in the form of rhombuses with corrugated edges. Often used instead of straps, like men's shoes, strings with fur fluffy buboes. There are options with a triangle sewn over the fur or three diamond-shaped leaves. The sole may also differ in color and quality. There are stitched multi-layer options, and there is a cast sole.

unti majorsky cast sole reviews

Both monophonic models, and bright color are issued. For example, black boots with the same fur can be worn under any clothing. But under the color options will need to select a wardrobe more carefully. There is an interesting black and white style. It is distinguished from a monochromatic version by a strip of white in the central part of the shaft. High fur boots for women also sew different heights. Unlike men, there are more options. These are high, medium and short.

The color of faux fur can also be the same tone or multi-colored, changing the shade from light to dark. There are extravagant models with spotted fur.But such boots should be worn to monochrome outerwear.

Teenage boots

For teenagers, the models are bright and varied. Options for boys are like men's boots. Many models for women are also reflected in products for teenage girls. The colors are the same - red, brown, chocolate, beige, black and white. The inside is natural wool (sheepskin), and the outside is faux fur. The sole is also made in two versions.

For teens can be purchased and the Mongols. When you buy your child’s Uts Mayorsky shoes, especially on the Internet, many parents are afraid to make a mistake with their size. First, children grow quickly, especially in adolescence. In order not to be trapped, let us introduce to your attention the dimensional mesh of the Elena Mayorova shoe factory.

Size chart

In the first column of the tables, designed for the entire range of products, you need to select the type of sole. There are only two options - solid cast or multi-layered felted.

Then it is recommended to carefully measure out the size of the foot of the future owner of the shoe. Measure from the middle of the heel to the big toe.

major boots mongolian reviews

Then, according to the table, select the required shoe size by the foot length, depending on the category chosen.If you read on the Internet about unts "Mayor" reviews in size, we can conclude that buying a product without a child is quite real. Since the measurements are made correctly, you can be completely sure that the shoes will fit perfectly on your foot, there will not be any pressure anywhere. The specified dimensions are fully consistent with the footwear produced. Errors to the size of the factory workers do not.

Children's shoes

What could be the most convenient for a child in the winter cold. Of course, these are warm and natural shoes made by the factory. Unti "Mayor" (children's) reviews in size are only positive. People often used the table provided when buying a ytt for kids on the Internet. After reading the mountains of reviews about children's shoes, we can conclude that by measuring the correct foot, you can safely wait for the order and not worry that by paying money, you will get cramped or big shoes.

In addition to the variants of products that are of the same type with adults, bright boots and grandfathers are also issued for children. Make such products from gray or white felt. Grandfathers do with a tongue, laces, and felt boots just pull on the leg. Boots low.In order for the children to enjoy wearing such natural shoes, the designers sewn on the side of a beautiful application depicting a family of bears - mothers and babies. For white felt boots, they are white polar inhabitants, and for traditional gray products - brown forest bears.

Unti Major children reviews size

Unts "Mayor" (children's) reviews are the warmest. Children notice warmth in the legs even in severe frosts, the sole does not slip, so that accidental falls on the icy path are excluded. Even the kids who attend kindergarten are satisfied. To wear such shoes quickly and comfortably, which is important in a large children's team, when you need to quickly get together for a winter walk. The sole has a felt thickness of 12 mm. This protects the baby's feet from hypothermia. Since the inner part of the high-altitude knot or mongolok is made only from natural materials, the legs do not sweat, moisture is absorbed into felt or sheepskin. Legs remain dry. And it will save the child from frequent winter morbidity.

With what and where to wear

If everything is clear with children, you can wear such shoes anywhere and with anything, then adults need a special approach. Men can wear boots with a park or a sheepskin coat, a short uniform jacket with fur. Suitable for leather jacket on natural velvet.Under it you can wear a natural wool sweater with a large knit and a warm hat. It creates the image of a hunter or pilot. Men look very courageous.

Women unti or Mongolian can be combined with fur coats, sheepskin coats or down jackets. Perfectly high boots look with sweaters on which there is a bright symmetric ornament. Warm knitted dresses will do.

As accessories, you can choose a fur scarf by color or a bag lined with the same fur as in the photo in our article.


After reading a lot of reviews about high fur boots, we can conclude that most people like shoes. In winter, the heat does not limp from the snow, the sole does not crack. Up to -15 degrees, they are perfectly worn, not allowing the hosts to freeze. But a few statements were about how people froze to their feet at minus 25. The fur was warming its ankle, and its toes were cold. So you can make the following conclusion:

- dimensional grid allows you to clearly pick up high fur boots;

- they are warm up to severe frosts.

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