VAZ 21124: technical specifications, reviews, price

We are all familiar with VAZ cars. For many, this transport is the main in any weather and at any time of the year. Of course, the Volga Automobile Plant makes high-quality products and a fairly affordable one, but it’s quite difficult to call them reliable, or at least it used to be so. For example, the VAZ-21124 is a very high-quality car, which is popular with the people of our country.VAZ 21124

General information about the car

At the very beginning I would like to tell a little about the exterior of the car and the trim. In principle, it is not necessary to rely on something supernatural, since cars can be attributed to the budget class. In the basic configuration, the glass of the vehicle is not tinted, but the exterior is an order of magnitude better than that of the Nexia.

At the same time, we can safely say that driving performance is on par. The car is very dynamic, accelerates quickly and steadily keeps on the road.Depending on driving style and condition of the road, you will not experience any discomfort for the first 10-20 thousand kilometers. In the future, you may receive creaks, lax suspension. But all this is quickly eliminated, there would be a desire and time.engine vaz 21124

Engine VAZ-21124 and its features

This car is installed 4-stroke injection engine. Often, the same engine is equipped with a VAZ-2110, VAZ-2111 and 2112. In general, this is a modification of the internal combustion engine installed on the 2112. The modernization was to increase the volume to 1.6 liters, while the predecessor could boast only a 1.5 liter engine . In addition, there was another challenge - to improve environmental performance to European standards.

Of course, the engine VAZ-21124 is equipped with an electronic control unit. Usually installed system Bosch M7.9.7 or "January" 7.2. Accordingly, the first is a German company, and the second is a domestic one. These control systems are sharpened by the Euro-3 and Euro-4 toxicity standards. For each spark plug has its own coil. In general, this decision was made so that there was no need to use high-voltage wires, and in general, the reliability of the ignition system increased.VAZ 21124 characteristics

Efficiency and ergonomics

Despite the relatively small engine size (1.6 liters), this car can not be called a small car. As for fuel consumption, it completely depends on your driving style. Love to push the pedal to the floor and aggressive driving, count on about 13-14 liters. If you ride slowly and size, then around the city -10-12 liters, and on the highway - up to 7-8. In general, the numbers are quite adequate. But you must understand that if the technical condition of the car will deteriorate, the fuel consumption will increase. In particular, the state of the engine, the number of electrical appliances involved, etc.

As for ergonomics, there is almost nothing new here. Sensors VAZ-21124 are already quite familiar. True, this car is different in that the dashboard is bright enough, and everything is perfectly visible. There are electric windows, however, many consumers do not respond to them in a very positive way. Usually their life is limited to 2 years. Space in the cabin is enough to accommodate 4-5 passengers, and the trunk is very spacious 350/750 liters. With so much space you can go on a long journey.vaz 21124 Price

Strengths of the car

You can say that the VAZ-21124 (16 valves) - a very decent car for its price range. So, the strengths of the machine are that it is very cheap to repair. It may seem that this is not at all a virtue, but believe me, it is much more expensive and more difficult to buy spare parts for a “German” or “American”. Yes, and not everywhere they will be able to properly establish that you also need to understand. If in essence, the advantage is a good 1.6-liter engine and 83 horsepower. It allows you to gain a maximum speed of 180 km / h. But the performance characteristics are different depending on the modification. Thus, the consumption in the city can be from 5.3 to 7.2 liters.

The mass of a fully stocked car is 1040 kilograms, and the curb weight is 1,515 kg. On the technical side, problems rarely occur. Yes, and often the perpetrators themselves are motorists who do not follow the rules of operation.sensors vaz 21124

VAZ-21124: price and something else

Today, this car is no longer produced by the plant, so the probability of finding it somewhere in the new state is small. It is much easier to buy such used vehicles. With regard to prices, it is easy to guess that they depend on the configuration and condition of the car. In general, its cost is about 300,000 rubles.It is an adequate amount, considering all the pros and cons of the car. If the car is the maximum configuration, then its price can grow by an order of magnitude. By the way, there is often a problem with the timing belt breakage. This could eventually damage the motor valve. To avoid this, it is necessary to periodically change the belts and monitor its condition. Buying a car with bent valves is not recommended. In general, the cost of 300,000 rubles is justified, although you can try to find a cheaper option, but you risk running into a battered car or requiring serious repairs.

Some interesting details

If you decide to buy a five-door hatchback, then give preference to exactly 21124. This is the last modification, which is considered one of the best. All previous versions had significant drawbacks, especially as regards bending of the pistons. In 21124 this problem does not arise. It was decided to increase the depth of the grooves in the bottom of the pistons by a few millimeters. Of course, expect something supernatural is not worth it. But the clearance allows you to drive on our roads, and the chassis can withstand severe loads, and in the event of which it is quickly repaired.VAZ 21124 16 valves

Consumer reviews

Specifications - this is, of course, good, but before you buy, read what they say the owners of this car. There is much talk about both positive features and negative ones. In particular, the point is that the level of comfort could be improved. Some nodes are extremely unreliable. In particular, we are talking about a battery that does not survive even one winter. True, in this case, much depends on its proper storage. Often, consumers say that the car does not start with severe frosts. But this is common to all VAZ vehicles, so it’s not worth worrying about it. You will not experience such problems if the vehicle is stored in a heated box. This car was produced only a few years, so many of him did not even hear. The best-known follower of the VAZ-21128 from the company "Super Auto". Well, that's all about the car VAZ-21124. We have considered the characteristics of the car, its design, ernomomics and operational qualities.

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