"Vesta" or "X-Ray" - which is better? Compare cars, features, owner reviews

Immediately after the start of sales, Lada Vesta calledexcitement among motorists. Many of those who searched for a car in the budget price segment, began to consider this model in more depth. In the end, most motorists preferred Vesta, and not models from foreign manufacturers whose value is higher. However, after the start of sales of "Lada-X-Ray", buyers began to think about what to choose - a cheaper sedan or a roomy urban hatchback. Some of the car enthusiasts have not yet found an answer to this question. Therefore, it will be considered in more detail. Compare the "Vesta" and "X-Ray" below.vesta or x ray which is better

The main differences between the models

The main difference, judging by the reviews, "Lada-Vesta"from "Lada-X-Ray" is that the sedan is a fully developed from scratch car. His development lasted a rather long period, but to talk about "Vesta" began already in the early stages of construction. The model is popular because people have been waiting for its appearance for a long time. Concerning "X-Ray "we can say that it was not developed from scratch. As a basis for the model took no less well-known model of Renault Sandero, and it was built on the basis of "Logan", which has been tested for years by many taxi drivers in Russia.

In this case, people are confused in the choice. They think that is better to choose - a new design and feel or a reliable platform, which has long established itself with a good hand. So far, in this dispute there are no exact answers. Further, all differences will be considered in more detail. Which is better - "Vesta" or "X-Ray"?


Some drivers choose their carbased on the prestige of this or that brand. However, in this case, this factor is minimal, since both models are produced by the same company. Many judge the prestige, looking at the body, they have "Vesta" and "X-Ray" are different.

Vesta is produced only in a sedan car, but inIn the near future the plant is preparing to present to the public and other versions: a hatchback, a wagon, a variant with an increased ground clearance and a car with an extended base. The latter will be produced in limited quantities, but this version looks more prestigious than the rest. Many fans of VAZ cars are eagerly waiting for these new items.

that it is better to have a verasta or x ray

"X-Ray" is available for free sale only in the backhatchback. Some believe that the model is a crossover, but it is not. For lovers of light off-road, AvtoVAZ is still preparing a version of XRAY Cross, which can be considered a full-fledged crossover. Changes in the novelty will be minimal: four-wheel drive, increased ground clearance, various lining on the body and other improvements.

If you like cars in a sedan body, it's betterjust choose "Lada-Vesta". If cute "pseudo crossover", the size of which is slightly larger than that of other cars, then the preference is better to give "X-Ray." For lovers of station wagons, there are currently no suitable options, but Vesta should soon appear in this type of bodywork. The same applies to those who are cute crossovers for overcoming light off-road. For them AvtoVAZ is preparing Xray Cross.


Externally, cars do not differ much in size. However, if you look at all in more detail, you can see that everything is different.

"Lada-Vesta" is longer than "X-Ray" by almost 300 mm, andhence, it is more comfortable due to a larger base. The width of the cars is completely identical. The height of the models is different: "Vesta" is lower than "X-Ray" by 73 mm, although visually this difference seems more. This is due, in particular, to the clearance - in the "X-Ray" it is more by 17 mm and is equal to 195 mm, when the "Vesta" - 178 mm. In the issue of capacity of the luggage compartment, the sedan wins - its volume is 480 l instead of 361 l from the hatchback. Although outwardly "X-Ray" looks more, but it weighs less by 40 kg.

For those who are interested in spaciousness and spaciousness,it is believed that it is better to buy "Vesta", "X-Ray" is less capacious. In addition, it is more comfortable because of its wheelbase. If there is a need to overcome the light off-road, it is better to give preference to "X-Ray." It should be noted that when the rear seats are deployed in the hatchback, the luggage compartment volume is increased to 1207 liters. Vesta does not have such an opportunity.



You can see, if you make a comparison"Lada-Vesta" and "Lady-X-Ray", that the exterior of these two models has the same features. This is due to the fact that after the start of sales, "Lada-West" began to enjoy great popularity and so the designers decided to perform "X-Ray" in a similar style. The front parts of the cars are almost identical. If you look closely, you can consider the letter "X", which draws the headlights, grille, fog lights and air intake of the bumper. Also, the models are very similar hoods. However, when looking at the cars from the side it is noticeable that the "X-Ray" seems to have a shortened front part, unlike the "Vesta". And yet it's too early to say what is better: "Vesta" or "X-Ray."

Also the models are similar on the side. They have traced patterns in the form of the letter "X", which make cars more modern. However, because of this, "X-Ray" seems short. Vesta does not have such a problem. Many owners complain that the "X-Ray" installs wheels of small diameter. However, the manufacturer installs 15- and 16-inch wheels on the model, but in massive wheel arches such discs seem very small. Some owners of the "X-Ray" immediately after the purchase installs on it wheels of a larger radius.

The machine is better: "Lada Vesta" or "X-Ray" - it's hard to say, the design has minimal differences. As mentioned above, cars differ only in bodywork versions. In the rest they are almost the same, and there is no tangible difference between them.

"Lada Vesta" and "X-Ray": characteristics

No less important criterion in choosing a car are its technical characteristics. In "Vesta" and "X-Ray" they are different. With what? To answer this question, let's look inside the cars.

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Power unit

Judging by the number of options offered, the hatchback wins. It is available for purchase with 3 different motors. "Lada-Vesta" also comes with only one engine option.

Both cars are equipped with a motor106 liters. from. from AvtoVAZ. This engine was installed on other models of "Lada", so many know about its reliability. It is 4-cylinder, 16-valve and has a complex of distributed fuel injection. Of course, the motor is not the most powerful, but it's enough for these models. "Lada-Vesta" with this unit accelerates to 100 km / h in 11.2 seconds, "X-Ray" does it longer for 0.2 s. In this indicator, the sedan wins. However, at the maximum speed, he is already losing: Vesta has 175 km / h, while the X-Ray has 176 km / h. For this it is necessary to overpay for a little, as at "Vesta" the expense is lower by an average of 0.5 liters. With such an engine, you should not expect the extra-power, but for a quiet ride it's more than enough.

"Lada-West" is represented only with this motor. The "X-Ray" has two more variants of engines. One of them is a 110 liter engine. with., he is a joint development of the alliance "Renault-Nissan." His device is identical to the previous one. According to the engineers, the engine was supposed to have a capacity of 116 liters. with., but it was down for some reason. Thanks to innovations, this engine has good traction and is more economical. The maximum speed also increased to 181 km / h.

The most popular motor stillcapacity of 122 liters. from. and a volume of 1.8 liters. It is the development of engineers of AvtoVAZ. At the moment it is installed only in the "X-Ray". Thanks to a torque of 170 Nm, the motor accelerates the car to 100 km / h in just 10.9 seconds. The maximum speed also increased compared to other options and is 186 km / h. The fuel consumption here did not increase. This was achieved thanks to the innovations of engineers. The motor could accelerate the car even faster, but due to the fact that the robotic gearbox is not ideal, it is impossible. If this engine were installed with mechanics, then it would be much easier to realize the entire capacity of the unit.

If a powerful motor is important, then at the momentit is better to give preference to the car Lada X-Ray. In its engine range there is a powerful 122-hp engine that is not available for Vesta. However, in the near future the company plans to fix it and begin installing the engine in the sedan. In this case, "Vesta" should become more rapid than "X-Ray." To implement the introduction of this engine into the sedan is not a simple task, so it is postponed.

 comparison of the mode of the word and mode x ray

Transmission "Lada-Vesta" and "X-Ray"

In terms of PPC, everything is much simpler. Cars have almost identical boxes. Install here only 5-step mechanics and robot. "Lada-Vesta" is equipped with two options: MKPP, developed by AvtoVAZ employees, and AMT - a French-made robot.

In X-Ray set the checkpoint of Russianproduction did not. The model is equipped only with gearboxes of French production - it's JR5 512 and JH3 518. The work of domestic and foreign gearboxes is not very different from each other. Both options switch gears smoothly, do not create extraneous noise and are quite short-stroke.

Many cars of the same price categoryequipped with automatic transmission, which is better on reviews. "Vesta" or "X-Ray" does not have this. Only mechanics and robots are installed here. The management of the enterprise took such measures with a view to reducing the cost of production, since the introduction and subsequent installation of an automaton in cars would require additional costs. It is worth noting that the robot is sometimes late with the shifting gear and because of it jerks appear. But many owners of "Lada-West" and "X-Ray" are used to this.


Many argue that the Lada X-Ray is a crossover. However, it is not. The proof of this is the lack of a full drive. The model is a hatchback with increased ground clearance. With regard to "Vesta" no controversy arises.comparison vests and x rai

In addition to increased ground clearance, there are no more differences on the suspension of cars. In the front part there are springs with springs, the suspension is independent. A torsion bar is installed in the rear part.


Inside the cars are very similar. And to say that "Vesta" is better than "X-Ray", it is impossible. They have practically the same handlebars, the design of the central panel and the seats. However, there are differences. The interior in both models is qualitatively elaborated, all the elements are assembled well. During the movement, there are no creaks or backlashes. The seats are quite comfortable, however, on the rear couch with the headrests lowered downwards, the passengers' landing is inconvenient, since they rest against the shoulder blades.

The interior of both models is equally good. Answer the question about what is better: "Vesta" or "X-Ray "is very difficult. All elements are made of approximately the same materials. In terms of noise isolation, the differences are also minimal, it is here at a decent level. X-Ray is better here only because it's much more comfortable for high passengers to sit in it because of the roof structure. Also, when the seats are folded, the volume of the luggage compartment is larger.


Both cars are presented in 3 trim levels: classic, comfort and luxury. In the standard configuration, Vesta is equipped with rather poor equipment. Of all the amenities here only electric windows, on-board computer and 2 airbags. The "X-Ray" situation is similar. In the middle configuration, Vesta has door-colored door handles and rear-view mirrors, as well as a mirror in the sun visor of the passenger. "X-Ray" is equipped the same way, but in addition it has 16-inch wheels. In the luxury suite, cars have the same equipment. All possible options are set in them.


In the standard configuration, "Vesta" will costthe buyer in 529 thousand rubles, while "X-Ray" with the same equipment will cost 589 thousand rubles. The luxury sedan is 672 thousand rubles, the hatchback - 742 thousand rubles. You can also buy "Vesta" in the color "lime", having paid for it 30 thousand rubles.

Which is better: "Lada Vesta" or "X-Ray"?

It's up to everyone to choose, because, as they say, ontaste and color of comrades there. If you need a stylish sedan with a low consumption and good traction, then "Vesta" is an excellent option. If you want a crossover for off-road driving, but you are not ready for big expenses, then it's best to choose X-Ray.

that it is better to buy the West or x Ray

The result

In conclusion, it should be noted that each of theThe cars in question are good in their own way. Both models are manufactured by the same company, so the quality of performance and power units they have about the same. The main difference between cars is the cost. We hope you got an answer to the question about what is better: "Lada Vesta" or "X-Ray" - and the owners' feedback turned out to be useful for you.

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