"Volkswagen-Passat": specifications and reviews. Volkswagen-Passat station wagon

The new Volkswagen Passat was declassified long before its official premiere took place (which took place last fall in Paris). Its popularity began to grow even before mass production was launched. And this is due to much.

Volkswagen Passat

Sales rating

The Volkswagen Passat is a model that has been produced since 1973, and there are as many as 22 million cars in the whole world! What to say about the ratings, if only in 2013 alone more than 1,100,000 people got this car. VW is really popular, and because the manufacturer is trying every time to surprise customers more and more. And motorists who own Volkswagen are really happy. They argue that these machines are a very economical option, which is very difficult to find cons. Reliable, comfortable, beautifully designed - what else do you need?

And such reviews are not the only incentive to grow, because this concern has worthy competitors, neighbors by geographic location - No. 1 worldwide Mercedes and the famous “Bavarian” BMW. So, in order to increase sales and fame, Volkswagen needs to improve its cars.

Volkswagen Passat wagon

Base machine

The Volkswagen Passat (wagon and sedan) is based on a new universal modular platform, which is abbreviated as MQB. What can I say about the body? It has become wider when compared with its predecessor, and also stronger. All this is due to the use of special materials in the design. These are several types of steel - high strength (about 27%), heavy-duty (17%), and also the one that underwent hot molding (it is composed of most, about 55%). A small amount of aluminum and light alloys was also used. But, despite such updates, the car did not add to weight - its weight even became smaller. The car weighs less than its predecessor by 40-85 kilograms (depending on which motor is installed). By the way, the dimensions have also decreased - more precisely, the length and height. But the width increased, albeit only slightly, by only 12 mm. The wheelbase added about 8 mm.In general, the Volkswagen Passat matured, refreshed and began to look more attractive and solid.

Specifications and their features

The eighth generation VW pleases independent suspension, which boasts a multi-link system installed at the rear, as well as front McPherson racks. "Excellent performance," everyone will say. By the way, if you want, you can even order a sports suspension or, for example, an addition such as a chassis with adaptive shock absorbers. Another noteworthy is the presence of an electric power steering, which also can change the characteristics. In this model there are absolutely all electronic security systems, which can be considered one of the most important advantages. And this is not the whole list of advantages of this car.

Volkswagen Passat engine

Range of engines

And, of course, separate attention should be noted topic of engines. Motors are always important. Under the hood of a new Volkswagen, you can install both gasoline and diesel engines. Moreover, it is possible to even equip it with a hybrid power plant! In total, the assortment has ten different options - you can choose the engine with the indicator from 110 to 280 horsepower.The most interesting model, experts called the "Volkswagen Passat" with a 1.4-liter 156-horsepower engine, supplemented by an electric motor of 80 kW. In total, power is about 211 hp. It is interesting that the batteries of this hybrid model are quite realistic to charge from an ordinary outlet, and this supply will last for about 50 kilometers.

It should briefly tell about each option. So, the weakest is the 1.6-liter 110-horsepower diesel TDI and the 1.4-liter 125-horsepower petrol TSI. By the average options should include engines for 150 (and gasoline and diesel) and 190 hp More powerful are the 1.8-and 2-liter TSI (180 hp). By the way, "Volkswagen Passat 1.8" is a model that is very popular, and this can be argued by the number of predecessors sold with the same installation.

And finally, about the latest, most worthy options. These are 190- and 240-horsepower TDI, and also TSI for 280 horsepower. Perhaps the latest engine, the Volkswagen Passat, will enjoy maximum popularity among fans of high-speed driving. In general, as can be seen, in terms of the motors, the manufacturer tried notably so that each buyer could determine for himself exactly the one that suits his goals and needs.

volkswagen passat Price

Devices and add-ons

It is always interesting to know how such a new car can please, which is not the case with its previous models or its competitors. So, the Volkswagen Passat, the eighth generation has a huge number of different devices, and you should tell about them at least briefly. The first plus is a multifunctional steering wheel, a color display of the center console (its width is 5.8 inches), a stylish design and conveniently located buttons. The driver's seat is decorated comfortably - you can not argue. Pleases LED interior lighting pleasant shades (white, blue and amber), there is such a useful addition as keyless access using Keyless Access, projector-display Head Up, as well as various functions: emergency braking, tracking movement along the rows and assistant may be useful in the landmark traffic jams. And, of course, this car has a place for a powerful audio system, climate control, four surveillance cameras and navigation.

Volkswagen Passat 1 8


The new Volkswagen Passat is a spacious and roomy wagon that can comfortably accommodate five passengers. Earlier it was said that the car has increased in width, but what about the inner space? It became larger, albeit only slightly, by about 33 mm. But the amount of luggage added as much as 47 liters.In the sedan, this figure is slightly lower - only 21 liters. And if you fold the rear seats of the station wagon, then the figure will increase from 650 liters to 1780! Because this machine will be a great assistant in the implementation of the move.

This is the new Volkswagen Passat. The price, by the way, is not as high as one might expect (in any case, for a car with similar indicators, it is quite realistic to consider it acceptable). A 122-strong version, of course, a new one, will cost about 1,200,000 rubles. More powerful, 1.8-strong options - about 1,285,000. Well, two-liter cars with a capacity of 210 hp. will cost an amount equal to 1 680 000 rubles. If you order more advanced modifications, it will be more expensive, and it is logical to assume. However, many lack such machines - their basic indicators are already quite powerful. And who does not have enough - you can tune.

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