Wedding salads - recipes without mayonnaise

Needless to say, a wedding is one of the most solemn events in our lives. But it will not be out of place to help some tips and recipes for the holiday table, as it should be different from any other one associated with other saladsLet everything: from flower decorations to glasses, spoons, napkins - be refined, delicate, unusual. Do not make an exception and the menu. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is a wedding cake. But it is still far away. Hot meals are served in the middle of the feast. And only wedding salads are not removed from the tables throughout the day. Therefore, to prepare such a dish I always approach very responsibly. I select the ingredients carefully. I prepare salads for a wedding from such products that do not weathered quickly, do not flow and can stay outside the cold rooms for quite a long time.

The beginning of the feast - the first salad

I will make a reservation that I am not preparing salads for a wedding with mayonnaise. So supporters of thiswedding table saladsThe sauce may not waste time.So, for the first salad that will meet the guests, I suggest cutting the mozzarella in small cubes. Tomatoes, if they are large, chop into medium pieces. But it would be better to take cherry tomatoes. I put them in salads on the wedding table, always intact. Next, I clean the fruits of avocados and remove bones from them. Cut into cubes the size of cheese cubes. Boil the shrimp in boiling water for a couple of minutes. I clean and mix with tomatoes, cheese, avocado. I fill the mixture with olive oil, pepper, and salt. I use basil leaves as a decoration, it does not fade for a long time and has an unusual beautiful color.

A little advice

Salads for the wedding, as well as other dishes, should be served in a certain sequence. That is: at the very beginning of the holiday dishes should be light to match the aperitif. In the middle of the celebration, salads seasoned with heavy sauces can be served on the table. And towards the end of the holiday, fruit slices look better and are eaten more eagerly.

Wedding salads - the height of the celebration

wedding saladsFirst of all, in a mortar I rub salt, garlic and pepper. Add to them dried herbs from seasoning sets for cooking chicken.All mix well, pour a couple spoons of olive oil. The resulting sauce rubbed chicken breast. Wrap it in foil. I bake in the oven to readiness. I cool, I cut in small cubes. To them I add sliced ​​parmesan cheese (one hundred to one hundred fifty grams). Then I prepare the sauce: I mix a third of a glass of olive or corn oil with one teaspoon of mustard and the juice of half a lemon. I mix everything, salt and pepper. Slice tomatoes into medium sized pieces. Add to chicken and cheese. I fill the sauce. Spread on plates, decorated with green leaves of lettuce. In this recipe, chicken breast can be replaced with any other meat or even smoked red fish.

Another little tip

I always make up salads for a universal wedding. So that the ingredients can be easily replaced. Recently, many people develop allergies to various products. Agree, none of the guests do not want to leave hungry.

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