What accessories for the fireplace should I choose?

Imagine: you bought a fireplace and installed it. This miracle is already on the designated place, and you are ready to melt it at any moment. But something is stopping you ... You want to make the fireplace more beautiful by using accessories and accessories. We will help you find interesting details that will not only decorate the fireplace, but also facilitate the work with it.


One of the most basic accessories for a fireplace is a wood fryer. In order to heat the fireplace, you will need a lot of wood. However, there is no point in keeping them separate - they almost immediately end, and it is too lazy to go after them. Bringing them to the room where the fireplace is located is not always convenient, because they quickly stain the floor and thus spoil the mood. Here you will come to the aid drovnitsa. Drownits are usually made of refractory metals, but they can also be made of other materials, although this is less practical and more dangerous, so it’s better to choose portable models from metal.Your home is sure to decorate the wrought iron accessory for the fireplace.

photo firewood

Coal buckets

The same necessary accessory for furnaces and fireplaces is a bucket for coal. Its importance is very difficult to overestimate, since both the firebox and the bucket will ensure the maintenance of the fire. But unlike drovnits, they allow you to rake the already burned material. Using such a functional accessory is very convenient and easy. It does not allow to stain the floor, clothes and shoes. Choose worth buckets of refractory metals. In addition, a black and elegant wrought-iron bucket will serve as a wonderful accessory for a fireplace.

photo pot

Fireplace grill

The fireplace grate is an element that complements the interior. At first it is difficult to notice, but without it the fireplace seems less complete, and it will be more difficult for you to plunge into a cozy atmosphere. These forged accessories for a fireplace still increase heat transfer and create a feeling of home comfort. Lattices for fireplaces are divided into two types - built-in and local. Optimal for a small fireplace will be built-in lattice screen of durable metal, which does not melt from high temperatures and does not fall out of the frame.Initially, these grids were made rectangular, but many other forms are now available.

photo lattice

Decorative plates

Decorative plates began to be used as accessories and accessories for the fireplace only recently, but have already gained quite a lot of fame. They are used when the hearth is already extinct, and the owner of the house does not want to embarrass the household and guests with an idle fireplace in his living room. It is at such a moment that a plate for the fireplace comes to the rescue, which turns it into a work of art. There are a great number of species, forms, colorings and patterns for this accessory, and each new variety brings something to the house with it. Do you want to feel in the living room the ancient cultural motifs in a modern version? Then the mantel is exactly for you!

screen photo


Furs will be especially useful to owners who love to cook in the oven. Modern fireplaces are also often equipped with this feature. The furs will make it possible to inflate the damped coals, to set the required temperature so that the food is thoroughly roasted. In addition to this use of furs, you can buy them in order to give your home beauty and aesthetics - they hint that you are a serious and responsible owner with a good sense of taste for beautiful rare things.Furs come in different designs, styles, colors.

photos of furs

Tips for choosing accessories

Think about how often you plan to use your fireplace? The accessories you choose may vary depending on whether you are interested in electric fire or durable heat in the living room. Gas bottles, for example, are ideal for rooms where you are not so often. Take a measuring tape, record the dimensions of your fireplace to fit the parts to it.

Check who made your fireplace, what the model number is. This is useful information, as some devices have precise requirements when it comes to some accessories. They can sometimes be exclusive to a specific model of the fireplace so that no other souvenir will work. Take into account the uniqueness of your home. Internal design reflects the overall style.

All this will help you decide which styles are perfect for you. Note the prevailing colors or textures inside the room. The colors of the walls, the shades of the furniture, the color of the door handles and hinges, as well as the palette of lamps and fixtures. All this should correspond to the general tone of the room.Choosing an accessory for a fireplace, whether it is the addition or offset of existing colors and textures, is just as entertaining as the choice of a painting or a table.

Most of the accessories for the fireplace and stove can be installed separately. If you want the fireplace and its accessories to fit perfectly into the surrounding space, use the services of a designer. If you do not know how to install a fireplace yourself, then also invite an installation wizard. Which installation you choose, whether it is functioning or electrical, depends on many factors: the structure of the house or apartment, the material of the walls, the floor covering and much more.

Choose accessories and accessories for the fireplace wisely, then they will last for a long time, and also bring a lot of comfort and beauty to your home, complement the hearth. Of course, installing a fireplace and buying parts for it is not such a budget event. But it's worth it. Accessories for the fireplace, photos of which are in the article, will help to make a choice.

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