What and how to treat inflammation of the sciatic nerve at home

Insidiousness of the disease and in the form of its course. At first - sheer nonsense: light tingling in the back, slight burning sensation. Then suddenly - intense pain on the buttocks, thighs, legs.

The sciatic nerve is the longest in our body. It begins at the waist, stretches to the tailbone, goes into the pelvis, then at the feet, reaching the feet. Therefore, a person can feel pain anywhere in this nerve giant.

how to treat sciatic nerve inflammation

It hurts day and night: the reasons

Especially bad at night. The patient wakes up from sudden attacks and cannot even move. The body with sciatica is divided into two halves. In one - the growing pain, in the other - numbness of the legs. It is difficult to walk. It happens that both legs fail. But don't be scared. With sciatica, the main thing is to start treatment on time. And in two weeks you will forget what happened to you.

Where does this sciatic nerve inflammation come from? You do not know? There are a lot of reasons.Here and trivial hypothermia, and high physical exertion, leading to a displacement of the intervertebral disk, which pinches the nerve. Both pelvic injuries and various infections. Or maybe they just unsuccessfully jumped, turned awkwardly, sharply lifted their weights? It also causes illness.

Diagnosis - only a doctor

At the first unpleasant sensations immediately go to a neurologist. He will examine you from all sides. When sciatica joints of the knees and feet inactive. It hurts to lift up a straight leg. Weak or abnormal neurological reflexes.

This is an external inspection. We need more blood tests, x-rays, MRI. In some cases, you can see a vascular surgeon, rheumatologist, vertebrologist. This is how much trouble causes a slight tingling in the back! Therefore, do not joke with your health. Go to the doctor. Only he knows how to treat sciatic nerve inflammation.

inflammation of the sciatic nerveMost often, the disease is growing gradually: aching in the lower back and buttocks, there is a pain in the legs, they get tired. Usually, people take such symptoms for overwork and do not cure sciatica. That is why it is important to tell the doctor everything about your pain. Then he will make the right decision on how to treat the sciatic nerve inflammation.

First aid and treatment

So, you have a sharp pain.The patient should lie down on the bed (the mattress must be hard!) And stop any movements until the discomfort subsides. The basic rule is peace and only peace, the prohibition of all kinds of loads.

Struggling with sciatica in a complex. How to treat sciatic nerve inflammation? The complex includes: bed rest, taking pills and procedures. They are selected for each patient individually.

Even if you are considering how to treat inflammation of the sciatic nerve, medical treatment of the patient will be explained in detail only by his attending physician. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants and vitamins are usually prescribed. Additionally recommend ointments, gels. Warming up is also good, including compresses, electro or phonophoresis.

Massage is one of the components of complex treatment. It is made after sharp pains have gone. And from physical therapy should not refuse. Exercises are also different for all patients. Some need to be done immediately, just in the first days of the disease and right in bed. Useful and swimming in the pool. Water reduces pain, relieves muscle spasms.

Meditating how to treat inflammation of the sciatic nerve, doctors do not exclude surgery. But only if conservative methods did not help.

 how to treat sciatic nerve inflammation drug treatment

Do not be afraid of injections

Inflammation of the sciatic nerve is treated differently. Here the therapy is both vacuum and manual. Acupuncture, pills and injections are also used. And the latter is a very productive way not only to alleviate the pain, but also to get rid of the disease altogether.

Experts know how to treat sciatic nerve inflammation with injections. This method is usually used when the disease is sharply exacerbated. Injections are made as close as possible to the sore spot. Then the remedy acts locally on the affected nerve more efficiently, which quickly brings healing.

We must remember that the inflammation of the sciatic nerve disappears sooner if the sore spot is warm. Do not be lazy and wrap yourself.

It is important for pregnant women to obey the doctor

Nobody is insured against sciatica. Including future mothers. In these situations, it is simply bad for them to rely on self-medication. After all, sciatica hinders the normal development of the fetus. Yes, and the woman herself is suffering morally and physically.

how to treat sciatic nerve inflammation with folk remediesThe question arises how to treat inflammation of the sciatic nerve during pregnancy. After all, diagnostic methods are limited. Pregnant women, for example, can not do either x-rays or the same tomography: this can badly affect the future baby.

However, treatment measures need to be taken immediately! To remove the pinching of the sciatic nerve, it is recommended to exercise exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles, pelvis and back. By the way, it will help when it comes time to give birth.

Then - the use of standard therapy to relieve attacks of pain and other symptoms of the disease. But a complete cure is possible only after childbirth.

What not to do

It is indicated for pregnant and manual therapy. It reduces pressure on the sciatic nerve. But it is impossible to drink pain pills for sciatica with the advice of a neighbor or your own understanding. Many drugs are prohibited for pregnant women. They can cause vices in the unborn child.

how to treat sciatic nerve inflammation with injectionsMassage helps to relieve pain. But if it came to inflammation and numbness of the legs, then only therapeutic salt baths will save. They are effective. Only here are allowed until the 3rd month of pregnancy.

Therefore, always - only the advice of a doctor, strict adherence to his recommendations.

Piggy Councils of Traditional Medicine

Do you know how to treat sciatic nerve inflammation with folk remedies? They, too, quickly eliminate pain. But the important advantage is this: these tools are easily available.

  1. Knead rye flour to make the dough thick.Put a piece on a sore spot, cover with plastic and a warm blanket, hold for two hours.
  2. Rub the horseradish finely, put in cheesecloth. All this dip in a warm bath. Sit in this water until it cools. Do this for 15-20 days for effective results.
  3. Wax the candles melt and apply a thin layer on the affected area. During one procedure - at least 30 layers. Perform three procedures - and a break. Then repeat.

how to treat sciatic nerve inflammation during pregnancyRemember that these methods are effective only at the early stage of sciatica and when there are no acute manifestations of it. Folk remedies are best used in conjunction with medical treatment and physiotherapy.

Himself a doctor. Home treatment

Is it even possible to treat at home? Of course. And now we will tell you how and how to treat sciatic nerve inflammation at home.

This is necessary when the help of a doctor cannot be obtained immediately. But here the iron rule: set exactly where this pain. The same muscle inflammation or osteochondrosis can cause it in the lower back.

How to determine if a nerve is pinched? You froze in the position in which you found a sharp pain. Doctors warn that it is impossible to change the position of the body through force until the pain and muscle spasm are resolved.The patient must be slowly laid on a flat and rigid horizontal surface.

Any active or passive movements are unacceptable. When a muscle spasm, any contraction will give even more pain. And so on such need only potent drugs. But they are prescribed by a doctor. The patient himself at home can only ingest nonsteroidal short-acting drugs. These are medicines "Ibuprofen" and "Diclofenac". And it is impossible to drink them for more than three days without consulting a doctor: there will be complications.

how to treat sciatic nerve inflammation at home

You can use ointments and gels with analgesic or irritating effects. Apply them only to the skin, without contact with mucous membranes. At home you can put a warm heating pad on a sore spot, make a light massage.

Here is a home treatment program.

  1. Change the mode of motor activity.
  2. Perform drug and non-drug therapy.
  3. Do not forget about the prevention of the next exacerbations.

Sciatica prevention

It all depends on you. Are you busy with sedentary work? Do you move a little? Do you like to relax on the couch, and not on nature? So you're at risk of insidious sciatica.

At work, move away more often from the table, do warm-ups and exercises that stretch the spine. Do not lift weights - you are not a hero and not in the circus arena.And if you need to move furniture at home, call your neighbor. Do not overcool and run for transport. You can fall and get hurt.

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