What can be made of a snowflake? Schemes, master classes

Let's find out what you can make a snowflake, andalso give some master classes for its creation. The proposed crafts can decorate windows and walls, a festive table, a Christmas tree and many other interior items.

What can be made of a snowflake?

The answer to this question is quite simple - from everything. Indeed, in fact, there is a mass of materials from which you can make a snowflake. Therefore the list is quite extensive:

  • paper;
  • beads and beads;
  • tissue wipes;
  • the cloth;
  • thin branches of bushes and trees;
  • wooden sticks;
  • woolen threads and so on.

As you can see, quite a lot of options from which you can make a snowflake. The main thing is to show your imagination.

Snowflakes from plain paper

When we talk about carving New Year'ssnowflakes, then first of all remember a bunch of sheets of paper folded into a triangle. This is the most popular way to make an article known to even a small child.

So, to make such snowflakes, you will need paper, a pencil and small scissors.

Step-by-step instructions on how to cut a snowflake:

cutting New Year's snowflakes

  1. Take a simple piece of paper and make itsquare shape (Figure 1). This can be done in two ways. First: Using a ruler, measure four identical sides and draw a square, then cut it out. Second: wrap the top left corner to the right side and smooth the fold, cut off excess paper.
  2. Fold the sheet into a triangle (Figure 2).
  3. Make another triangle (Figure 3).
  4. Turn the right side to the middle of the triangle, then tilt the left one (Figure 4).
  5. Cut off the extra "tails" (Figure 5).
  6. Draw a diagram with a pencil and cut out the snowflake (Figure 6).

Beautiful New Year`s snowflakes - stencils

In this way, as described above, you can make a huge number of absolutely different snowflakes. The whole variety lies in the use of templates.

If you have already become a master and know how to cutbeautiful Christmas snowflakes - you do not need stencils. After all, you can draw a drawing yourself and cut it out. The main difficulty is that eventually a beautiful snowflake comes out. And this does not always work.

New Year`s snowflakes stencils

If you do not really want to trouble yourself and invent patterns, then you can use ready-made stencils. It's enough to just redraw them to the workpiece and cut them out on the contour.

In the picture above you can see examples of suchstencils. In fact, their huge number and only you can decide what kind of snowflakes you want. After all, depending on the pattern, you can get an artwork laced, more square, with a pattern of figures and so on.

Most often, the more curls and fine lines in the stencil, the more airy will the finished product.

Which paper is suitable for making snowflakes?

To make paper snowflakes, almost any paper is suitable. The main thing is that the sheet can be easily bent, and then easily cut out of it a pattern. Therefore, it is better to use the following options:

from which you can make a snowflake

  • office paper (another name for the printer);
  • album sheets;
  • colored paper;
  • for origami;
  • for decoupage with patterns;
  • kitchen napkins.

From cardboard, you can also make snowflakes, onlyanother way. After all, this type of paper is difficult to bend several times. And to cut out of it thin patterns precisely it will not turn out. Therefore, if you want to make a cardboard snowflake, then this should be done in the following way: draw on the whole sheet all contours of the craft, and then cut it.

Snowflakes 3D

Very beautiful in the quality of the decor of the interior, there are three-dimensional snowflakes (3D). They are made from several sheets of paper.

Master class, how to make paper snowflakes 3D:

bulk snowflakes

  1. Take a sheet of paper and make it a square shape (Figure 1).
  2. Fold the sheet in half to make a triangle.
  3. Scissors make triangular incisions at least three times, as in Figure 2. The number of notches depends on the size of the paper.
  4. Open the sheet and join the PVA glue with the ends of the first carved square (Figure 3).
  5. Flip the snowflake and glue the ends of the second square in the same way (Figure 4).
  6. Turn the part so several times until all the squares are wrapped (Figure 5).
  7. Do the same thing for five more pieces of the same size.
  8. When all the parts are ready, they need to be glued betweenby yourself. Take two pieces and glue them together in two points: one end and the middle (illustration 6). Connect all six parts in this way. Spread the loose ends.

All is ready! You have a three-dimensional snowflake.

The second way to make a snowflake 3D

To make such bulk snowflakes, do not need a lot of paper. For one craft, you need to cut only twelve identical in width and length of strips.

The procedure for creating a three-dimensional snowflake:

paper snowflakes

  1. Cut the required number of strips (Figure 1).
  2. Take two strips and glue them together to make a cross (illustration 2).
  3. Place two more on the sides of one of the strips, only now above or below the perpendicular piece (depending on where the first one is located) (Figure 3).
  4. Do the same, but in the opposite direction. As a result, you should get it as in Figure 4.
  5. Now take the two ends of the side strips and glue them together (Figure 5).
  6. Repeat the same with three more sides (Figure 6).
  7. Make one more exactly the same detail (Figure 7).
  8. Slightly bend all the loops inside each detail (illustration 8).
  9. Connect the two pieces together by putting the resulting loops on the remaining stripes (Figure 9).
  10. Fix them together with glue.

The original volumetric snowflake is ready!

Tip: to make all the elements faster and better to stick together, and in the process of work do not disintegrate, connect the necessary points with the help of staples.

Snowflake from tissue wipes

To make wonderful snowflakes from napkins, you do not need any additional materials, except for a ready-made piece of cloth. You will need only sleight of hand and the following master class.

Instructions how to make snowflakes from napkins to decorate the New Year's table:

snowflakes from napkins

  1. Take a clean and ironed linen napkin (Figure 1).
  2. Wrap all the corners to the center (illustration 2).
  3. Again wrap the new four corners (figure 3) to the center.
  4. Hold the central part of the napkin and turn it to the other side (Figure 4).
  5. Fold the four corners to the center (illustration 5).
  6. Hold the middle so that it does not open, turn the inner parts forward at all corners (Figure 6).
  7. Now lift up the corners left behind (Figure 7).

Snowflake napkin is ready!

Tip: to make the article not disintegrated, you can clamp the middle with special clamps.

Wicker snowflake

Original crystal fluffs are obtained from beads. Then they can be used as New Year's toys. Snowflakes in this case are suspended on the tree for a string or line.

Instructions how to make a suspension on a New Year tree:

christmas snowflake toys

  1. Take the beads of three types: 8 mm, 4 mm and 2 mm. We also need a line about 70 cm long (Figure 1).
  2. Take a fishing line and string on it 5 beads measuring 8 mm (Figure 2).
  3. Put on the sixth bead and pass through it the other end of the line to make a loop (Figure 3).
  4. Tighten the eyelet (illustration 4).
  5. From one end of the line, put the beads in this order: 4 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm, 2 mm (Figure 5). It will be more beautiful if you use beads of two different shades.
  6. Next, string the beads in this order: 8 mm, 2 mm, 8 mm, 2 mm, 8 mm, 2 mm (Figure 6).
  7. Now use the end of the fishing line through the second 2 mm bead (Figure 7).
  8. Tighten one more loop (illustration 8).
  9. String the bead on the working end in the following order: 4 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm (Figure 9).
  10. Draw a line through the bead from the 3rd point (Figure 10).
  11. Pass the right end of the line through another large bead and string on it such beads: 4 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm, 2 mm (Figure 11).
  12. String another bead: 2 mm, 8 mm, 2 mm, 8 mm, 2 mm, 8 mm, 2 mm. Pass the fishing line through the second 2 mm bead and put on the beads 4 mm and 2 mm (Figure 12).
  13. Pass the fishing line through the beads, which are shown in Figure 13.
  14. Tighten the eyelets (illustration 14).
  15. Bring the line through the adjacent large bead (Figure 15).
  16. Similarly, weave another three sides of the snowflake (Figure 16).
  17. Continue the weaving of the tops of the snowflake on the other side of the line (Figure 17).
  18. Pass the two edges of the line through several different beads and tie small nodules (Figure 18).

The snowflake is ready! It remains only to tie a ribbon, thread or piece of fishing line, so that the craft can be hung on the line.

We use sticks from ice cream

Absolutely wonderful decor can be built fromordinary wooden sticks from ice cream (for example, Eskimo). We must either collect them, or buy them (they are sold in large sets of 50 pieces or more).

First, collect a snowflake of an arbitrary shape. When you like everything, gently glue with a glue gun wooden sticks between each other. Then paint the design in any color with acrylic paint. It falls very well and dries quickly.

beautiful Christmas snowflakes

When your snowflake is ready, make a wire hook and hang it on the wall or on the door. This is a very simple and at the same time stylish New Year decor of the premises.

Tip: to make the article look neat, the sticks should be placed on each other only on one side.

The help comes natural materials

Very beautiful look snowflakes, made from the simplest cones, which can be collected, walking through the forest.

from which you can make a snowflake

To make such an original craft, youNine pieces of little shishiki will be needed. Connect the material together with an adhesive gun. To do this, drip the glue on the back of the cones and tighten them together. That is, the "ass" should be in the middle, and the lush parts form a snowflake. To make the dress look more elegant, cover it with white paint, and sprinkle silvery sparkles on top.

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