What does an e-cigarette consist of: composition, types and reviews

Everyone knows that smoking - However, not many understand how difficult it is to part with it. What it consists of is not limited to tobacco and filter. Modern manufacturers add resins and hazardous substances. They are addictive, make people smoke as much as possible. Electronic cigarette - a device that mimics the process of smoking. Its main purpose is to replace the classic cigarette.
what does a cigarette consist of

What is it

Many are interested in: what is an electronic cigarette? This device is an alternative substitute for a conventional one. It does not contain carcinogens, resins, arsenic, cyanide and other compounds harmful to human health. Using an electronic cigarette, a person smokes nicotine, getting the same pleasure as from a classic one. The main difference: the smoke and the smell does not cause discomfort to others, as they are not there. The device of a cigarette is similar to an inhaler, and with the help of an integrated mini-processor it creates a realistic imitation of smoking.Nicotine fluid is contained in a removable cartridge. The smoker, making a puff, feels the cold steam like real smoke. Electronic cigarettes are classical (consist of a steam generator, a battery and a cartridge) and a new generation (battery and cartomizer).what does an electronic cigarette consist of


What does a cigarette consist of? And what is the difference with e? Externally, the modern device resembles a regular cigarette. Only instead of tobacco - electronic filling. In terms of weight, length, and electronic configuration, it differs from conventional cigarettes. The kit includes liquid for charging, charger. In addition, the device requires care, but it does not leave behind ash, cigarette butts and an unpleasant smell.

What it consists of

E-cigarette ... What does it consist of and should it be used? All models, regardless of their type, consist of a microprocessor, cartridge, sensor, actuator, battery, combustion simulator. In general, this cigarette includes three main parts: a cartridge, a battery and an atomizer.

  • The battery in the device - lithium-ion. The size of a cigarette depends on the battery parameters. He is responsible for the operation of the device.
  • The atomizer performs the function of a liquid vaporizer from the cartridge.
  • The cartridge is made of plastic. Inside is a synthetic winterizer soaked in nicotine slurry. As soon as it runs out, the cartridge is replaced or refilled.

what is the liquid for electronic cigarettes

Principle of operation

In order to start the process of smoking with an electronic cigarette, take a puff. Inside the device, a special device responds to the action and gives a signal to the atomizer. It converts the nicotine contained in the cartridge into an abundant vapor. Usually a smoker makes sixteen puffs when smoking a classic cigarette. Electronic smoking should be on the same principle, but not so often. The taste and strength of a cigarette depends on the filter. It contains not only nicotine, but also substances that create a certain aroma. Filters are easily detached from the body of the cigarette and replaced with new ones. One filter is about fifty cigarettes. Pretty sparingly.

What constitutes a cigarette is understandable, but when using e, it is important to follow some rules. First, devices must not be exposed to direct sunlight; Secondly,for people with high sensitivity to the components, it is better to use filters with a low content of nicotine, or to abandon them altogether; thirdly, make sure that the liquid does not fall into the mouth or on the lips; fifthly, a charged battery should not be in contact with metal objects.


Anyone who smoked a long time for ordinary cigarettes and switched to e-cigarettes can appreciate the merits of the latter. During smoking there is no suffocating smoke and smell. Hands, clothes and hair no longer smell tobacco. The state of health and mood noticeably improves, it becomes easier to breathe, taste sensations become aggravated, shortness of breath goes away. In addition, smoking an electronic cigarette can be where prohibited by law. It does not create products of combustion, and therefore does not harm others. Does not contain such cigarettes and tar, therefore less harmful than normal.

what is the liquid for electronic cigarettes

The advantage of the device is that after smoking the teeth are not covered with yellow bloom, the condition of the hair and skin does not deteriorate. What is the flavor for electronic cigarettes? Their peculiarity is that you can choose a liquid for refilling with additives. They imitate the taste of berries, fruits, menthol.Flavors are harmless, as are food. Additional components that give a smell and taste to a couple are optional.


Many believe that refueling such a device is dangerous to health. What is the liquid for electronic cigarettes? Its composition contains glycerin (forms steam), propylene glycol (dissolves the components, enhances properties, makes the liquid flowable), water, nicotine, flavors and dyes. The disadvantages of electronic devices for smoking include:

  • The psychological addiction they have.
  • Cigarettes are not certified, which means they are easy to fake.
  • Imitation of smoke can cause discontent of others because of the similarity with this cigarette smoke.
  • The contents of the cartridges may be unsafe, especially if the manufacturer turned out to be unfair and decided to get rich.
  • Propylene glycol in composition can cause allergies, lung diseases, breathing problems in hypersensitive people.
  • Sometimes the content of nicotine in the composition is higher than that stated by the manufacturer.
  • Poor liquid provokes cancer.

Some countries, including the United States, have imposed a ban on smoking and selling electronic cigarettes. In Russia, they are allowed.

what does cigarette filter consist of

How to choose

There are a lot of electronic models. They differ in size, design, internal content, color. There are options for men and women, as well as automatic and manual. Activation of the first occurs after tightening, the latter are activated using the button. Manual ones are more practical, as the user independently controls the duration of the puff. In addition, in automatic models the atomizer is easier to clean. The size of a cigarette depends on the battery. The smaller the device, the weaker the battery.

What does a cigarette filter consist of? It is also called a cartridge. This is one of the main components of the device. Cartridges consist of a sealed container with a mesh material. It prevents liquids from flowing out of the cigarette during puffs. Economically spent. Vaporizes a limited amount of fluid. When choosing cartridges, pay attention to the percentage of nicotine.

If the smoker has a great experience, the best option is medium or high content.Formulations without nicotine or with low content are also available. Pay attention to the presence or absence of aromatic additives (menthol, medicinal plants, vitamin solutions, coenzymes, extracts). Choosing an electronic cigarette, give preference to proven manufacturers. This is a guarantee of quality security.

what is the basis for electronic cigarettes

How to choose liquid for electronic cigarettes? What does it consist of? Along with the cartridge, the liquid is the main component of the device. It is with its help that steam is formed. The composition includes only a few components: nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerin and additives that give the taste and aroma of fluid. Its most important advantage is the absence of carcinogenic substances, harmful combustion products. When choosing a liquid, pay attention to the method of extracting nicotine from tobacco leaf. The most high-quality nicotine is obtained by extraction. Simplicity of design, usability, size - factors that become decisive when choosing a cigarette. But the main thing here is the quality of the liquid. Prefer famous brand. Buying cigarettes of unknown brands can lead to severe poisoning.


What is the result? What is the difference between an electronic cigarette and a regular one? The most important thing is the appearance and device. Manufacturers are positioning an alternative to smoking as one of the ways to quit a bad habit, the ability to smoke in places prohibited for this, as well as a less harmful way. Unlike conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are cheaper. No need to spend money on tobacco daily. What is the basis for electronic cigarettes? Nicotine fluid, unlike conventional tobacco and other impurities in a cigarette, may contain harmful compounds that cause allergies, so there is no need to talk about the complete safety of electronic cigarettes. By the principle of action they are similar to steam generators.

what is the electronic cigarette ijust


Consider a specific example. What is the electronic cigarette iJust and how much does it cost? The device includes a battery, liquid tank, evaporator. In order to take advantage of this model, you need to fill the fluid, screw the atomizer to the battery. The body of the cigarette is made of stainless steel. The average price of an electronic cigarette brand iJust - 1300 rubles.In principle, the cost of such devices starts from 500 and reaches 5,000 rubles.


What does an electronic cigarette consist of? We figured it out, but is it worth starting to use it? Many users have noted that this device is designed to stop smoking, and not to start. Electronic devices to smoke "tastier" than a regular cigarette, they give a lot of smoke, do not have a negative impact on the health of others, are economical, do not have an unpleasant smell, are easy to use, relatively safe, durable, hold a charge for a long time, have a stylish design. They resemble a hookah, help to quit smoking over time. Among the shortcomings: the electronic ones do not eliminate the desire to smoke a regular cigarette; it is not known how they will affect the state of health; do not look like cigarettes; the composition of the liquid includes propylene glycol.

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