What is a network filter and what are its functions? How to choose the best surge protector: tips and reviews

Every day more and more difficult, but very sensitive equipment comes to our house. Some devices work directly from the electrical network, other devices require periodic recharging. Connecting devices to the power grid exposes them to the risk of failure if a sudden voltage change. This may occur due to the fault of the supplier, outdated wiring, or due to the fact that the neighbors connected the device that caused the short circuit. You can protect your equipment from damage by installing a surge protector between the socket and the device. After all, repairing damage sometimes costs more than buying a new unit.

What is a network filter

A relatively inexpensive device will perfectly protect expensive home appliances from sudden power outages or power surges, as well as filter and remove unwanted pulses and interference,which can damage electronic systems.

network filter

Best surge protectorable to protect the equipment from the effects of a short circuit, which can burn units around the riser entrance. We are talking about devices connected to outlets, located near the installation site of the device, which caused damage to the wiring.

Principle of operation

For the basic network filter is not difficult to extinguish the pulse. Such a task the device has to perform constantly. Because these short-term phenomena appear with an enviable constancy. To provoke their occurrence can discharges of static atmospheric electricity. Not all fuses are able to react to this fast pulse, so the filter must be equipped with a combination of several fuses, among which there must be a gas discharge. Otherwise, if a pulse with a wide amplitude occurs, electronic devices can be seriously damaged.

Voltage surges that a person is able to notice by the flashing of a lamp, a surge protector with any bundle is able to recognize.If it is not possible to mix, its network device is turned off. This surge occurs as a result of connecting to the network or disconnecting from it electrical appliances with high power. A kettle, a drill, a microwave, a washing machine and many other household appliances can become a provocateur.

Interference caused by electromagnetic or high-frequency equipment is removed by the line filter capacitors.

How to choose

When buying a power filter, you need to pay attention to the presence of a forced shutdown button, as a rule, it is a sign of the necessary protective function. Not only will the TV or computer remain unharmed, but the filter itself does not burn due to the sensitive fuse triggered.pilot network filter

One mains voltage filter can guarantee reliable protection of several electric appliances of different power at the same time. The number of units serviced simultaneously is determined by the manufacturer (the number of connectors on the case).

When choosing a close attention should be paid to several parameters of the device itself and the information in the accompanying documents.

  1. Choosing a model, you need to beware of fakes.To exclude the possibility of buying low-quality goods must immediately in the store. To do this, you must carefully examine the passport products. Having understood from the description of what functions this device has, you can be sure of its quality.
  2. The impulse load indicator can tell a lot about which network filter is able to withstand a greater load drop in the network. Devices with small indicators will cope with jumps that are caused by disconnecting or connecting to the network of powerful household appliances. Some models, even the insurmountable circumstances in the form of a lightning strike to the power supply uneasy.
  3. The standard cord length is 180 cm. In most cases, it is sufficient for domestic use. For large rooms, there are filters with a 5-meter cord.
  4. The number and types of fuses. Three different types are able to provide full protection because they react to various stimuli.
  5. The number of sockets of the European standard in the devices may be different.
  6. The absence of the LED button indicates that it is just an extension cord, not a filter. Because a burning light bulb indicates the operability of the unit.If there is no light, then one of the fuses burned out.


mains voltage filter

Filters are divided into three categories according to the level of protection.

  • Basic broadcast protection.It is in the documents referred to as Essential. For ordinary household appliances, such as a refrigerator, microwave, multi-cooker without an integrated recipe book, a surge protector of this class is suitable.
  • Universal Home / Office DeviceApplicable for connecting a PC with all its add-ons and LCD TVs.
  • Performance- a network filter, its price is higher than that of devices of basic and universal configuration. It is used, in accordance with its name, for sensitive devices that are sensitive to energy fluctuations, whose protection performance should be at a height.


  • CompanyFurmanIt is engaged in the release of surge protectors of all classes used for AC networks providing protection of audio systems, home theaters and acoustic systems.
  • FirmIsol-8produces beautiful network filters. In addition to beauty, they have all the necessary qualities for devices of this class.
  • Chang Audio Corporationengaged in the release of products of the brand Lightspeed.This is a filter whose price has made it popular all over the world.

ACS network filter

  • McIntosh Laboratory- A company that produces a lot of audio, video and computer equipment. As a related product, the company produces filters.
  • Monster Cable Productsengaged in the release of all categories of network filters, including automotive.
  • Nordost Corporation:The main product of the company is electric cables. This is a firm - supplier of medical institutions. New products ahead of the competition. Line filters have a unique filling.
  • Systems and magic- manufacturer of audio. It is famous for the fact that all products are assembled by hand. Ideas innovation network filters belong to the developers of the company.
  • SurgeXdifferent premium products. Withstand its filters jumps in the mains up to 6 thousand volts.
  • Network filterAPCIt belongs to the middle class of products and is popular for its good value for money.

Next, consider in detail the reviews of the most popular models of network filters.

Sven Surge Filters

The Finnish Sven network filter appeared relatively recently on the Russian market. A well-thought-out design is the bright representative of this brand - the SVEN Fort device.The bright case design, which is not typical of most filters, makes it stand out from the total mass of similar devices.best surge protector

Unlike many of his fellows, he is not intended to lie on the floor. On the back of the case there are 2 holes that can hold the extension on the wall in the longitudinal or transverse position. On the front panel there are 5 sockets, and opposite to each of them there is a red key that is responsible for the work of a certain connector. There is also a button that disables the entire device.

Two indicators on the housing indicate grounding and operational protection status. The backlight color is different. According to customer reviews, the diagonal arrangement of the holes is not very convenient. When connecting some devices whose plugs are oblong, it is not possible to use the adjacent connector.

Inside the case:

  • pay;
  • 3 varistors;
  • fuse 10 A.;
  • thermal fuse.

There is also a model SVEN Fort Pro. According to experts, this device differs from the previous one by the presence of a voltage scale, which is a little inaccurate. Its internal structure is identical to Fort. In both devices, solder flows are observed.

Network Filter Company APC

8 devices can be connected at a time to this computer network equipped with protection, telephone and video lines, a high-frequency noise filter and a three-meter cord to the device. The APC network filter has an attractive design. A nice addition to the main product are 3 cords. They are designed to connect the Internet, telephone and TV. On the case there is a button for switching off the device and indicators showing the grounding, connection and the presence of network overloads, next to it is the block of protection of communication lines.mains filter Price

The device is thought out to the smallest detail. Fastening on the wall is possible in any position. For use on the floor there are legs. According to the positive reviews of experts, it is clear that this is a unit of the highest standard that can satisfy the majority of consumers. All functions declared by the manufacturer are performed with honor. With all the advantages, this unit does not have an earthing of local networks. Surge protector, the price of which is higher than that of SVEN Fort Pro, is better both in terms of performance and quality of performance. The disadvantages found by consumers can be considered inconvenience of fastening in a horizontal position.

Defender network filters

A wide range of products is presented on the Russian market Defender network filter - a variety of colors, shapes of connectors and technical capabilities. The smallest unit allows you to connect one electric device with a conventional plug and two gadgets via USB ports to charge them without connecting to a PC.sven network filter

Devices of the highest category of protection are represented by devices with 6 and 8 Euro connectors. They are intended for use at home and offices. Among the user reviews there was not a single bad word. People are especially happy to have USB ports that allow you to charge tablets, MP3 players and electronic books. Among the drawbacks is the size of the hull, which does not give the desired aesthetics to the wall.

Network Filters from Pilot

The Pilot network filter, which has long emerged on the Russian market, begins to lose ground. The functions conceived by the developer would work perfectly if the assembly were made more qualitatively. Among the reviews, several people point to the same flaw - poor solder parts, which, flying from their seats, lead to undesirable consequences.Most users are satisfied with the filters of this brand. Another disadvantage is the price of this surge protector, which is one and a half times higher than that of other manufacturers of units of the corresponding class. It remains to hope that manufacturers will take into account the comments of citizens, and Pilot will be a reliable companion of its followers for many years to come.

Which network filter is better

Looking through the reviews of experts and user reviews, you can immediately dismiss the idea of ​​buying a surge protector made by Finns. APC is very interesting and reliable, but for many its price will be the biggest drawback. An unpleasant surprise was the reviews received by the Pilot network filter, which for many years had no complaints. To date, the best surge protector for price and quality - Defender.

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