What is a pixel?

What is a pixel?

  • In computers, a bitmap image is formed, which consists of many elements. A pixel is the smallest element that carries information about color and brightness, a pixel always has only one color. In a black and white image, the pixel is equal to the size of one point, but in a color image, one pixel consists of three points.

  • The image on your monitor or TV is not uniform. It consists of very, very small dots of different colors (red, green, blue), but you do not see them separately and they merge into a single image. These small points are called pixels. You can take a magnifying glass and look at your monitor through it. Then everything will see and everything will become clear

  • Pixel is a unit of measurement of the resolution of the screen of a marion monitor of a digital camera. In Russian speaking, pixel = point. Those. if they say for example that the picture has the size of 50 x 100 pixels, then this means the picture has the size of 50 x 100 points

    With this concept is connected

    Angular resolution is the minimum angle between objects that an optical system can distinguish.

    Linear resolution is the minimum distance between distinguishable objects in microscopy.

    The resolution of modern printers is measured in points per millimeter (dpmm) or per inch (dpi).

    The resolution of the matrices depends on their type, area and density of photosensitive elements per unit surface.

    It depends nonlinearly on the light sensitivity of the matrix and on the noise level specified by the program.

    It is important that the modern foreign interpretation of the world lines considers a pair of black and white stripes - behind the 2 lines - in contrast to domestic theory and practice, where each line is always considered to be divided by contrasting background spans equal to the thickness of the line.

    Some companies - manufacturers of digital cameras for advertising purposes are trying to rotate the matrix at an angle in 45, reaching a certain formal increase in resolution when photographing the simplest horizontally-vertical world. But if you use a professional world, or at least turn a simple world to the same angle, it becomes obvious that increasing the resolution is fictitious.

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