What is biogel nail coating?

Covering nails with biogel at home -this is a common modern procedure. This direction has recently become very popular and popular in the beauty industry. Manicure is an integral part of the ideal image of any fashionista. It is put on one level with such a routine procedure as facial skin care. But, despite this, not every girl can shine with beautiful and strong nails. Their structure in most women is in a deplorable state, because of what the appearance leaves much to be desired.biogel nail coating

Developments in the field of beauty do not stand still, andspecialists make every effort to solve such problems. They create a variety of means for growth and strengthening of nails, for example, such as various nourishing oils, creams, mixtures and firming colorless varnishes. But, despite this, in recent years, many have resorted to using artificial materials for building up, such as acrylic and gel. This procedure helps make the nails attractive and well-groomed, but does not contribute to their strengthening. That's why the specialists have created a special tool that serves not only to build up, but also to improve the nail plates. Covering nails with biogel - at the moment the best way to strengthen them.

Description and advantages of biogelbiogel nails in home conditions

Biogel is a special materialto cover the nail plate. It can be used not only for healing, but also for creating a beautiful manicure. The basic components of biogel, in contrast to other materials, are natural components. Among them are vitamins E and A, which promote the healing and strengthening of nails, as well as the resin of the teak tree, which grows mostly in South Africa. Important features of biogel were its plasticity and flexibility. These properties allow you to use it at home without visiting expensive salons.

Why use biogel?biogel coating for nails

Biogel coating of nails contributes to their morerapid growth, and also improves their appearance due to the leveling of the surface and giving a natural healthy color. Given that this material is easy to use, you can work with it at home. Covering nails with biogel helps to keep them from the harmful effects of environmental factors, without causing any harm. A manicure made using this material will look natural, which will make it possible to use it even for those who work in the company with strict requirements to employees. In addition, the biogel is excellent for nail extensions. Covering the nails with biogel at home is carried out using special tools and tools. One of the main instruments is the ultraviolet lamp. It is necessary for drying the gel after covering it with nails. In addition, you will need files of different rigidity, brushes of different diameters from artificial bristles, gel or varnish for fixing, special degreasing liquid, buffs, and also means for removing this material.

Covering the nails with biogel creates a manicure that lasts about three weeks. After this time, the material can be removed with a special tool and repeat the procedure anew.

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