What is coagulation, how can it be caused?

Coagulation - what is it? What does this term mean? From Latin it is translated as "coagulation." Most people who have heard this word for the first time do not even know what it is about. In this article you can familiarize yourself with this term and find the answer to the question: “Coagulation - what is it?” The coagulation process is most often used in surgery and cosmetology.coagulation what is

What are the causes of retinal detachment?

The human visual organ is unique. It allows you to receive 65% of information about the outside world. The eye has a complex anatomical structure. The main link is considered the retina. The inner shell of the eye converts the energy of light into signals of the nervous type. Thanks to this, a person perceives what he has seen. Due to various diseases of this organ, there can be retinal detachment that leads to blindness. How is coagulation applicable in this case? What does this process mean?laser coagulation

As a rule, they talk about laser correction method, which allows you to stop the degenerative development in the retina in time. This is called coagulation.

The sources of this disease include diabetic retinopathy and intraocular tumor, blunt injuries and myopia, eating disorders of the eye membrane in retinitis. Due to the development of these diseases, gaps appear. Through them, the vitreous fluid accumulates under the reticular membrane. As a result of detachment from the choroid, the blood supply to the retina is disturbed.

What are the indications for laser coagulation?

This method of correction is prescribed for diseases such as tumors of a certain type, retinopathy, which is a consequence of diabetes or hypertension. Also, laser coagulation of the retina is done with dystrophic changes of the vessels, with their excessive growth, with partial detachment and rupture of the retina. Thrombosis of the main vein of the eye and age-related progressive macular dystrophy are the main indications for coagulation of the retina.

Contraindications for laser surgery

This method has minimal trauma. But there are limitations to the implementation of such an operation.retinal coagulationThese include severe hemorrhage in the fundus, growth of the vessels of the iris, a severe degree of vitreous opacification and low visual acuity, the value of which does not exceed 0.1 diopters. The listed contraindications do not allow to perform laser correction. In this case, the specialist offers other methods for solving the problem.

What are the benefits of coagulation?

One of the advantages of using a laser is that it is a non-contact method of exposure. In other words, the operation is painless and without blood. To carry out the coagulation of the eye does not need to be in the hospital for a long time to pass the required examinations. The operation is performed on an outpatient basis. The amount of time it takes to hold it, on average, is half an hour.

Another advantage of a laser surgery is that it is performed not under general anesthesia, but under local anesthesia. This method has no age limit.

Proceeding from what indications are, therapeutic laser coagulation can be performed. It is prescribed to people who suffer from high and moderate degrees of myopia, as well as to prevent retinal detachment.

As a rule, this method is recommended for women in position. It is known that natural childbirth has a significant burden on the body of the future mother. Therefore, a severe degree of myopia or a violation of changes in the fundus vessels can dramatically reduce visual acuity after childbirth.

During the first trimester, the fair sex is undergoing a medical examination. The ophthalmologist in identifying any disease may prescribe such an operation up to 34 weeks of pregnancy. This preventive procedure prevents the development of complications and strengthens the thinned areas of the retina, and also increases the blood supply to the affected area.

Stages of the operation

At the beginning, special drops are instilled into the eyes, which lead to the expansion of the pupil. They are also local anesthesia. Then the head should be fixed in the apparatus with a three-mirror lens.And for full contact, the equipment is brought close to the front wall of the eye. Cauterization occurs with the help of an aiming laser. At this point, the patient is strictly forbidden to move the eye. He should look only forward.laser coagulation of the retina

Coagulation is caused by laser exposure, which leads to a sharp increase in temperature at the pathological point. The result is gluing of the retina to the choroid and return to normal blood supply. As a rule, the patient does not experience any pain during the operation, but can see the light from the laser beam and feel the pressure from the lens. Apparatus with the help of such effects glues the internal fragments of the shell when the retina is broken.

How should the recovery period take place after the surgery?

In order to be able to find out how effective the performed procedure was, two weeks have to pass. During these days, strong chorioretinal adhesions form. In order to avoid consequences after laser correction, the patient should observe several rules.

It is strictly forbidden to lift weights and should not engage in sports. During this period, wearing sunglasses is required.In addition, you should not spend a long time at the computer or watching TV. Those people who suffer from hypertension, should at this time constantly monitor blood pressure. And diabetics need their sugar indicators to be optimal. It is also a prerequisite of the postoperative period that patients should be most careful and avoid injuries to the head and, of course, eyes.eye coagulation

After laser surgery, the patient visits an ophthalmologist for six months for preventive examinations. You will also need to undergo dispensary observation. He is appointed once every six months.

Thus, having studied this article, you will surely answer the question about coagulation, what this incomprehensible word means. In order to avoid education and complications of the disease, do not forget to visit a specialist once a year.

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