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Faint-heartedness - common associated with lack or spirit. Such people literally surround us, afraid to respond to the rudeness of the seller or to stand up for the weak. This is not necessarily a sign of cowardice, because this psycho-type appears as a result of upbringing, in which the main steel rod has not been laid in man since childhood. So what is cowardice and is it possible to fight it?cowardice what is

Little about the term

Faint-heartedness is the behavior of an individual in society. Such a psycho-type people, as a rule, are not able to fulfill their ideas, goals, desires or dreams. An obstacle in this is any fear or fear of making a mistake.

So what is cowardice? It manifests itself in the form of envy, stiffness, restraint, cowardice, insecurity, fear, weak character, and involuntary aggression. Type develops in people in two cases: from childhood, due to improper upbringing and the environment, as well as after a serious psychological trauma.

Craven man - who is he?

Such an individual may not be aware of his psycho-type, but he constantly feels the tension, which eventually develops into a depressive state.cowardice synonyms

As a rule, a person exhibits mental weakness when it comes to his personal life, career, and communication with other people. It is easy to crush him morally, subjugate and force him to do something out of personal initiative. This does not mean that you are so skillful a manipulator. The faint-hearted person is simply not able to refuse because of constraint or fear. But do not think that he will not worry about it. On the contrary, such an individual reproaches himself for his weak character and weak-willed.

The behavior of the faint-hearted person can be compared only with the betrayal of his own personality, dreams and ideas. Despite his very real desires, for example, to become a doctor or to get a dog, he will hide them from others.

But the question remains: "What is cowardice and can a person fight with him?" Undoubtedly, it is necessary to change such a psychological type, and if not independently, so with the help of a specialist. Every weak-willed person has three ways:

  1. Fight with yourself.
  2. Let everything go its course and just continue to dive into depression.
  3. To accumulate anger at yourself and others, which later will result in something more.

Often, weak-willed and weak-minded people do not understand that life success and advancement are in their own hands, and do not depend on others. Of course, cowardice is a type of character that is formed from early childhood, often in an unfavorable family environment, where parents immediately make it clear that their child is not a person, but a weak and soft-bodied slave.psycho people

How to deal with it?

Synonyms of cowardice are cowardice, timidity, weak character, spineless, weak-mindedness and mental impotence. One of these features can be attributed to each person, showing a lack of spirit in the most unexpected situations.

There is only one rule that will help rid you of this ailment: "Start fighting with yourself, act against weakness and apathy." No matter how much time passes, cowardice will absorb you, growing more and more each year. Ultimately, this can either kill you, or leave you penniless on the street, or turn you into a lonely, empty person. After all, faint-hearted people, as a rule, do not have friends and relatives, whom they would trust and trust themselves.

This psycho-type of people is changing, but very long. You need to adjust all your habits, get acquainted with the charisma and oratory, learn the characters of others and begin to analyze them. You do not need to be afraid of getting into a ridiculous situation, where, perhaps, your hands will sweat with fear.cowardly man

Where does cowardice come from?

As mentioned above, weak character and lack of will (as well as other synonyms of cowardice) begin to develop in early childhood. First of all, parents, and then classmates, friends, and teachers influence this.

Parents do not teach children to be strong, but show how to adapt to their desires and goals. For example, if a child does not have the right to choose his own circle of activities, activities, hobbies and friends, then over time his true self disappears. The child simply does what he is told, feeling the fibers of the soul that everything is going somehow wrong. But as it should be, in fact, perhaps, this child, growing up, will never understand.

Examples of cowardice

Now you know what cowardice is, but how does this psychological type manifest in the real world?

  • First, a person will never argue with others, and even if he starts, he will not be able to bring really weighty arguments.This leads to the fact that the individual will not defend their interests and views, simply agreeing with the opinions of others, despite the fact that in the depths of the soul he is totally against.
  • Secondly, all the qualities of cowardice are very rarely manifested in one person. For example, such a psychotype can be awarded to people who are very mean or hypocritical, unsure of themselves or timid.
  • Thirdly, such people always have anger or hatred inside, which made them faint-hearted. Perhaps they are aware of a mistake in their upbringing, a pathological situation in a school or university.

mental weakness

Parents' mistakes

If you absolutely did not expect your child to turn into a faint-hearted person, then first of all you need to look for the root of the problem in yourself, and not judge the child and blame him. Authoritarian education, manipulation of children, assault and the use of a mandative tone are ways to break the spirit of a kid who has just begun to form a steel will rod.

Useful tips

It is easy to overcome fear and insecurity; the main thing is to start acting. Do not be afraid to speak openly about your desires, even if you want to write a picture or write poems.Of course, at first someone will laugh at your ideas, but having understood the seriousness of intentions, they will cease, they will begin to respect.

Do not be afraid to assert your rights and do the things that cause you fear. For example, do not hesitate to tell a passerby that he stepped on your foot or help your grandmother to cross the road. Just follow the rule: do it right away if you want (or if it seems that it will be more correct).

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