What is interesting about Zopo?

Products manufacturers from China have longestablished itself in the market. More and more people began to give preference to phones from the Middle Kingdom. Attention is not spared and devices produced by the company Zopo. What is the buyer's interest in this company's products?


Zopo Phone

Every mobile phone Zopo will pleaseowner of elegant appearance. The manufacturer has definitely worked on the look of its products. Naturally, like most Chinese firms, there is a borrowing of design ideas from more advanced companies. Model ZP950 is very similar to the appearance of Samsung. However, the manufacturer's efforts did not go unnoticed. Almost any Zopo product has its own solutions.

Although the outward appearance of the company looks stylish,there are also weaknesses. The main drawback was the monotony of the materials. Almost every device produced by the company is made of plastic. That is why the strength and reliability of the devices are questionable.


Mobile phone Zopo

First of all, the Zopo phone, like mostChinese devices, attracts a low price. The average cost is 6-9 thousand rubles. Naturally, there are more expensive devices. On some models, the price exceeds ten thousand.

Will convince the future buyer and the "filling" of the smartphone. The characteristics of the device Speed ​​7 look more than attractive for the "budget". Although this model can be reliably attributed to the middle class of devices.

Phone Zopo Speed ​​7 is attractive not onlyAccessibility, but also impressive functionality. The manufacturer has equipped its offspring with an excellent screen with an IPS matrix and high resolution. Have paid attention and hardware. The smartphone has 8 cores with a performance of 1.5 GHz each. The device's memory will be surprised by the presence of 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage. The camera, which received a matrix of 13 megapixels (main) and 5 megapixels (frontal), was not bypassed.


Chinese phone Zopo will surprise the useran excellent display. Having studied the product line, you can see that the manufacturer clearly does not save on its screens. Owners of five inches get a resolution of 1920 by 1080, and at a size of 4 "pixels are 960 by 540. Of course, there are exceptions .For example, the ZP900S equipped with a 5.3-inch screen received only 960 by 540 pixels.

Despite minor shortcomings, the Zopo phonelooks much better than most Chinese devices. A bright display, an IPS matrix and excellent resolution are not often found among budget Chinese.


Chinese phone Zopo

The MTK processor has become a familiar solution forinexpensive devices, especially this option liked the firm of the Middle Kingdom. Choosing a cheap "stuffing" significantly reduces the cost of the device, although it significantly affects the performance.

Such a choice of hardware is not bypassedside and Zopo. Having sacrificed some of the productivity and preferring a cheap "stuffing", the company noticeably reduced the cost of the devices. However, the company's power should not be underestimated. Any phone Zopo cope with any everyday tasks. More advanced models, such as the ZP920 or ZP980, are comparable to the middle class of well-known brands.

It is striking the presence in the phones of several cores with a good frequency of work. Even such a trifle, as a native memory, did not fail. The smartphones of the company installed 4, 16 or 32 GB.


Phone Zopo reviews

Usually, state employees are disappointed with their ability topictures. But Zopo succeeded in this direction. A significant number of phones boasts the presence of 13 megapixels. This camera received an elegant ZP920 and inconspicuous C3. Of course, to the matrices of Sony or Samsung is far, but the quality is quite good.

The additional cameras of both devicesto the liking of self-portraits lovers. In C3 they placed an "eye" 5 Mp, and the model ZP920 got a front-plate in 8 megapixels. A similar situation occurred with other phones of the company.

Positive reviews

What did the owners of Zopo like? Reviews highlight the big screen. Quality images are also given credit. The display shows itself from the best side in the sun, and the image without pixels further improves the impression.

The camera also pleased the users. Perhaps the images do not reach the quality of the market leaders, but the resulting picture is not bad. In the Chinese device, this camera looks more than unexpected.

Not bad performance was anothertrump card Zopo. The performance of the cores, RAM and a large amount of memory - what else does the user need? Owners even compared Zopo with representatives of the S-class of Lenovo.

Be sure to note the cost of devices. Although the firm's products are higher in price than some smart phones in the Middle Kingdom, it is definitely worth their money.

Negative feedback

The main drawback was the design, or rather the material of the case. The Zopo machines are incredibly fragile and get scratches and damage even from a slight drop.

A secondary battery, however, is no less important. Many owners complained about the short working hours and strong dependence on the outlet.

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