What is morality for the modern man?

Increasingly, we hear about the degradation of modern ethics and morality, and sometimes we see it with our own eyes. Perhaps it is time to think about what morality is for those around us and for ourselves? What norms do we follow if we follow in any way? Perhaps someone will catch himself thinking that for him personally these limiters are almost gone.

Principles of morality of modern society

The current morality is based on two simple principles derived from the motto of modern society - “as much happiness as possible for the maximum number of people”:

  1. All people are equal in their rights.
  2. A person is allowed everything that does not directly infringe the rights of other people.

what is moralityThat's just for the cultivation of ethics and morality in people is not enough. This simplified form does not give an idea of ​​what morality is. And the key word in the second principle becomes "directly."After all, you can do anything without formally violating the rights of others. The process of transition of thinking to this format has been launched by mass culture. Almost the entire planet watches the same films, listens to the same music, and this cannot remain without consequences.


So it turns out that each individual individual seeks for himself the maximum of happiness by all means available to him, except for those that do not directly harm others. The main thing is to remain “clean” de jure, the rest is unimportant. This is an obvious way to a dead end, where egocentrism will be elevated to the absolute, and people will be as fragmented as possible. The perverted concept of what morality is, by definition, cannot lead to anything good. How can people become more moral? Only through upbringing in the family, which will give more than a couple of general, interpreted as you please principles!

Fostering future generations

moral education isWise parents make sure that their children receive good moral education. This is a guarantee that the descendants will respectfully their ancestors and will give them their due in due time. It is necessary to clearly understand what moral qualities are required to be cultivated in children and by what methods. Only one way - this is a personal example.If you donate your own parents to a nursing home in front of your son or daughter, instead of taking the elderly to yourself and taking care of you, then be sure that when the time comes, you will also be seated on a sleigh and taken to the forest.

What to do?

moral qualitiesThere is a "golden rule of morality", in the history of philosophy it was repeatedly formulated in different forms. For example: "Do not do to another what you do not wish for yourself." Or its positive form: "Act in relation to others as you want to act in relation to you." This universal ethical principle runs like a red thread through all world religions. Christ, Mohammed and Buddha spoke about him more than once. Think about this simple postulate. If everyone begins to observe such a minimum, then this alone will be enough to end all strife between states, peoples and individuals. Follow this rule yourself and teach him your children, then they will understand what morality is. Make your contribution to the bright moral future of mankind!

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