What is musk?

The word musk is familiar from the field of perfumery, aromatic oils, means of self-care.

Musk glories as a strong pheromone, attracting the attention of men. Is it so? What is musk and what effect does it have?

Musk: definition

Musk - this is nothing like a strong odoriferous substance, which is produced by the glands of some species of animals and enters, oddly enough, in the composition of the spirits.

Examples of animals that are produced inthis substance is muskrat, muskox, musk deer, crocodile. There is an iron that produces musk, between the hair on the stomach and the muscles of the abdomen. In order to get this substance, the iron is cut out and dried in the sun. Also, musk is of vegetable origin, for example, from the pharmacy angelica. The extraction of musk is a very complex, time-consuming, expensive and time-consuming process. Therefore, manufacturers of inexpensive perfume brands resort to the use of musk created by chemical means: it mimics the smell of a natural substance.

There are many experiments that prove thatMusk has the ability to cause erotic desires, so perfume with musk is in demand among women. On what other smells attract men, read here: What spirits do men like.

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