What are tags? Tag Variety

The concept of "tags" is found everywhere on the Internet. What are tags? These are special words or combinations of words that can be found in programming, creating links, etc. The definition is very vague, because tags are used in different areas of the Internet and therefore can carry different functional loads.

Tags in the form of links. What are tags keys?

This type of tags is familiar to every Internet user. Visiting multiple sites, we often follow the highlighted links on a web page. Such links are nothing but tags. It can be both single words and whole phrases. Most often they are highlighted in blue and underlined.

what are tagsTags the size of a whole sentence can be found in any article. If the reader wants to find out detailed information on some issue, he can follow this link to the desired page. For example, you read an article about sports at home. And here in the article highlighted in blue proposal for diet. If you want to learn more about this, you can go to this address and read about the food during training.
Any text or web page as a whole has its own set of keywords that carry the main idea of ​​the content. Most often on the page you can find a specially designated place, where a large number of single words-tags are presented. Such words in some sense simplify the search for the necessary articles on a given topic. By clicking on one of these tags, you go to the list of relevant articles, where the key was the selected word.
When different words-tags are collected in one place on a site, they talk about a tag cloud. The tag cloud is a complete list of keywords on various topics on a web page. For some users, it is easier to find the desired topic in the tag cloud than to search for articles through a search engine.

What is a tag in YouTube?

Also, the word tags are found at the beginning and at the end of the article. Such links can redirect the reader to another page where he can find additional information on a given topic.

HTML tags

What are HTML tags? Any page has its source code, written in a special language - HTML. This programming language is based on the use of special tags - tags that define the properties and composition of the page.
Regular HTML tags are the basis of any page.However, there are meta-tags that are crucial for any text on the Internet. Meta tags include description and keywords.

what is a hash tag

If to translate from English, description is a description of the article, and keywords are keywords of the text. It is important to fill in these meta-tags, since they play a large role in search engines. When a user enters the sentence “what are tags” in the search box, the first ones in the list will be those links, in the description and keywords of which the specified phrase was mentioned.

Tags in "YouTube"

Youtube is a popular site where users post various videos on their channel. However, there are many such users, and therefore I want to increase the number of views of my channel. To do this, after downloading any video, keywords and expressions that accurately describe the content of the video are entered into a special field. That's what the tag in "YouTube".
what is a clan tag

The more such keys, the better. From the number of keywords directly depends on the probability of hitting your video in the search engine "YouTube". The number of keys is limited: no more than 36 words or phrases.
From the selected keywords depends on the success of your video in the vast "YouTube". Therefore, you need to take seriously the choice of keys.Of course, you can think up and write the required words yourself, but it is much easier and more reliable to use special services. Keyword tool is one of the generators of keywords and phrases that has already gained confidence among video hosting users.

What is a hash tag?

Tags are common on social networks. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, VKontakte - all these sites support the use of hashtags. A hashtag is a word or a whole phrase with a special sign # in front of it. “Grate” makes the selected word a link to a photo, article or video with the same content.
What is a tag in the Sampa

Using hashtags makes it easier to find the information you need in social networks. These tags can be entered into a search engine or found under articles or photos. Hashtags are most common on Instagram and Twitter, less so on Facebook and VKontakte. Users add at least 3-4 keys. Obviously, the number of hashtags depends on the reach of the search engine. Nevertheless, the excessive use of such links can spoil the external impression of the post. It is not worth mentioning that adding off-topic hashtags is impractical, and it has long been played up by search engines.

Clan tags

What is a clan tag? This is hard to believe, but in most online games you could already meet with such a concept. These are not links, but simply postscript to the nickname or player name. Such an addition determines the player’s membership in a clan.
Tag clan is of great practical importance for gamers.
1. Other players will know exactly which clan you belong to.
2. You can raise the rating of your clan.
3. When playing together, it will be easier for enemies to understand that you are one team. It is important to make a registry clan in tournaments and competitions.

Tag Sump and its function

Sump is one of the tags of the HTML language, which is actively used in conjunction with the applications on the site. What is a tag in a sump? This is a phrase or paragraph that will be shown when performing an action with an application on a web page. For example, when you click on the "Start" button of an application, it will give you a message about the execution of a command.
Now you will know what tags are and how they are.

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