What to feed rabbits in the winter at home?

A well-known phrase from the popular comic number reads: "Rabbits are not only valuable fur ..." This statement is completely true.

Therefore, many people are involved in the breeding industry of these furry animals. One of the main problems of rodents is the question: "How to feed the rabbits in the winter?" This is what this article is about. One of its sections is such an urgent question: "How and what to feed a rabbit in winter if there is no hay?" In several chapters, other important points concerning the care of eared pets will be discussed.

Irrepressible appetite - a sign of excellent health

It should always be remembered that it is possible to determine how healthy a rabbit is by how strongly he has a constant desire to eat food. Another sign of well-being - the desire for regular reproduction.

Therefore, if the owner does not observe such characteristics in the fluffies, it means that any errors have been made in caring for them. In the warm season, there is usually no question what to feed the rabbits.In winter, this problem worries almost all people who contain these animals. It does not matter whether the animals are bred for commercial purposes or the fluffy lives at home like a furry friend.

Stocks for the winter

It has already been said that in the summer you don’t have to worry too much about feeding rabbits, like any other domestic animals. Greens, which is so useful for pets because of the abundance in it of numerous useful substances, grows in abundance in the fresh air. There is no problem and the extraction of tree bark, eared necessary, as well as fresh vegetables. The situation is different with the onset of cold weather. In order for the ration of animals to be varied, which means that it is tasty and useful, it is necessary to take care of stocks for the winter in late spring.

In order to understand what should be harvested, you must first understand what is the best way to feed the rabbits in the winter. So, stocks for the cold season must necessarily include hay. The daily diet of rodents should consist of about 60% of this product.what to feed rabbits in winter

It is also necessary to collect a certain number of different branches. First of all, you should pay attention to such trees as aspen, spruce, juniper.Their wood contains a large amount of beneficial to the body of rabbits and nutrients.

Forbidden trees

Any rabbit breeder who decides to make a supply of branches for his pets for the winter should certainly remember that trees such as plum, cherry, sweet cherry and the like are not suitable for this purpose.

This can be explained by the fact that these fruit crops contain a rather large percentage of hydrocyanic acid. Such a substance is almost harmless in small quantities to humans and some animals. However, it should be understood that this product of vital activity of plants can cause undesirable effects in the body of rabbits. Eared pets will die if even a small amount of hydrocyanic acid gets into their food.

Food for man and his smaller brothers

The next important item from the list of what to feed the rabbits in winter are various root vegetables: potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke, beets, and the like. Therefore, the owner of the rabbit farm should take care not only of the stocks of such products for himself and his family, but also think about making these useful vegetables available to his pets.


Rabbits, which are so essential for protein, can be derived from foods such as legumes.Thank God, there is no shortage of such food in the stores. Therefore, the owners are strongly advised not to neglect the care of pets and regularly supply them with vegetables that are so important for life. It is necessary only to remember that an excess of these cultures in the diet of fluffy animals can lead to indigestion. There is also such a rule: if the fruits of peas or beans are too large, then they should be slightly crushed.

If you do not neglect the above tips and know how to feed the rabbits in the winter, then the animals will be healthy and bring rich offspring.

The Queen of the Fields and Her Kindred

Various cereals are also great for a rabbit menu. As already mentioned, the shortage of such products in retail is not and is not expected. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly feed corn and other cereals to animals.

You can also use a variety of mixtures that are sold in pet stores and pharmacies, and in special points for the distribution of products for animal husbandry. These specially prepared nutritional formulations are happily eared fluffy.Usually their quality is not in doubt, because it is always maintained at the proper level.

Clean - the guarantee of health

Continuing the conversation about how to feed the rabbits in the winter, we will also mention such important detail as the sensitivity of these animals to the conditions in which they are kept. Yes, yes, as they say, not by bread alone ... These representatives of the animal world are terribly picky and thirsty that their dwellings are constantly maintained clean. The same requirement they apply to food that is served at the table.

Therefore, you should regularly do the cleaning in the room intended for breeding pets. You also need to pay attention to the fact that the food falling into the trough, has always been well enough washed. This is especially true of vegetable crops such as beets and potatoes.

Animal dwellings should be regularly ventilated, since the flow of fresh air is an important condition for maintaining their good appetite and desire for reproduction. It is not necessary, however, to arrange drafts in the rabbit. In these places there should always be a secluded corner where the pets will be comfortable and warm, and where they can always hide from unwanted strong winds.

Rabbit Disease

"What can be fed rabbits in the winter?" - the question is very sensitive. When used fluffy products of stale products, they may experience various intestinal and other infectious diseases. Unfortunately, they are too susceptible to various adverse bacteria.

Therefore, you need to ensure that the food in the trough was always fresh. Leftover food that has been in a rabbit dwelling for quite some time should be removed. Such food can sour, and getting it into the stomach of rabbits can provoke indisposition. The treatment of such diseases is quite complicated. A very large percentage of them are fatal.

Five meals

How many meals should rabbits have during the day? Definitely no vet can answer this question. It is necessary to take into account numerous factors affecting this figure.

These indicators can be: the age of the animal, health, as well as the time of year. Females require a special approach to nutrition during pregnancy and immediately after it, when the baby is fed.

However, most experts agree that food should be provided to these relatives of the forest hare at least twice a day. In this mode, meals should be arranged day and night. Such a choice of time of day is due to the fact that in the early and late hours the rabbits experience the greatest appetite. This article is about the cold period. It should be said that scientists unambiguously determine how many times a day to feed rabbits in winter. Meals at this time of the year should be 5-6.

About water

Discussing the question of how to feed the rabbit in the winter in the village, one cannot but touch upon the question of drinking. Moisture is necessary for the body of these animals as well as for many other creatures. The water in the drinking bowl must be fresh. If the rabbits live on the street, then you need to make sure that it does not freeze, turning into ice. This is fraught with the fact that the animals, feeling thirsty, begin to lick him, damaging his teeth and lips. what to feed rabbits in winter at home

In addition, hypothermia is dangerous for the digestive system, as it can cause the development of various infections. Therefore, you need to monitor the condition of the drinker, and as soon as ice pieces appear in it, immediately remove them.In very cold winters, you can pre-heat the water before offering it to rabbits.

It is recommended to fill the drinker at least twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

Smooth change of diet

What to feed rabbits in autumn and winter? The answer to this question has already been partially given in this article. It should be added that this transition from summertime food to a diet suitable for more severe conditions should be carried out gradually. Do not abruptly stop giving animals greens and switch to feeding with hay. Such an unexpected turn will be perceived by the body of rabbits as a strong stress. With the onset of autumn, you need to reduce the amount of fresh grass over and over again and increase the amount of dry food.

Hay and straw

The question of how to feed rabbits in the winter at home is much easier for the topic of keeping and feeding them in livestock farms. Therefore, this problem will be discussed later. Now it's time to talk about how to harvest hay for the winter and what properties it should have.

what to feed a rabbit in winter if there is no hay

So, for the manufacture of this product is suitable meadow grass.It is best to collect it in the first month of summer, before it begins to bloom. It is best to make flour from greenery more coarse. There are special factories for the production of such a product. However, it can be cooked at home. It does not require any expensive fixtures.

The secret is that when the plants are dry enough, they need to be crushed before turning into fine dust. To dry the grass should be in bags. The best of them are those made of natural matter. The resulting flour with a big appetite is eaten by rabbits. It is only necessary to ensure that there is always water in the drinker, since taking dry food can lead to dehydration. This, in turn, provokes stomach problems. When a catastrophic situation develops in a cattle-breeding farm, some farmers feed eared pet with straw. Her rabbits are also able to digest, but she does not benefit their body. Therefore, straw is best used as a litter in the dwelling of these rodents.

Favorite treat

Hares are often depicted in children's books with a carrot.Rabbits, as close relatives of the said animal, also like to eat this root vegetable. In addition to carrots, fluffies can be given beets, cabbage, Jerusalem artichoke and other vegetables. These products should be a significant part of the diet, as they satisfy the body's need for vitamins necessary for normal life.how to feed rabbits in the winter outside

However, as already mentioned, the sanitary rules should not be neglected. Root vegetables must be thoroughly washed before filling the rabbit feeder with them. Vegetables can also be chopped and mixed with other foods, such as hay or cereals. Rabbits like to eat such mixtures. A menu rich in vegetables will help keep pets from freezing in winter, and their vigor will lead to healthy and strong offspring.

How to overcome the deficit

What to feed the rabbit in the winter, if there is no hay?

As already mentioned, in critical cases it can be replaced with straw. However, it is best to use herbal flour when there is a shortage of this product, which can be purchased at some food outlets.

Hardened animals

In some farms, rabbits are kept in non-insulated premises. Such living not only does not harm them, but even contributes to the development of their immunity and improvement of the quality of the skins. It also reduces the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria, the environment of which is spoiled food, which is often not removed in time from the feeders.

Of course, rabbits must be transported to warm houses with severe frosts (from 20 degrees below zero). A small cold is not able to adversely affect such animals.

how many times a day to feed rabbits in winter

It is known that rabbits not only successfully live in low temperature conditions, but also reproduce well. The offspring born at this time is considered the most healthy and strong. How to feed rabbits in the winter outside? First of all, it is necessary to increase the number of products containing protein. Such food will not allow animals to freeze, as its calorie content is high enough. Eating a rabbit living in the cold season in the open air should be balanced and regular. How many times to feed rabbits in winter? Meals should take place at clearly set hours, at least 6 times a day.

Potato: harmful or useful?

This vegetable undoubtedly benefits these fluffy rodents. In addition to its nutritional value, due to the high content of starch, which is shown to rabbits, it is also an excellent tool for training your teeth. It is known that they grow in rodents at a rate of about 2 mm per week. what to feed rabbits in winterTherefore, if you do not give them enough hard food, the animals will experience inconvenience due to the disproportionately large size of the teeth. So, the question of whether it is possible to feed rabbits with raw potatoes in the winter can be answered in the affirmative.

Training apparatus

Another product that promotes the normal development of teeth is wood. It is necessary to store in large quantities the branches of various plants so that the rabbits have something to nibble in the winter. Also suitable for this bark. What kinds of trees can be eaten by rodents and which are not, mentioned in one of the first chapters.what to feed rabbits in winter in the village

What to feed rabbits in the winter at home

So far, the article has dealt with animal nutrition in farms. Now it's time to talk about how to feed an ornamental rabbit in winter.In the field of nutrition, the needs of both types are the same. Therefore, all those products that were listed above can be given to decorative pets. Food of such animals can be varied due to grass grown in pots on the windowsill.

Such greens are sold in almost every pet store. It should also be recalled that a rabbit should be eaten often enough, since a constant influx of fresh food is necessary for the healthy functioning of the digestive tract. This is explained by the fact that the organism of the fluffs is designed so that the muscles of the intestine are almost not developed. Therefore, for the successful passage of food requires that new products entering the body, push it forward.

As for the potato, it can be served to the table of a pet, both raw and cooked. It is only necessary to cut out from it the eyes containing harmful bacteria, and also thoroughly wash the tubers. This product is contraindicated only to lactating and pregnant females, as well as to newborns and individuals in their infancy. It is also not necessary to neglect various food additives,which are sold in specialized stores, because they contribute to the saturation of the body of animals with essential vitamins and other useful substances.


This substance is the only seasoning that is permissible to be eaten in rabbits. However, it is not recommended to feed them salted foods. To saturate the body with this substance it is recommended to buy special balls sold in stores.


Farms often use special food mixtures that are sold in livestock departments. However, such dishes can be prepared independently. An example of this recipe is given below.

In a container intended for food, you need to mix the crushed hay with trimmed potatoes, beets and other vegetables, and add to the specified mass tops. This "salad" should be covered with a lid and left in this form for two or three days. All components of the composition will give juice. The resulting dish will be quite nutritious and fortified. As a rule, rabbits enjoy eating this product.


This article addressed the issue of how to feed rabbits at home and in animal husbandry during the winter period.We discussed what products are necessary eared fluffies, as well as what nutritional supplements to use in order to livelihood of pets was the most successful and productive. There was also a question about how to feed rabbits in the winter outside. If you follow these tips, your animals will not get sick and their activity will increase many times thanks to the care of their owners.

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